How Much Does An App Like Around Me Social Networking App Cost?

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AroundMe is an app which can give you almost everything you need in just one sitting. It gives you quick and easy access to the different establishments that you can find around the vicinity. AroundMe can easily find your position and allows you to select the closest bank where you can save and keep your money; bar and movie theater for total entertainment; gas station for your transportation needs; hospital for your medical and health problems; hotel and restaurant for accommodation and perfect dining; supermarket for your grocery needs, and taxi for your transportation. It also gives you the complete list and details of all businesses in different categories. Furthermore, it can give you the distance of your location to any establishment that you would like to visit.
Having AroundMe app installed on your mobile device is just like having a one-stop shop which makes everything easy for you to handle and manage. AroundMe can take you anywhere or everywhere in just one click. It can lead you to many places in a matter of seconds, even without leaving your house. It can also help you save your precious time, money and effort as you go around checking and verifying anything that concerns all your activities.
Many people are already enjoying the services they got from AroundMe app. These people find AroundMe very helpful and useful. Young and old alike get quality services from AroundMe because it is easy to use or handle.
As AroundMe gets more popular, some people are already looking into developing an app like AroundMe. What stops or prevents them from pursuing their plan is the development cost of developing an app similar to AroundMe. The best thing for you to do then is to consult and solicit ideas and advice from somebody who knows all the pros and cons of developing an app.
As one expert says, developing an app will cost about $150K. This amount already includes the professional fees of the designer, the art director, product manager and the account manager. However, if you look at the other side of the coin, you will still be able to have somebody develop an app like the AroundMe at a lower cost. You can hire a freelance developer. Give him everything you want and need for the app and he will develop the app the way you want it to be.
The cost will also depend on the kind of project that you want and the features that you also want to be in your app. If you want to include games, you should expect higher cost because games are among the expensive products because it requires complex coding. On the other hand, some of the cheapest apps with specific purpose include the calculator and flashlight.
Developing an app like AroundMe would be worth the cost because the app can really help you look into everything that you want or everything that you need to know. The app can keep you updated all the time. The app like AroundMe can cost you between $3000 to $12,000 per platform. Contact Us for more details!

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Process We follow

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