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Now, Apps are the mobility solutions for each problem of our life. The mobile app development is an innovative form of technology that provides us dynamic methods for accessing content & carrying out other activities, that has now changed into the countless possibilities for M&E enterprises to leverage the latest digital ecosystem.


One of the studies shows the part of a fact that the level of engagement regarding the last point in the usage of mobile application since 2014. Consider that, people are giving more than 15% of total app usage time to news applications, 24% time in entertainment and game apps and 80% of music applications. Other than that, Social Media is leading the process of getting entertainment which provides an addition to more of its kind applications though, news & music apps are not far behind of it.


We already declared this fact in one of our posts that 81% of total mobile usage time users join with applications only. Media & entertainment applications are making their space & place in app world as app development companies know how to hire their users at the very moment they are using an app. Mobile applications are the perfect platform for entertainment, brand & content development to blocks yet cost-effective which leads to an important upsurge in practice.


There are lot of other opportunities like Gaming, Music, News, TV, Content development, and branding that entertainment industry is trying via an app over devices. Every entertainment channel is delivering their kind of apps so that users can get the waypoint to explore & enjoy the content. By mobile apps, television has moved ahead at a fixed point & come out of closed doors to reach out to every desired customer on demand.



Why do you require to turn your Media & Entertainment business into a different direction through mobile apps?


The mobile applications can crush the cravings of the users for the content that they are viewing in different ways on fingertips while moving, sitting, eating, driving, no matter where they are or what they are doing. Skilled developers in mobile app development can help you change your content into many excellent ways & create an interactive mobile media experience through.


• Audio and Video functionality

• Text and GPS-based services

• Customized push notification

• Actual-time updates on News and Information

• In-App Purchasing abilities

• Active interaction across Social Media



Mobile app technology is firing up the growth of Media & Entertainment industry. You are required to entertain your user since they find different choices, and to avoid such restrictions & to match the pace with other players you need to develop high-performance driven and active mobile apps that will keep your content flawless.




Mobility is the future of media & entertainment business. Involvement of great technology provides possible & large growth to the business. Especially, you will see an upsurge in mobile content consumption by the video-rich service & mobile TV. On one hand, we can not jump off from the possibilities that IoT & wearable devices are going to showcase in M&E industry and on the other hand, technologies like Virtual Reality-VR, Augmented Reality-AR, 3D, Peer to Peer mobile will make entertainment services entertaining and appealing. Make sure you that you take the opportunities before it’s too late.


Hyperlink Infosystem helps Media & Entertainment business to provide more user engagement app in completely new ways while following current trends & technologies. Our Indian app developers will provide attention to each single part of the development series leveraging natural user experience to visually excellent design crafted code to develop your mobile app a leading way of getting interested or informed in M&E industries.


Mobile devices are the selected devices and app is an excellent choice for entertainment and that’s why it makes complete sense for you to adopt it. Contact us for app development.


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