The Advantages Of WordPress To Businesses And Websites

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It is no longer news that over 4 percent of the Internet is controlled by WordPress. As much as you would think it is a mere figure of speech or an exaggeration, it is literarily true. How else can you explain the fact that more than 4 percent of websites are built on WordPress? 
When you find out some of the benefits attached to WordPress development, you will consider joining the bandwagon. The number of WordPress development companies is increasing by the day because of the numerous benefits of WordPress development.
Here are some of the advantages of WordPress development:

No programming codes
Every WordPress web development company that has developed websites without WordPress before will appreciate the relief of not having to write a code to develop a website. It makes web development much faster with less effort and it also improves turnaround time. This guarantees regular contracts. 
These days, clients don’t just pay for a good job. They also pay for better turnaround time. A site developer that can deliver the same kind of job only 48 hours sooner than you can, at the same charges will get about 25 percent more contracts. So you can appreciate the relief of not having to start web development from scratch.
Another reason you don’t need codes with WordPress is the availability of both paid and free WordPress plugins. No matter what function you want to include in a website, you will always get a free plugin for it on WordPress. You can get over 45,000 free plugins. You can also get so many themes. So why won’t web developers switch to WordPress?
It offers a universal platform
WordPress supports a lot of applications and programming languages. Besides, its unique dashboard remains the same no matter what task you use it for. This makes it easy to master. Whether you intend to build a website with it or you just want to create a blog, you will get to use the same dashboard.
It is free to use
You are free to use all WordPress facilities. It does not require any payment or license to use it. In fact, everything about WordPress is aimed towards making it a better tool for users. Even hosting is free. Although paid hosting has more privileges and resources than free hosting, the latter still offers basic hosting facilities. The only drawbacks of free WordPress hosting are limited storage space, no video storage and is attached to the web addresses of sites that are hosted for free.
It offers publishing convenience
After writing your web content or your blog article, you can publish it with just one click. It is as simple as that. How many content management systems offer that? This is one of the reasons WordPress is adjudged to be the best content management system.
Search Engine Optimization
There are millions of websites on the internet now and more are still being hosted. So, building a website is not enough. Optimizing it for search engines is equally as important as building the website. Launching a website without optimizing it for search engines is like winking in the dark. The benefits of search engine optimization is not only visibility, it also pulls ready buyers to your website. Developing your website on WordPress enhances its SEO as Google ranks WordPress websites higher. 
Easy Content Management
Search engine optimization will only attract traffic to your website. It is the content that will make them order your products or services. Nobody really needs ordinary traffic that won’t make orders. In fact, no company can survive on mere traffic. It is their orders that will keep your company in business. So content is very important. Your web development company needs to be knowledgeable about content management too. With WordPress, it is easy to delete content, edit content and post new content on your websites without calling an expert. In fact, if your website is developed on WordPress, you can delegate content management to any of your employees since it does not need any technical skill.
Mobile Friendly Websites
The Internet is now accessed more via mobile devices than via PC or laptop. This is why mobiles apps have become indispensable to businesses now. The only alternative to mobile apps is mobile-friendly websites. Companies whose websites are too big and complicated to be mobile friendly have mobile apps. By default, websites built on WordPress are usually relatively more mobile friendly than others. 
Social Media Integration
It is important for your web developer to be able to integrate your website with popular social media like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. This makes it possible for the visitors of your website to be able to share any post they come across on your website. When some of your posts are shared, it boosts the credibility and popularity of your brand.
If your website requires a sign-in before usage, social media integration will make it possible for them to sign in with any of their social media accounts instead of having to memorize a particular password. Social media are easier to integrate with WordPress websites.
Incorporation of Analytics
Every website should have analytics incorporated into it. This feature gives you daily statistics about your traffic and products. Some of the important reports that you get are the number of daily visitors, the number of orders on each of your products. 
This daily report is very important. For instance, if the number of your daily traffic begins to dwindle, you will quickly find the solution to it before your number of daily sales begins to reduce. Secondly, if the number of orders of a particular product reduces too, you will definitely find a solution to it. There are WordPress plugins for this functionality. So, if your website is built on WordPress, analytics can easily be incorporated into it.
Fast loading time
Your website should be able to load very fast even with a weak signal. Any website that takes more than 15 seconds to load is unacceptable. You can only achieve this if your website isn’t heavy and has little functions. Heavy websites also consume more mobile data each time they load. WordPress websites load relatively faster and websites hosted WordPress do not encounter downtime. This is very important because having a downtime can make you lose sales. 
Simplicity matters too. WordPress websites are very intuitive and they are very easy to use. In fact, a 10-year old kid can navigate his way on WordPress websites with little or no assistance. 

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