why your next product purchase should have iot enabled

Why Your Next Product Purchase Should Have IoT Enabled

The advent of smart devices has been a significant milestone for the human race. The Internet of Things, along with advanced analytics and data science are the face of digital transformation. They have the potential to revolutionize how we live, work, and socialize.  

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most trusted payment gateway apis in 2020

Most Popular And Trusted Payment Gateway APIs In 2020

The emergence of e-commerce prompted businesses to improvise their business models and adopt innovative solutions.Previously, online businesses relied on traditional payment methods such as direct bank transfers to send money over long distances.   Although these mo

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best healthcare apis for medical app development

Research On Best Healthcare APIs For Medical App Development

Digital disruption is encouraging industries to adopt innovative solutions and improvise their business models. Almost every major industry has profited from modern software applications driven by web, mobile and cloud technologies.  

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indian app development industry report for 2020

Indian App Development Industry Report 2020

Technological disruption in the app development industry is impacting almost every industry and region today. Regardless of the industry, most companies today need a mobile app to stay in front of prospects and customers and do business with them.   With this in min

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demand for salesforce developers

The Demand for Salesforce Developers In 2020

  There should be no doubt in anyone’s mind that Salesforce is the world’s leading customer relationship management (CRM) solution. According to Forbes, Salesforce now has

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salesforce usage report 2020

Salesforce Usage Report 2020

If you’re not completely sure whether you should invest in a customer relationship management (CRM) solution for your business in 2020, then you may want to consider the following statistic related to CRM. According to Nucleus Research—an information technology research firm, CRM provides an

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mobile app ideas to develop in 2020

The Best Mobile App Ideas to Develop for Businesses In 2020

It is no secret that most businesses today are driven by technology. A major reason for this is that more and more consumers today prefer searching for and buying the services and products they need on their mobile phones.   According to OuterBox—an e-commerce

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app development cost idea of 2020

How Much Does It Cost to Create/Develop an App In 2020? - Research By Hyperlink InfoSystem

At the end of 2020, the number of mobile users worldwide is expected to reach 7 billion. This is the prediction of the online information portal Statista. The same portal also predicts the number of smartphone users to grow to reach over

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