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Wherever the world tilts, so must business and the world has now gone mobile. In this modern era, efforts you put in carrying out your business activities ought to be beyond conducting transactions through your mobile banking app or simply sending compelling emails to your customers. Being successful in this mobile era is far beyond just that, it has to do with incorporating mobile business i

Engaging older people as part of your user base was once considered the last frontier of the Internet. However, this scenario is AN elusive reality, as we have seen a steady increase in the number of older people who often register, sign and are signed. Only in the United States Statistician was reported that 64% of older people (65 years) in early 2017 were online, which is 4% higher than in

If you are a founder of a startup or part of a big company, a great idea is the app will be a good thing for you. The reality is that most applications are not a success. Studies have shown that 1% of mobile consumer applications will be considered a financial success by app builders in 2018; 1

When carrying out any mobile design, most designers use the same method to scale the website down so that it’ll be more responsive. But as it is, this way is a terrible tactic for mobile design. Instead of scaling the site down, a better process will be to examine the client’s business and determine how relevant mobile access will be to that specific activity.

Rolling wave planning is a planning technique that involves the delay of implementation until all necessary information has been received and deliberated on. While the decision may be delayed, all the necessary research, verification and information retrievals are continuously conducted. The adv

Budding entrepreneurs consider WordPress to be an excellent platform for creating websites for small business and even startups. As a highly recognized Content Management System (CMS), WordPress is currently employed by more than 100 million users all over the worl

Virtual Reality has application in virtually every walk of life. This technology has helped to make life easier, save cost and to achieve perfection in the delivery of services. Below are seven key areas where Virtual reality app development companies

Augmented reality is gaining popularity as the years come by. Today, it has huge potentials in education, business, advertising, military, healthcare, and many more. In fact, it has brought a new world beyond human imagination in front of all of us. It has significantly transformed human interactions with non-living things. Today, AR app development company are pushing boundaries for its broa

Are you thinking of creating an app for Android OS, or you have created one, already? If you have, the hard part is not over, yet. Getting the android app to the people who will use it can be very challenging. In the marketplace, it is hard to get your android app noticed among millions of others. And this is keeping many developers up at night because of the saturation. But still, there is a

It’s no longer news that everyone’s looking to create an app today, seeing that over $10 billion was generated in revenue by Apple’s App Store for developers in 2014. However, there are several hurdles to face especially for most app developers India who are l

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