Cell Phone Software

you are able to improvise

innovate and
add to the chisel
of excellence.

Software Orientation For Enhancing The Functionality Of Your Product

It is a fact that one has to keep up with the flow of time. Unless you are in with the timely swing, it is very difficult to move on and come up with novel pieces of wonder. This is particularly true in the realm of technology. One has to be on a constant spree of innovation and development, in order to make the necessary impact. As far as innovation and development are concerned, software packages are there to chip in with their proactive role. products such as mobile and other modes of cellular communication can be upgraded with the latest trapping of technology.

With features and streaks of software driven up-gradation; you are able to improvise, innovate and add to the chisel of excellence. The gizmo savvy market is replete with too many illustrations of mobile phones. Now, with a relevant package of software, if you are able to enhance the communicational reach of your mobile, you will definitely have lots to benefit from. That’s because there are plenty of packages to come by, and you ought to choose the one that is compatible with your mode of cellular communication. Software products compatible to some of the top notch operating bases enhance and broaden the scope of communication.

With the installation of one such package, you are able to tab other’s conversation. The mobile chipped in with such a device, not only helps you out on the move but also ensures that things are well within your control. Due to official and commercial reasons, you are often required to keep a check the communication channel of your subordinates, colleagues, and clients. Under such a

scheme of requirement, you have lots to gain with the mentioned installation. In the modern trend of fast paced development, you need to be fast and furious. Being methodical about your diverse channels of communication is of paramount significance.

It is just not a matter of tracking your subordinates’ communication, tracking the likes and dislikes of your customer and clientele is sure to feature amongst your priorities. If your subordinate is communicating effectively with one of your prospective customers is another important aspect of consideration. Under such a scheme of necessity, it is all but natural to look for a device which adds to the perspective of interaction. Equipping products with topnotch sleeks of technology has to be purposeful, and when you have reasons to spruce up your leads; you should definitely go for the same.

But at the same time, you ought to ensure that the software package thus installed doesn’t tamper with its functionality. In this connection, it is worth noting, that the mentioned scheme of software does nowhere come in the way of functionality. It merely features in the background and goes about the deal of recording. You just need to add the names of the relevant speakers, and the device not only controls the management of voice log but helps tab the informational details of the names tagged in. For the purpose of tabbing; you are not even supposed to respond to a call, or dial somebody up. If needs be, you can also check out if your calls are being evaded. Now, you can well realize how the software option can add to the edge of your communicational products .

For EMEI Recordings


You can add multiple employee with their EMEI you can track the information of each and every employee.

You can track your employees individually and listen to their individual call list.

It can manage all the voice log of the data with a good voice clarity

For recordings


Listen to the calls: incoming , outgoing as well as miscalls

Strange how can Miscalls be heard ??

You call your employee your employees see's your call he is not picking up the call but whatever things are been done at the time of you calling , you can hear that is the best feature of this software

Without picking up the call you can hear each and every conversation what is your employee doing; If he is intentionally not picking the call you may find it out.

Our Approach to I.T.


Features Of Software

 Listen to the calls, incoming as well as outgoing calls.

 Track your employees with GPS location

 Access call logs and call conversation

 Stealth Mode Functionality

 The best part is they will never know that the software is running on their phone.

 Just install the software once and you wont need to access the phone again and its very easy to install.