Threat Management System : The Next Step For Mobile App Security!

mobile app security

Mobile application development is one of the most exploded domain and organisation are easily adopting mobile apps considering them as one of the best way to improve sales and productivity meanwhile meeting employees consideration to work mobile.


Smartphones are the device that has revolutionized the lifestyle of the people. It has proved as replacement factor for many gadgets and things like memo pads, Id-proofs, Accounts, checkbooks, Portable storage device and around everything that stores our crucial and minute data. As we know, critical data needs strict and hard security we need to question ourselves : Are these mobile apps safe to store data?



Why you need to get worried about mobile app security?


Have you ever made use of application like Phone bar code scanners? Are you having your own business that runs a process? Though you are a business owner or any individual firm you do have your own trading secrets, quotations, employees data and other crucial information which needs to be kept safe and secured.



Nowadays Smartphones are the devices without which human civilization can not imagine their existence. Without knowing the security of mobile phone storage of such significant data may prove to be dangerous. Mobile app securities one of the essential aspect but, is highly contend for which neither users nor the owners are aware about the loopholes which is one of the prominent reason for the threat.



To avoid such vulnerabilities some Security breaches have been underlined by Indian app developers along with their remedies to help people avoiding such threat and making storage of their sensitive data easy and secured.


Breach # 1 Unsecured transaction and risky interaction



Scenario 1: Mobile apps do interact with the web-service. At enterprise level application like that of CRM, backend data in some companies are stored using 3rd party tools. Similarly these integration are involved at the time of querying out the data from backend.


Scenario 2: Another most vital integration is payment gateway withing your apps. For such gateways and checkout options that tends to store our crucial data some security standards and measures needs to be followed.



Solution: For high level security and embellishment data can be encrypted using SSL. Transport level security like TLS can also be implemented for better security.



Breach # 2 Critical Data Management



In Customer Relationship management tools, social media applications and Location based applications all our data stored are personal and needs to be kept secret. Such leakage of personal information can destroy people. Such type of apps that stores personal information needs some form of protocols to be maintained and followed.


How such data can be compromised?


1) Theft of Device


2) Through Hackers attack



Solution: The solution could be either device or app specific. If you lose your device you can easily wipe of your sensitive and crucial data from the options made available from apps like GooglePlus, gmail etc and, the same goes when the device is stolen.


It will clog access to some device and information.


To conclude :

Security in mobile app development should not be compromised, and the solutions that we suggested above are solutions which are implemented by Hyperlink Infosystem in their applications. Stick to the blog and be updated more about the security practices for app development. Just leave out your feedback and concerns regarding your app security and we will get back to you with the solution. Contact us to develop secure app!


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