Now figure out all the crests that you need to know while designing apple Watch


Apple Watch imparts a new way to interact with the users. Using an application on a wearable device is immensely an awesome experience rather than using it on your mobile phones. To steer app developers in their tour to build a outstanding Apple Watch app, Apple rolled out some designing crests to foster them in designing a good app experience. In this article, let's have an look on these guidelines that helps you to create eyes staggering designs.


1) Design Philosophy

i) Lightweight


As Screen -size and Operating power acts as a limitation , Apple Watch should be built on devices and peripherals that navigates faster interactions that eliminates latency issues.




A device has never involved in our daily chores of life that has made him nearer to our soul. Apple signifies to be heedful and keep the close connectivity in mind while designing an Apple Watch app.


2) Interactions


There are four ways that leverages user to use gestures while navigating through app as:


i) Just a tap will spark an action event.

ii)  Vertical swiping will scroll up the recent screen.

iii)  Horizontal swiping will monitor us the first or the next page in a paging interface.

iv)  Left edge swiping drift us back to main screen in a hierarchical manner.


i) Force Touch


Whenever pressure is applied on apple Watch screen , it is alerted by force that results in displaying menu overlay for the present screen . For instance , A new alarm is added using Force Touch.


ii) Haptic Feedback

One of the Way described to give user feedback is haptic feedback. Numerous types of haptics are available like success, failure or just a click.

3) Choose engaging elements


The things that is visualized is the only thing that motivates users to make use of the app when it is handy.So you need to make sure about the ordering of the things that load while device is booted. Display of unwanted means and info may misguide users away from app.

4) Optimize files


Apple Watch needs apps and images to be optimized in order to decrease latency rate and for smoother navigation. So, for fast speed one should use PNG or JPG files and should restrict yourself from high resolution files ans well as from GIF images.


5) Select contrasting colors


Choose your colors sagaciously while testing them on device before finalizing the same. The watch has a inborn dark background, and screen brightness may lead issues with that . Don't forget to keep colors on your sites that are eye-pleasing and consistent throughout the app.


6) Utilize readable type


Pay great concern to the font size and give equal importance to both clearness and hierarchy. Apple's native font San Francisco is an awesome font to startup with. Mild or detailed fonts can be hard to see. Color also makes great impact on font's readability.

7) Keep animations simple


Be alert of transitions and animations that are being too nasty or mind-distracting. Keep the animations easy and streamlined to be attentive on the app content.


8) Implement quick engagements


Board for unique features, such as the glance feature. Though it is not an mandatory part still its an faster way for users to get engaged

9) Be mindful of complicated flows


Just think for the user that hasn't logged-in . One should take care that sign-in process should not disturb or trash away users . Instead the flow should be clear and precise that helps user to easily proceed ahead in your app , leading branded user-experience.



So, These were Some of the concerns to be taken care off while designing any apple watch. By sticking to designing principles of the Apple Watch, you need to be ensured that your app is been understood by App development India. Contact us now for further details.


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