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As an app developer, you want to create an app which would not only give users a great experience but would fetch you money also. With the rise in Android app development and iPhone app development, a l

The insatiable desire to save time and money and to effectively organize daily routines has triggered a lot of technological advancement. Having to do house chores daily could be herculean and an unpleasant task for some people. Grocery shopping simply worsens the situation.   

Mobile applications have numerous impacts in human lives and these impacts are becoming more numerous. There is virtually no part of human lives that mobile applications technology has not touched. The app development world is becoming bigger and more app developers are emerging every day. There is one funny trend in the app development world. The more app developers emerge the higher the dem

Healthcare apps have taken the front row in innovation. Mobile app technology has branched into the healthcare industry. Understanding the cost that can be reduced when people are always informed about their health status will make them switch fully

It is common knowledge that location-based mobile applications allow you search for places like shops, hotels, restaurants, cafes, and cinemas, etc. Yes, this is the era of mobile applications and geolocation! A few years back people could only reach their destination with the aid of a location guide or proper address. Today, it can be quite challenging to find a place or a person physically.

Mobile Technology has made numerous positive impacts on businesses. This is why the demand for mobile apps has exploded in the last couple of years. There are so many app developers and more are still emerging every day. In fact, app development has become a very lucrative profession that many people have started shifting from their professions to go into mobile app development. 

The successful launch of a mobile app can be consequently referred to as “a hard-earned success.” But the real question here is that “what happens after that?” After the initial launch, how does the app try to overcome those challenges of maintaining success? In the real sense, launching an app is a difficult thing to do, however, sustaining it and improving it, so as

Mobile app development is not just all about coding and design. The process is much more about QA, delivery, development, encompassing strategy and maintenance. A comprehensive approach is involved because to create a successful product, all of the required features must be incorporated. A product can be good but may fail in the marketplace if no value is offered to users or if the user exper

The App Store experienced a record setting year and there are no signs of slowing down anytime soon. Forecasts predict that mobile apps will gross over $160 billion this year and app developers and top app development companies are experiencing all of the benefits of this rapid growth

Gaming is indeed the most popular category of mobile app development across all devices and demographics. In fact, it is the number one usage of mobile phones that has taken the app industry by storm. All over the world, people spend at least 40 percent of their time playing games. As it seems, the gaming industry is still making significant returns in revenue. 

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