How Much Does An App Like Trip Adviser Cost?

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If you travel a lot you have to be updated all the time and that includes getting updates on the latest fare rates by any means of transportation, hotel accommodations, and other travel related issues and concerns. To keep you always updated it would be to your advantage to have a travel app or to a Trip Advisor.
The Trip Advisor, Inc. is a travel website which provides reviews and other important information of travel related content. It has also a travel forum where anybody can give comments or share what they have in mind that can help travelers and other people who travel most of the time.
Trip Advisor can help you find hotels, find the best places where you can eat and dine; get the cheapest flights, and get the best travel experience that you can ever think of. With the Trip Advisor app on your mobile device, you will be able to check ad monitor everything you need as you travel all the time.
Trip Advisor has reviews made and shared by customers for the services they have received in their accommodations, flights they have boarded, food, places where they eat and get entertained and other feedbacks or comments that you can refer to gauge the kind of services of the different hotels and other establishments that you might visit as you travel.
The site offers free services to their users who share most of its content; hence, it is considered a user-generated content. The Web site gets its support from advertising business model.
This travel app is a very useful app that can be installed on your mobile device. It is also a Search Engine Optimization or SEO site which generates traffic and leads. As a travel site, Trip Advisor’s traffic has high value and can generate income.
While Trip Advisor has already proven its worth; hence, many people are considering developing a similar app. Well, first thing that you should consider is to get an idea about the cost in developing an app which functions and operates like a Trip Advisor.
You can get a bird’s eye view of the cost to develop an app by considering Matzner analysis. To develop an app you could spend about $150K. It could be 120 hours of work every week for almost 10 weeks. You have two developers working full time, each one of them has 80 hours of working time. You also have a designer and art director who works about 20 hours, a product manager and an account manager. All of them make a total of 120 hours’ work. If you find this setup hurting your budget, you can always follow another option and that would be hiring a freelance developer. Using this option might affect the quality of the app that you want to develop. Looking for the best freelance developer is not easy, especially if nobody in the right position can recommend and guarantee that the developer you found can really deliver quality works.
Like anything else in the world – when you come to develop an app, you get what you pay for. So if you really want to build an app like Trip Advisor which is worth of your investment then go for it. The basic cost for developing an app like Trip Advisor is $5000 to $25000 approximate. We can provide the best and excellent work at affordable prices. Contact us now!

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