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It is true that the popularity of the BlackBerry of mobile business devices has taken a beating these past few years with the advent of smartphones and other devices like tablets that seem to be more what the buying public is looking for. However, don’t count BlackBerry devices out yet because this line of mobile solutions still has a loyal fan base that is waiting for the BlackBerry to innovate into more interesting and useful forms.
You should Hire BlackBerry Developer if you want your app to be marketed to the existing and new BlackBerry buyers, owners, and users. In 2011 alone the BlackBerry brand made up an estimated 3% of global sales of mobile devices – this is still pretty substantial. As the BlackBerry tries to incorporate new features that make it similar to smartphone features (such as touchscreen capability) this might mean that more of the crowd will opt for a BlackBerry instead of the newer smartphones coming out today.
The BlackBerry has a pretty large subscriber base worldwide as well. It is believed that up to 80 million people throughout the world were subscribed to the BlackBerry in 2012 alone. In 2011 the biggest markets for the BlackBerry seemed to be Latin America and the Caribbean. Considering the purchasing power of those markets, the BlackBerry may have a fighting chance of surviving based on sales and new subscriber sign-ups.
You can Hire a BlackBerry Developer for the new type of BlackBerry gadgets that have new smartphone capabilities so that you will know how to make your app more accessible to users of this version of BlackBerry. For example, the ideal BlackBerry Developer such as Hyperlink InfoSystem should know how to maximize use of the new operating system, namely the BlackBerry 10, which was released just this 2013. Your BlackBerry Developer should know which models are now using that new OS and which are still with the old system. This is where Hyperlink InfoSystem can be of service to you.
Assuming you do find the right BlackBerry Developer it is very important that the team work with you so that you get to make use of the new BlackBerry gadgets functionalities and features. For example, the new gadgets may have the new “adapting” keyboard – so how can you adapt your app for that feature? These and others like it are questions that a capable BlackBerry Developer should be able to provide solutions for. 

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