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UBER has founded just few year ago but, it is witnessed as one of the fastest growing startup companies in the world. The tremendous success of UBER has invited many startups and entrepreneurs to launch something similar like that of UBER. Whether it's UBER clone for food, UBER clone for education or any other thing, such startup will enter in business world whether we want them or not. Actually, there is no

With hundred of android devices in use today, there is no wonder why android app development job continues to show such strong and increasing demands. Various job portals like Indeed, Monster, and many others has more than 1000 jobs posted for android app developers. With Newyork continued to be at the top location, increasing demand for android app developers is also noticed in countries like India, Boston and

While most of us do not associate mobile technology with the music industry (at least not directly), the advances that have been made in recent years have had a major effect on the way that the modern consumer consumes and listens to music from their favorite artists, as well as up and comers. Now that the appropriate Android app development and iPhone app development has taken place, music aficionados have been

For a common man, your application has taken birth on its launch day. Being an entrepreneur, you know how much efforts you have involved during app development, app launch and in post-launch activities. Development of successful app is not everyone's cup of tea. There are innumerable factors that contribute to makes an app successful. So, you are a startup and have an amazing app idea. You also have a team o

Android app development and iPhone app development have come a long way in recent years and as a result, these new developments have greatly affected the way that sports aficionados consume the games of their favorite teams. Gone are the days when fans were limited to watching the games of the teams in their region or the games that are nationally televised. Thanks to the tireless efforts of

Monetization is a very crucial accept in mobile application development. Almost every brand creates a mobile app to make a profit or promote their business. Although there are some common monetization strategies recommended by app developers in India, some other strategies are untapped. 1. Sponsors and Partnerships: If you can get into partnership with other brands, you

Technology has taken over every sector. Technology advancement comes with more and more convenience and that is why everybody embraces any one that comes. Several decades ago, all you needed to sell your products and services was a physical store. All the best retail outlets all operated on the physical terrain. People ordered either by going to the store physically or by making an order through phone calls.

Today, where technology eruption is gaining momentum, access to various information is practiced within few simple taps. In such tech-driven arena where people are surrounded by high-tech smartphone devices and mobile apps, it is quite inevitable for business and enterprise to exhibit its online presence to the world. If you notice, almost 15% of the employees time is spent in communication with co-workers, 20-2

Just imagine! Isn't it amazing to access mobile app features without even downloading the app? How exciting it would be to communicate with all the needed app features with just a click. No more heavy apps in our smartphones. Enough of empty space in our mobile phones that earlier filled with a bulk of apps that we download just to make use of a single feature. Technology eruption has made it easy for users

We are living in the conversational era where mobile app development companies are trying hard to initiate conversation with consumers to engage them with the application developed. The rise in application usage across the globe has invited many startups and entrepreneurs to tap unexplored opportunities. In order to survive in th

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