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All of our mobile devices rely on applications to function at all. There's no use explaining how every aspect of our electronic gadgets require one app or the other to run, but what has to be said is how without these apps, what we are lugging around are pieces of plastic, glass, steel, fibreglass (or whatever high end finish the manufacturer chooses to employ).

In this digital age, millions of people go online daily to source for relevant information or make purchases. Many businesses have also become aware of this, hence they have improved their online presence through effective marketing. One of the most powerful methods of competing favorably online is through content marketing. 

Some app developers India have suggested several ways by which you can promote your business with your mobile app. That is probably why a lot of companies now hire app developers in India to develop their apps. Some of the ways you will promote your business with your app has b

When it comes to Android app development and web development, user experience matters a lot. Since over 93 percent of internet users now access it through mobile devices, you should have certain features in mind either when building your site or when developing your app. Here a

It's no secret how much mobile apps have the ability to add more ease and convenience to our lives. There are certainly a plethora of apps out there that prove this point. Artificial intelligence has added another layer to apps that have the ability to adapt and adjust to the user, based on user behavior. Companies like Apple and Amazon have clearly displayed the impact that artificial in

The Sector and Early Stage of the VR A few years ago, everyone was waiting impatiently for the arrival of virtual reality. People wanted a technology that could transport them to other worlds and let their imagination and creat

One can easily say that we are in a world of iPhones today as many people are constantly getting iPhone devices. iPhone has changed in recent times and the world has embraced this device that it is almost impossible to imagine a world with an iPhone. What makes the iPhone so popular and very useful is its apps you find on this device. iPhone has almost everything you can imagine or think of a

You have access to a mobile device of course! Apparently, you haven't harnessed this great tool! A majority of people have access to mobile devices today but this isn't the case, it is that so many people undermine the power of this great resource, why the others are yet to completely leverage this great tool! There is a wide claim that some devices are sophisticated, (which is true)

Both the Google Play Store and the App Store are already being flooded with over 2 million mobile apps. As a result, developers are experiencing much stiffer competition publishing apps than ever before. This alone is making it hard for newly introduced mobile applications to stand out from the crowd and make an impact. Only very few turn out to be remarkable and talked about for a while. The

One of the hottest startups in India today is the AI (artificial intelligence) sector. The efforts of Indian app developers is partly responsible for the successful growth of the industry.    In the past year or three, Artificial Intelligence has become a stand

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