Know some Pros and Cons of Native and Web Apps before developing it

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 The increasing development of mobile app market is the outcome of a massive growing no of mobile users. Now it won't be surprising if business proprietor also inclines to becomes “mobile addicted”.


When a person or folks have made a mind to get nearer to mobile users by creating a mobile app, the questions that is being raised is: what kind of app should we select and what type of mobile app you should build ?


1) What benefits do you acquire while selecting particular mobile app?

2) What limitations do you face fro various types of app?

3) Which app is feasible for you in particular app ?


Basically there are 3 types of mobile app :

1) Native

2) Hybrid

3) Web


Let's get clear idea about the Native and Web app along with the benefits you enjoy and the hindrances you face with both :


1) Native App


When used?


Native apps are something that strikes into the mind when we ever think of app. You download it from the App Store and it's fit with your Device. What makes it standalone is that it is device specific meaning that it is developed for a specific kind of device. Eg. I phone apps are built using objective-C & Swift.


Advantages of Native App


1) Permits the use of Device along with API that eliminates programming limitations.

2) Perfect recorded for customized integration with smooth execution.

3) It is less prone to bugs and updations are very rare and if updates are found then is quickly integrated into the application.


Disadvantages of Native App


1) As more functionality is being provided by Native application it takes much time to code and develop an application.


2) App developed for Native mobiles are not cross-platform i.e the same app cannot be used on different platforms like that of Android and IOS .


3) An another hindrance that is being faced is that one needs to learn the languages like Objective c or Swift whereas using Web based language is less complicated as compared to native one's.


2) Web App


When Used?


If you have ever noticed the mobile versions of the website developed , and yes that's what we are talking about . An application is being loaded in the mobile through browsers like safari , Chrome , Firefox and many more. The targeted audience do not need to download app as well there is no accommodation of additional space required for the app.

Advantages of Web App

1) IT can be quickly developed as compared to Native apps.


2) It is designed in manner that it works with apps that are engaged with Camera, Accelerator, Gps etc.


3)It is cheaper to develop as the app developed can be used as cross-platform and give the appearance like that of Native app that still standstill on Stores of I tunes , App store .


Disadvantages of Web application

1) It has limited access to device features .


2) As it runs on browsers it is less responsive and is comparatively slower than Native ones.


3)It can lead to many bugs as it works cross-platform and when new updates are emerged in market every year apps can be crashed and meanwhile plugins also needs to be updated .


Now let's watch out some of the online and offline Feature Advantages as well as limitations


Online Native and web app



1) Data can be preserved on web server with CMS that permits real time updates in both Web and mobile app.

2) It is cost-effective if it does not requires frequent updates and even updation takes minimal time duration.



1) It requires Internet connection which may incur additional expenses.

2) data fetching is slower on internet as compared to storage on device .

Offline Native and Web App




1) Does not need Internet connection to work.

2) Works smooth and quick if it eliminates the need to fetch data over internet.



1) Offline App can be bit difficult to code .

2) IT adds complexity as it cannot use inbuilt feature of Google ./android maps and we need to tailored it.


App developers India employs time and efforts to choose the best suited option for you though either of the approaches have their own benefits. So, top app development companies would suggest you to consider your team strong sides and profits that are most crucial for your app . Contact us for further information.


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