How much does an App like iPlayer Cost?

 What Is The Need Of Developing An App Like Iplayer Radio

The Internet has already been helping and giving total entertainment to people from all walks of life. What makes it more amazing is that you can now use the internet in your mobile devices. There are already many applications available and what you’ll have to do is to check on the available apps that can really help you with your activities or works, have it downloaded to your mobile device. One of the most popular apps that allow you to watch television and allow you to listen to the latest songs from your favorite singers is the iPlayer Radio.

What we have here is the BBC iPlayer, which is considered as an internet streaming for television and radio services for United Kingdom residents. The BBC iPlayer can be played on different devices like mobile phones and tablets, personal computers and on smart televisions. The iPlayer or the individual programs have no commercial advertising; hence, you’re not interrupted with what you’re doing. You can enjoy watching TV smoothly all the time, wherever you go.

The BBC iPlayer Radio app had been downloaded for about 1.4 million times from the time it was launched. The said app is already used regularly by many people, but, still continues to get to the top of the overall radio listening population. The UK industry is really doing everything to increase digital listening, and because of this, the mobile devices have an important role to play to make digital listening successful. One important change made by the UK is to reach their target is to add a link from the BBC’s iPlayer audio app to the Radioplayer. This has given the user more (easy) access to hundreds of other stations even across UK to some communities and student radio.

BBC iPlayer Radio app is now a very popular app because it works efficiently on your phone and tablet. It allows the users to listen to live and on-demand programs which play the latest songs. It is also very easy to control with an easy access to playback. The app also allows the user to download programs and podcasts that you will always enjoy even if you’re offline. Furthermore, the BBC iPlayer Radio app allows you to have a quick browse or search schedules and categories easily.

With the new BBC iPlayer Radio app you will now be able to share programs, clips and tracks that are offered by the popular iPlayer Radio app. Widget was also added to initialize and set live playback directly from your home screen.

The popularity and usefulness of the BBC iPlayer Radio app have made some people want to develop an app which is similar to the iPlayer Radio. Just like the other apps, development cost to develop an app which is like the iPlayer Radio will depend on the platform used, the different features that you’d like to be added to make your app distinct from the other similar apps. You should also consider the professional fee of the developer. The approximate cost of creating an app like iPlayer Radio is around $5000 to $15,000 per platform. Visit us today for more information!

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