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Communication can become a richer experience, as Apple's Watch recently pointed out. The clock can even communicate with another person by sending his impulse. With Apple Watch, the iPhone is a gateway. Allows viewing to communicate and create deep and intimate communication between the two parts by means of a simple sensor on the wrist and a series of pulses. 

When it comes creating highly desirable mobile and computer products, many developers often prefer to remain with or stick to the company that began the mobile app and smartphone industry – Apple. As you already know, iOS – Apple’s proprietary mobile operating system – is a leading operating system in the mobile industry. So there is obviously no big deal if you so choose to develop your mobile ap

What is web scraping? Web scraping is the process of gathering useful or relational data from specified web pages and converting it into a specified format. Scraped data are usually exported into the database or spreadsheet. T

From time to time, new devices are released thanks to the constant growth of technology. The development of new devices has certainly made life much easier and more convenient.   At a time of smartphones, it is easy to have a website to work. According to a recent s

In January 2009, Bitcoin and its implicit technology, Blockchain, was born. The development of the cryptocurrency has been exponential since its appearance, nor is the chain of blocks behind.

The iOS vs Android debate is one that has existed for years in the software development communities. Much similar to the Apple vs Samsung smartphone war that has gone on for decades as well. Android is vast and according to Google has over a billion activated devices with more than 1.5 million devices activated every day. In the same vein, Samsung the primary maker of Android phones has sales

When it was first reported that the virtual reality industry will hit $30 billion by 2020, it seemed like an exaggerated figure but it is turning to reality now. Virtual reality technology is being adopted in virtually all sectors now. App development companies are already enjoying their fair share of virtual r

E-commerce has spread as one of the most effective forms of online sales. Today, technology makes available to us the possibility of reaching a high number of potential customers and getting them to complete a purchase without having to exchange dozens of e-mails during the sales process. But how do you develop an e-commerce website for your business if you do not know where to start?

The mobile app development sector is a growing industry that is steadily incorporating the services of both specialized companies and skilled individualize to achieve its main objectives. Back then, the digital market was wholly focused on web, but things have taken a different turn particularly now that virtually everyone wants to specialize in mobile.

The blockchain technology is unique and has found its way into many industries. Using blockchain in these industries will result in huge industrial disruptions in 2018 and beyond. This technology allows for meaningful collaborations will create lasting impacts in these industries. Thus, its use in the banking will without doubt result to better banking transactions and systems. More so, it wi

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