How Much Does An App Like Dropbox Cost?

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Dropbox is an app where you can safely save or store your files to make it easy for you to sync and share files with other people or users. You can store or save your files in Dropbox where you can also get or retrieve it easily from your computer, phones or tablets. Furthermore, you will have a chance to edit documents, add photos automatically and share videos anywhere, anytime you feel like sharing it.
The Periscope is available in mobile application and on Twitter. If Periscope is connected to Twitter, the users give another user a chance to view links which is tweeted so that they can watch live streaming. Users of Periscope have the option to make their video public or make it private so that the viewers are limited only to their friends and families.
Sharing photos with your relatives and friends can be done privately or publicly, this is possible because of its privacy features. Another feature offered by the Dropbox is that it allows you to work with your team. This is done by creating a shared folder. Whenever you add people to the folder, the files will also appear in their Drop box the way it appears in your Dropbox. For instance, if you edit a file in the shared folder, everybody will get the updates right then and there. This will spare you the burden or trouble of emailing the edited files to the other users or members.
While security of files is very important, you’re always assured that with Dropbox your stuff or files will always be safely stored in your phone even if your phone gets wet. The stuff or files which you have saved in your phone can easily be restored. Dropbox secures files, whether it is in transit or at rest because it provides security features like the two-step verification and the sharing controls. It has a 30 day history if you unintentionally delete a file or you want to retrieve previous versions.
Dropbox allows fast sharing of large files the way small files are shared. You should create a link that you can use to share files in your documents. This will allow you to put your file on the Dropbox where you can send it right away using your link. If you send a link to a file, your recipient can preview the files and they can download it even if they have no Dropbox account.
Dropbox is a file hosting service provides Cloud storage file synchronization, personal cloud and client software. It allows the users to make their own folder on the computers. The files placed in the folder can be viewed using the Dropbox website and mobile apps.
As a freemium business model you will be provided a free account with a set storage size while those which have more capacity will have the paid subscription.
Just like the other apps, the cost of developing an app like the Dropbox will be dependent on the number of features that will be installed or included in your Dropbox app.
Hyperlink Infosystem can be your tech Co-partner and can design the best featured and tailor made apps on each and every platform. The app like Drobbox can cost you between $4,000 to $9,500 per platform. If you are thinking to build app like Dropbox than Contacts us and get your free quote now.

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