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Unity 3D is a game engine that can be deployed on multiple platforms which in itself is already a compelling reason to Hire 3D Developer. One of the latest developments as far as Unity 3D is concerned is that the US Unity Technologies team is contemplating the new structure and features of the impending platform dubbed Unity Cloud. Unity Cloud is being developed in response to fans of Unity 3D who are clamoring for better online services to support their games. So you may want to watch out for that first before you hire Unity 3D Developer such as Hyperlink InfoSystem.
What is certain at this point is that Unity Technologies aims to make it easy for Unity 3D games to access the Unity Cloud. There is already a Unity Cloud beta so you may want to access that one first before you Hire Unity 3D Developer. Unity Technologies would appreciate your feedback about any changes you observe in the Unity system, though.
When you do decide to hire Unity 3D Developer like Hyperlink InfoSystem you can benefit from the compatibility of the cross-platform game engine on Wii U, Windows Phone 8, Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, Flash, multiple web browsers, Linux, OS X, BlackBerry, Windows, Android and iOS. This means your game can be accessed on all those platforms and you may have a better chance of profiting from any games you do manage to release.
A positive development in the Unity 3D world is that Unity Technologies has tied up with SponsorPay partner. Basically, SponsorPay will handle the in-game advertising for game developers so that you can focus on making great games that will appeal to your market demographic. Because every game developer wants to profit from a well-executed game, this too may convince you to hire Unity 3D Developer soon.
You might also want to look into making new games on the Unity 3D game engine because you can always take advantage of community support in case there are problems. You can turn to Unity Community members who are willing to share their know-how so that it will be easier to debug your games. At the same time, you have the opportunity to share your own knowledge in case someone else has a game problem that you know how to resolve. What goes around really comes around so this could be another reason to Hire Unity 3D Developer today.

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