Unique & Best Ways for App Monetization Suggested By Indian App Developers

Unique & Best Ways for App Monetization Suggested By Indian App Developers

You finally finished it – you build an awesome mobile app for your business. Now, your clients can communicate with you like never before, and data you are pulling from the app is supporting you think of all kinds of different ways to market your brand.

But there’s something different you can do to make your app even great for your business monetize. That is right – your app can be so much more than a tool. It can also be a dangerous source of additional income for your business. Interested!!! Great. By the time you are done reading this post, you will have learned some best ways to turn your app on a profit-generating machine.

Email Lists:

You might not believe of this because a likely first step, but applying an email strategy tie-in with your app is a wonderful way to get more engagement from your clients, which in turn leads to more money. As people rarely change their email addresses. That makes an email marketing campaign a simple way to make sure users really see your content & engage with it. And also regular email keep your brand at the forefront of a client’s mind, making them more likely to buy from your business.

The best way to gather those email addresses is to join an email subscription form to your app. An in-app subscription form will provide your app an actual boost through prompting users to enter their emails, especially if you move them with the prospect of some great advantages for email subscribers.

And your email plan can be much different. If you have promotion/deals, send an access code in the email that they can enter an inside the app. If you write a regular newsletter or have a blog element on your website, promote those by the email while reminding users they can view all the content you produce on their mobile device.

So, whether it is to remind your users to come back to your app after being away for a while or to try & draw in new users, email lists are marketing gold. Just something to think about.


If you are not adding ads in your app, you might be missing out on a unique chance for monetization. If you are not adding advertisement in your app, you might be missing out on a different chance for monetization. Digital advertising by mobile apps has increased the communication between advertisers & clients dramatically. And a lot of the time, people just do not need to pay for the applications they use all that time on. And when advertisers build ads to be used in apps, these are some types of ads typically used:

1) Interstitial/full-screen advertisement:

These advertisements are usually placed at regular interval points, like when moving between tables. As these are not really preventing the experience of applying your app, they are more likely to generate clicks without creating frustration.

2) Notification advertisement:

These pop up in the mobile device’s status bar & make users more conscious of the advertisement’s appearance. Be prepared, these are not the most well-loved advertisements out there, and could damage your app’s reputation.

3) Capture form:

Relying on user opt-ins, these offer reasons for users who enter their email addresses. You will most often find capture forms in mobile games.

4) Advanced load:

These use change points like interstitial an advertisement but are interactive rather of being easy clickable images. They are sort of a mixture of capture form & full-screen advertisements.

5) Banner Advertisement:

These are normally found at the top or bottom of the screen & can be somewhat inefficient as they are more distracting than other forms. They can also irritate your users, so think double before allowing to include one in your business’s app.

Sponsors and Partnerships:

If you can secure a partnership with a different brand, you can significantly step up your monetization game. Imagine users on different app who see your brand logo, and maybe even an interactive component typically found in your app performing as part of the app they are currently using. That could probably change them to go download your app.

So, one you have opened yourself up to the idea of hosting & sharing ads, surely consider forming partnerships to strengthen your brand outreach.

Building Strong Code:

If you develop your personal code from the ground up & it shows to be successful, other brands may approach you & offer to re-skin your app. By licensing your code to other Indian app developers, you can make money without disturbing your users’ experiences.

In-App Purchases:

Most app downloads are unpaid, but that surely does not mean the users never have the chances to spend any money within the app. The downside of in-app purchases is that app developers walk a fine line between giving so many choices for free & offering too few features. So, be careful of that if you choose this monetization method.

SMS Marketing:

Through applying in-app prompts similar to the ones utilized for obtaining email addresses, you can send notices for app updates, reminders, contests & promotions straight to your users’ text message inboxes. This marketing method is one of the more powerful & unique ways to increases your brand as it drives users back to your app.

Free or Premium Versions:

Having a free or cheaper version enables users to get a sense of what your app can do for them. Believe of it like a teaser. Presently, after applying the free version of your app, your clients will understand that the app can serve an important purpose in their lives that they just do not want to live without.

Fit in mind that, if users do pay for the premium version of your app, your responsibility as an app developer is to make it worth it for them. That way, they will leave positive reviews & recommend the premium version to their friends.

Powerful Content Strategies:

One of the more secure ways to convert new or infrequent users into lifelong giving users is to always refresh your app’s content. So, when updating your app on a daily basis, always get sure there is something powerful in that content so you can have your most regular clients coming back for more.

Various Payment Options for Subscription Services:

when you make use of the subscription service option, try to differentiate in tiers of way to your content. The Economist applied this strategy by enabling their users to opt for a web-only subscription, a print-only subscription, or both.

Many users notice the utility in paying that extra amount for the combined value of way to both print & web subscriptions. So, when you are monetizing your app, consider offering separate options & covering one subscription package combining all the services together as a premium package. Your app could become much more profitable as a result.

Data-Driven Strategies:

The best way to optimize your app’s capability to generate revenue is by studying the strong analytics you collect from the behaviors of your user base & putting those insights to good use. Applying this method, you can figure out who is using the most time & money on your app & place a primary focus on those users instead of spending all of your development time on a new user addition.

And recognize – whatever data you get has value outside of your private top. Behavioral data is a golden well to marketers. If your app is successful, there’s a solid possibility that a major analytics company may want to buy that data from you. By this point, you are well informed of how awesome a mobile app can be for your bottom line. It can enable you to grow your brand & make connections with clients you might never have transferred before. And as you have seen in this post, it can also be a significant source of income.

So take advantage of these strategies for monetizing your mobile app with Hyperlink Infosystem - one of the best top app development company, and watch your business begin to make more app revenue than ever. Contact us for more information.


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