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Do you think you have a great idea about developing a top notch mobile app? If so then that is fantastic. But the question is, how do you intend to move forward with your plan or build your app? What are the essential factors that must be taken into consideration before starting your new project? These are crucial questions you need to answer for yourself before finally making a decision to c

The proliferation of smartphones and other mobile devices has provided an opportunity for Augmented Reality. Unlike the discontinued, pricey or the inconvenient nature of AR on Laptops or Google Glasses, sensor and marker based AR is useful for several mobile apps.   

It is a widely known fact that app development companies prefer to design for iOS. However, Android devices have dominated the smartphone market and are largely due to the lower prices, especially in comparison to the high-quality iPhone. Given the proliferation of Android devices around the world, you may thin

The iPhone celebrated its tenth birthday in June 2017. A new survey of what current iPhone users like and expect had some surprises. The survey was designed to celebrate the tenth year of the iPhone as well as give some direction for future iPhone app development to iPhone app developers.  

Google recently announced that it would now support Kotlin as a programming language on Android. Kotlin programming language is a super new language developed by JetBrains. This company also created the JetBrains IDE that is used as Google’s developer tool, Android Studio. Like Java, which was the previous default la

Many businesses today need an electronic means of payment. Whether the business is online, offline, or located in a brick-mortar shop, this is a necessity. Whatever the size of the business is, one way of surviving the business trends is to imbibe the option of using a mobile wallet application for mobile devices.   

iPhone app development industry is booming right now and the trend may not change anytime soon. This is because mobile app developers are busy churning out apps for different purposes. There is virtually no sector of life where mobile apps are not being used. Some of the most

Since a mobile app has become the most effective marketing tool, all retailers have joined the bandwagon of having their own mobile app. What led to this mobile app craze is the emergence of smartphones. Since Android and iPhone are the two major categories of smartphones and apps work differently on them, Android application development is slightly different from

This question has been asked severally, but there is no definite answer to it. People go into business with the aim of making a profit and building wealth. Mobile app developers are no exception. With the consistent technological advancement, apps have become a necessity for most people in the business world. Ordinarily, app developers should be able to create wealth through app development b

Enterprise mobility is the comprehensive set of technology, methodologies, processes, and people. Basically, this form of technology is aimed at effectively managing the growing array of mobile devices such as smartphones, wearables, tablets, wireless networks and other related services. When it comes to enterprise app development, there is need to hire a

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