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The QR Code or “Quick Response” Code is a readable barcode installed on your mobile device. It has been dominating Japan; was already introduced in Europe and is now invading the USA. QR Code contain contact numbers, SMS message, V-Card data, plain alphanumeric text, scanner which will react by exposing the right application that will handle and manage the data that has already been encoded through the consideration of the FNC1 Application Identifiers that are already in the encoded data.

The QR Codes, also called Smart Tags, are images or optical illusion. It is similar to barcodes. These barcodes are readable by a smart phone like Android phones and iPhones. The Smart tags or Quick Response codes can direct or lead the phone to some web site or web page.

Since smart phones can immediately access to the different websites, it is therefore important to have QR Codes because it can give convenience to the smartphone consumers or users. It also allows the users to save time.

QR Codes can help you with your business. It can help you promote coupon of some important events. Placing QR codes or adding it to your flyers or just place the code on the wall can already help you reduced your advertising expenses. People who will see your code will scan and store it in their mobile phone. Your QR code can lead you to a specific web page or can also be placed into a client’ phone. This will spare you the trouble of wondering where your clients have seen your advertisement.

To help you with your advertising and promotional campaigns, you should place QR in every piece of advertising which people and potential clients and customers can easily see. For instance, you can place it in a business cards, t-shirts flyers, billboards, comics, educational magazines, articles in magazines and newspapers. You can also have it placed in a “for Sale” signs, comment cards, presentation, clothing, television ads, books, outdoor games, direct mail, instructional manual, menus, cereal boxes, products, Facebook, coupons, name tags and many more.

Smart phones are already leading the new era of free software design and at the rate thing are going with the QR Codes or the Smart Tags; you can say that QR Code belongs to the Freeware category. As a user, you are given a chance to create, print and publish QR Codes without paying a single centavo. You should also remember that generic QR Codes can be created from web sites (like the Kaywa). You can also create customized Microsoft tags.

QR Codes are new but it will possibly have changes and modifications in the coming years. What you have then to consider is to make the size of the QR code large so that the phone can easily read it. You should have tracking and should see to it that the landing page is mobile-friendly or better yet, you should develop a web site designed especially for mobile phones. You should also be creative. The cost of an app like QR Reader for iPhone is started from $2500. You can Contact Hyperlink InfoSystem for more accurate quotation!

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