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Why Would Anyone Want To Make An Android Game?

The Android operating system is officially one of the more popular OS in the mobile device universe at the moment - so naturally you will find people who come up with what they think is the next best Android game. Some may be motivated by the money they could stand to rake in if their game becomes very popular and in-demand. Others may just want to make a unique game because they think they have a concept that will stand out in a sea of game apps for Android gadgets. Whatever your motivation, you may need assistance from a developer like Hyperlink InfoSystem to make your Android game a reality.
Even if you don't plan on doing the actual coding itself, it may be important to know at least the basics of Java which is the language on which the Android OS is based. Your rudimentary knowledge of Java will help you keep track of the day to day development of your Android game so that you know why game development progresses as it does. (It will also prevent you from being fooled by jargon that the development team may throw around during project meetings, which may or may  not mean nothing in particular).
You should also be relatively familiar with the Android game architecture. This can be subdivided into roughly your interface and the game code itself. This is where making an Android game can get really complicated and you may feel lost at sea at this point. Fortunately you may get help from a developer like Hyperlink InfoSystem if you don't want to drown in Android game terminology - otherwise, be certain that you ask questions at each stage and take notes during project update meetings so that you can catch up on how your project is going.
What you do have to bear in mind is that every stage of your game project will require a different set of codes. For example, the class data has its own code and so does the assets class. You will also find that code for the Loading Screen class may differ from the code for the Main Menu class - and so on and so forth. The reason for this is that a user playing your game will be doing different actions at each stage in the game. And we know that a game has to have increasing levels of difficulty. This is why you can always depend on a developer like Hyperlink InfoSystem to do the heavy coding for you then explain what is happening at each stage of your project. 

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