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IOT – Internet of Things has unlocked the doors to new menaces where every devices can connect, communicate and perform transaction.
All these things came true due to foundation of some creative technologies like beacon, BLE(Bluetooth Low Energy ) and i Beacon.
With the commencement of such technologies hyperlink infosystem has entered into innovation and has made this technology an integral part of the solutions that we deliver to our esteemed clients and also encouraging people in world to come up with more new inventions

Know What Is Beacon, I Beacon, Ble (Bluetooth Low Energy) And Bluetooth Smart Devices

In any of these ways all the 3 technology are quite similar still distinct from each other.
In layman's term one can say that Beacons are small devices with battery-power sticked to the objects like window or wall . Technically, we can assume beacons as a small BLE device broadcasting small piece of information wide spread.On hardware note Beacons or you can say BLE-compatible device which is one and the same broadcasts following “beacon” protocol while in contrast with software note they are small packet of messages broadcaster and processed like mobile app works.
iBeacon based on Apple's Version allows Bluetooth enabled devices to send and receive information within short gap of distance. In simple words i would conclude that the sender would send the message signal to the destination device(smartphone) and the receiver would receive and interpret the manner message is.
BLE known as Bluetooth Low Energy is a new taste of light weight Bluetooth which was invented back in 2006 by Nokia . But, now this flavor is served within the standard of Bluetooth 4.0.

How Beacons Technology Can Help You In Your Busy Schedule Of Daily Chores?

1) You can like place fewer beacons surrounding your home that approaches an app from your activity. For an instance if you lay down on bed facing AC then it will launch an Air conditioned remote making your life easy.
2) i Beacons can be used to place around the employees desk making them remind about their daily task and allowing employees to access their to-do list with swiping off lock screen helping them in Industrial sector.
3) One can also be more social with Beacon by discovering the people with similar interest and meeting and dating them that proves beacons a huge platform on social basis.

How Hyperlink Infosystem Can Help You Out With Your Beacons Solution?

Woppie ! This is the part where we are more excited . We have considered beacon tech as an “ Hot Lava Cake” and foreseen with the possible innovations with the tech we have endowed massive resources and time span for learning its tools and technologies . Though with Multiple Experiments with Beacons and development of applications based on beacons we with the immense satisfaction can say that we have aspired great level of expertise with beacons development. We can be one of the best solution of yours when you want to deal with the application idea with Beacons. Just don't waste your time and be a part of Esteemed top app development company for your Beacons Application solution.

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Process We follow

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