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Want a lift? Waiting for a friend to pick you up? Instead, go and get an affordable ride in seconds with Perfect2Go. It is one of the best taxi apps that let you order a cab within few taps. Just enter your pickup and drop-off location and get picked up by a nearby driver who will drive you towards your destination. Track your car in real time when it comes to pick you and sit back and relax. We will notify you when your driver is at doorsteps. Moreover, the app also allows you to schedule a future ride, share your ride experience through ratings and reviews, communicate with drivers through call and SMS and keep a track of your ride history. As safety is our topmost priority, payment done is simple and highly secured. To enjoy the convenient and cost-effective ride, the app also allow users to split fare by inviting friends. You can even bid with drivers to get the best and convenient ride in peak hours. Just download the amazing app and enjoy your first ride.

Client Requirement

Taxi cabs have been one of the regular transportation used by people since long. Now as smartphones are owned by almost everyone, a whole new concept of mobile-based cab services has taken the market by storm. Witnessing the huge potentials of on-demand taxi market, a client from the USA approached Hyperlink InfoSystem to develop an on-demand taxi app that allow users to avail the best cab services anytime and anywhere. The app also faciliate drivers to bid for the ride during peak commuting hours and thereby helps them to earn extra income. The app is developed on Android and iOS platforms and designed for USA audiences only.


1. Signup & Login:

Signup with basic details.

Login using appropriate credentials. Alternatively, the user can login through Facebook.

2. Ride Now:

It allow users to avail cab service with few simple taps. Just enter pick-up location, drop-off location, vehicle type and you are done. Your ride request is sent to multiple drivers and you can expect your ride within seconds. The app also gives you estimated ride fare to continue with the ride.

3. PromoCode:

During ride booking, the riders are prompted with “Enter Promocode” to avail free or discounted ride.

4. Ride Later:

In order to organize ride on later or future dates, you can choose “ride later” option. Just select pick-up and drop-off location alog with preferred date and time and your ride is scheduled. In the case of any problem or issue, riders can even cancel the ride.

5. Message & Call:

The app allow riders to communicate with drivers through application in-built message and call. To leverage the best call quality, a third party API “Twilio” is integrated for call and message. Perfect2Go considers privacy as a major concern and so in order to maintain driver's privacy, number masking is done to hide drivers contact information.

6. Split Fare:

To avail economic and convenient ride, riders can opt to split fare by inviting their friends through the contact number.

7. Favorite Drivers:

Based on the ride experience, riders can add a driver into their favorite list.

8. Ratings & Reviews:

After completion of the ride, riders can give ratings and reviews to the drivers as per their ride experience.

9. Payment & Tip Management:

Once the ride is completed, riders are expected to pay through debit/credit card. For payments, Braintree payment gateway is integrated. Riders can pay the tip as per given tip options. Riders can even enter the custom tip amount.

10. Track Driver's Location:

After ride confirmation, a rider can track the driver's location.

11. Notifications:

Riders are notified in the below scenario:

During accept/decline of the ride request

Arrival of new message

During start and completion of ride

12. Profile:

Riders can view and update their profile details.

13. Future Rides:

Riders can view their future scheduled ride details.

14. Past Rides:

Riders can view their completed and canceled ride details.

15. Access Map:

In order to access Map, Google Maps API is integrated.

1. Login:

Login with appropriate credentials.

2. Accept/ Decline Request:

The driver can accept or decline ride requests of riders.

3. Bid Request:

During peak commuting hours, drivers can bid fare price to users to reach the destination. In return, riders can bid for the amount and avail the ride.

4. Access to Map:

In order to show pick-up and drop-off navigation path, Google Maps API is integrated.

5. Future Rides:

Views list of scheduled rides along with its details.

6. Past Rides:

Views list of completed and canceled rides.

7. Profile:

Drivers can view and edit profile.

8. Ratings & Reviews:

Based on ride experience, drivers can give ratings and reviews to riders.

9. Notifications:

Drivers are notified in the below scenario:

During new ride request

Ride order cancellation

Payment confirmation

1. User Management:

Add, view, update and delete users list

View users current location

Search user list

2. Driver Management:

Add, view, update and delete drivers list

View driver current location

Search driver list

View driver status

View driver documents

3. Driver Application Management:

View and delete driver applications list

Verify driver's application

Search driver list

4. Vehicle Management:

Add, update and delete vehicle list

Active/Inactive vehicle

5. Order Management:

View and search below order list:







6. Report Management:

View report list

Admin can also generate a report based on order type, driver name, start and end date.

Export report to Excel and PDF

Send Report through Mail

taxiapp admin panel

taxiapp admin panel

1. Driver Signup:

To become a registered driver of the perfect2Go app, drivers need to signup with the website.

To signup as a driver, you need to enter below details:

1. Personal details
2. Driver information
3. Upload vehicle images

2. Driver Login:

After completion of signup, drivers can login with appropriate credentials.

After successful login, if a driver wants to receive ride request, they need to go through below process:

1. Verify Phone
2. Vehicle information
3. State Disclosures
4. Background check


1. One-to-one Bidding:

Generally, when a ride is requested by riders, it goes to multiple nearby drivers and accepted by one. But, here the scenario is bit different. The app follows the concept of one-to–one correspondence. It means when a request is sent by the rider, the nearby driver can bid for fare once and then accept or decline ride request. Managing one-to-one bid request was one of the most intricate things faced during the development phase. However, using timer and custom logic, our developers overcame this scenario, quite efficiently.

2. Number Masking:

After the confirmation of the ride, if a rider calls driver from the app, in order to maintain the driver privacy, their contact information needs to be concealed. Masking contact information by the display of dummy contact number to riders was quite complex. By integrating third party library named Twilio, our developers overcame this challenge successfully.


Android OS support:
4.0 to 5.0

Java using Android Studio

Android Supported Devices:
480x800, 720x1280, 1080x1920, 1440x2560


iOS OS support:
iOS 8.0 to 10.2

Objective-C Using Xcode

iOS Supported Devices:
iPhone 5, iPhone 5S, iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus, iPhone 6S, iPhone 6S Plus, iPhone 7, iPhone 7 Plus


Technology: PHP CodeIgniter Framework

Database: MySQL

API: JSON format

Supported Browser:

Mozilla Firefox : Min 40.0 to Max 53.0 version

Google Chrome: Min 44.0 to Max 58.0 version

Internet Explorer: Min 10.0 to Max 11.0 version

Apple Safari: Min version 8.0 to Max version 10.0

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