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You may be asking yourself if an app like QuizUp is worth your time. Well, before anything else, you should know that QuizUp is a free game from the Plain Vanilla Games Company and is available to trivia game fanatics all over the world. To access the game, players have to use their Windows Phone, Android, and iOS platforms. QuizUp was first launched in year 2013 but two newer versions did come out as of 2014 and 2015.
One nice thing about QuizUp is that they accept contributions from the public that can be added to the QuizUp questions - this makes the service more sustainable considering that there are an existing 1200 topics for trivia game afficionados to enjoy. Wikipedia notes that more than 600,000 questions are already part of the QuizUp game database.
As far as development of the QuizUp app is concerned, Wikipedia says that the subscriber base has reached the 20 million mark already. The popularity of QuizUp may explain why venture capitalists invested more than $26 million into the company by May 2014. One good indication that the QuizUp app is worth putting an investment into is that Plain Vanilla Games said that each subscriber plays QuizUp daily at an average of 30 minutes. Add the fact that QuizUp is meant to be played simultaneously by a group of players and you can see that QuizUp can be fun to play with especially if your co-players are your close friends. This spells big business for the QuizUp investors.
QuizUp also has a social networking feature that allows the user to access Google+, Twitter and Facebook to find friends to play the trivia game with. Among the many topics available for players to choose questions from are geography, science, history, games, sports, music and literary topics. If you prefer, you can also play against a total stranger online. This makes the game more interesting because if you play against friends you most likely know what your friend's strategy is. There is also a time component so you need to give the answer to the question placed quickly. The game is played for seven rounds before the game ends.
What makes QuizUp fairly appealing is that playing the game is akin to playing in a community. You can also play QuizUp in a variety of different languages which paves the way for you to interact with people who use the language you are most comfortable with. So if you are the type to seek out other players to play trivia with then perhaps QuizUp is the game for you. Whether you play with friends and family, or play with total strangers from around the world, trivia becomes all the more interesting. You might even say that QuizUp can become addictive, which is great for people who have a lot of spare time on their hands or simply enjoy guessing answers to trivia questions. And if you are interested in meeting people from around the world, then QuizUp is a safe option for you.
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