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Cost to Develop a Website and App Like Airbnb

cost to develop a website and app like airbnb

Airbnb has been about for 7 years and they have paid tens of millions developing their modern site.


They currently employ 100 up, if not numerous engineers only concentrated on this particular task. So, develop website perfectly like what they have could be some a high task.


Either it is about renting a home for a night or a castle for a week, "Airbnb" helps you connect with people over the globe willing to make you rent their places of accommodation.


Spread over 35,000 cities & 195 countries, it is one of the best company that gives others in the field a run for their money. With unique and really excellent customer service, it has caught the trust of customers around.


Airbnb is looked in as one simple way of monetizing the extra space in one house & showcase it to an audience that is more than preparing to put hands on it.


And if you want to develop a website like Airbnb, then you will have to fall deeper & learn more about website’s functionality & features as given.


Have an idea in mind! Let's started with Website building:


Before you begin working on developing your website, you need first examine the purpose of it. You require to identifies the end user & customers who will be appearing to your website to do business with you. If you do not know who your target audience is, you will never be capable for create a compelling & result-driven website. And this is something Airbnb has done.


They understand who they will be targeting. The time you land on the website, it gives all the required information with security.


What allowed them to do so is the fact that they knew their public well. They knew what client wants, who is liking to hire a place would probably be looking for or would have interests about.


Basically, the right first step required in making a website like Airbnb is to know & examine your target client.


Stocking up the technology:


We did talk about this in creating that before getting started with your website, you need first examine the purpose and the target audience. Once you are done this, the next thing to think is the technology you will require in getting website up and working.


Rather than wasting time calculating the figure that technology is moving to coast you, you must first collect technology you are decked with.


Considering the key elements:


Next in line gets the important part which calls for a capital of pictures, descriptions of the areas, client support & a couple of things more.


Now you require to know that your website will have various functionalities.


A user who arrives on your page would need to see some kind & appealing photograph of the properties ready for rent.


He/She would want to know more details about properties so that he can choose the one which suits his requirements the best.


And of course, either the user closes up doing business with you or not, you will yet require to have a customer support team that can help the client right from starting till end. Obviously, when your website is to do this enough, it absolutely requires skilled people to manage everything right from start to end.


Choosing the design & development team:


You absolutely have the choice of getting the website developed & designed inhouse and you can even outsource it. Considering the facts that you can get a highly functional website developed when you have a set of experienced developers & designers working on it and putting up your ideas in the right sense.


Let's understand the business model of Airbnb:


You already know about the AirBnb, But it is most important to know UVP- Unique value proposition. This will also help you work the perfect business idea and make successful website for long term.


To be short, Airbnb is a virtual platform that connects residents to hosters who have spare space for rent accommodation.


It serves as a fast link between travelers who require a great yet affordable place to gather in and property partners who fancy getting some fast money from their well-maintained homes.

  • A Landlord who want to let out their homes/space on rent for a short period of time like days can list it in Airbnb.

  • They can attach their property details, fix rentals, fix check-in & check-out times, etc. Same like a real-time hotel booking system.

  • Hosts or property buyer can accept or decline their bookings after moving by the social profiles of the traveler.

Great, the awesome news is that the cost to build Airbnb like clone website is minimum nearby few thousand dollars. That’s ok.


Let me to break it down in clear terms “how much it will cost to start a website like Airbnb”.


Readymade script: $600 to $1000

A readymade script is the ready to extend a program that will build a website like Airbnb or for the thing any complete fledged e-commerce website with full functionalities. It saves time & effort. Furthermore, they become with all standard features that you might need to have in your e-commerce website.

Social logins Cost: $500

Different username & passwords for per single website is so passe. You require to gives your users the advantage of applying their social media credentials for monitoring into your websites.


PayPal Integration Cost: $2000

Today's century website will surely require online payment integration. How more can the advantage of buy anything from the rest of your couch be delivered? Paypal being one of the most successful & widely used payment gateways is the great choice in the market today.

Customizations: $600 to $5000


You require customizations and lot of them. Your website cannot seem like the same as your opponent. It is important to have a personalized theme & outlook for your website that will not just set you aside from competition but also will attract more audience.


Support : $1000


Everyone said, done & executed couples of months will go ahead which you will require some assistance "support" as it is called. But Why? You require an upgrade or an addition that will make the website work a much better.


Other parts affecting website designing cost:


Domain name: $10 to $5000


Web Hosting: $60 – per month


Geographic area: This includes for the country where the plan is to be executed. The price will change on the country’s development. So I can not give its perfect price.


The whole cost to develop a website like Airbnb is well within $7000 to $10,000. To begin a website like Airbnb is not going to wipe away your profits. It is affordable and very well possible.


We discussed about website there is also an app of AirBNB, Know how much does it build an app like Airbnb?


In this section, we will assign this application in some elements and examine how long it needs to develop each of them.


In my research on Airbnb, top app development companies take an average price of app development. This amount is $50 per hour. Hence, we can estimate the relative cost of each function.


First steps:

  • 20 to 30 hours for project plan,

  • 20 to 30 hours for rest API implementation,

  • 5 to 10 hours for database model,

  • 10 to 20 hours for implementation of services and libs,

  • It is $2500 - $3000.


The Other Components:


Components Cost Hours
Registration $600 12 hours
Personal Profile $800 16 hours
Filters $1200 24 hours
Variants of rooms to stay $9000 180 hours
Invite friends $1200 24 hours
Add to favorites $500 10 hours
Translate feature $200 04 hours
Guide $500 10 hours
Maps $800 16 hours
Messages $1500 to $2000 30 to 40 hours
Setting $1000 20 hours
Backend $30000 600 hours




Airbnb is expanding and growing exceptionally.


This is largely because that they have a website that complements their company vision & mission. It claims of unbelievable quality and user interface which performs it grow so profusely.


If you are decided to give your website a look & feel like that of Airbnb also see few wondering results flow in, get in touch with top web and app development companies today, Companies will be able to help you out with a total website review which would more lay the foundation for a growing website design as well as development!

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