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internet of things
20Nov 2018

Deconstructing The Myths That Surround The Internet Of Things

Author : Harnil Oza

App development companies that are looking to take that all important next step forward will often look towards the Internet of Things as a means of assistance. Now that the Internet of Things has become a truly integral aspect of our lives, app development companies that wish to make

mobile app developers
19Nov 2018

How Mobile App Developers Can Use Blockchain To Transform Other Industries

Author : Harnil Oza

Blockchain adoption, though highly appreciated, was initially regarded as a speculative eon in the past. But today, it can be largely said to be just where the present-day web was in the late 90s. As it stands, the introduction of the disruptive technology is charting new territory in advancing the understanding of even the average mobile app developer of the potentials and possibilities that

blockchain technology
17Nov 2018

How To Easily Select The Right Platform For Blockchain App Development

Author : Harnil Oza

Now that the blockchain technology is enabling users to get better visibility on various happenings around them, there seems to be an increasing demand for the technology in virtually every sector and industry. Almost every modern enterprise is either using or planning to adopt this te

business app development
16Nov 2018

Effective Ways Of Improving User Retention With Business App

Author : Harnil Oza

Most mobile application developers rarely celebrate the successful completion of their mobile app development project because they know they are just getting started for work proper. The bulk work lies in the marketing process. This is when app developers and markets will have to get on the quest of searching for potential users and customers for their business app. Obviously, mobile apps don

ui ux in app development
15Nov 2018

UI/UX And Their Roles In App Development

Author : Harnil Oza

User Interface (UI)/User Experience (UX) In App Development App development seems to have become a major focus in the mobile tech industry. App developers release hundreds of apps daily into the market. The truth is; most of these apps perform badly in the market due to poor UI/UX designs. Thus, there is the need t

top app development companies
14Nov 2018

How Top App Development Companies Can Use Big Data To Improve Mobile App Development

Author : Harnil Oza

Many industry experts have predicted that by 2020, the mobile application development industry will be worth $20 billion, thanks to the increasing population of mobile devices in the world which currently stands at 5 billion. However, it is expedient to note that this estimation may not be visible in the coming years without the help of big data.

app store optimization
13Nov 2018

How To Boost The Optimization Of Your App For App Stores

Author : Harnil Oza

If you want to optimize your app for app stores and get the best results, it is necessary you do it the way top app development companies have been doing it. Here are some of them.  

blockchain technology
12Nov 2018

How Blockchain Adoption Will Disrupt The Mobile Application Development Industry

Author : Harnil Oza

For some time now, there have been so much talk and publicity (not hype) about the use of blockchain technology to improve processes within several industries. This has been one of the hottest topics discussed on various social media platforms and news channels in recent times.   

blockchain technology
06Nov 2018

The 10 Big Blockchain Questions Mobile App Developers Need Answered

Author : Harnil Oza

Blockchain technology was once thought to be the exclusive domain of those who were trying to conduct transactions that they hoped Big Brother would never find out about. This is a typical misconception that still plagues those who use the technology for legitimate purposes. It is a my

mobile app development
05Nov 2018

A Closer Look At The Effects Of Mobile App Development On The World Of Healthcare

Author : Harnil Oza

The idea that mobile apps would have such a profound effect on the world of healthcare probably seemed far-fetched to most until recently. While many of us have probably made jokes about how there is an app for everything these days, we proba

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