10 Important Rules For A Successful Email Marketing Campaign In WordPress Development

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It is an already established fact that email marketing plays an important role in the development of any business. It is a cost-effective method through via which businesses can maintain a favorable relationship with their existing customers and form new relationships with prospective ones.
Although email marketing comes with tremendous advantages, there are rules that must be adhered to for an effective email marketing campaign. Failure to abide by these rules of email marketing may result in your subscribers ignoring your emails, or worse, sending them into their spam folder. Below are 10 important rules for a successful email marketing campaign in WordPress development;
1. Define your purpose or goal:
If you don't know where you are going, how would you know when you get there? The first step towards having a successful email marketing campaign is defining your purpose. Why did you subscribe to email marketing? Are you trying to increase your customer base or do you want an improved brand awareness? Are you trying to introduce new products or do you want to extend an already existing relationship? Having a set purpose or goal is important to the success of any marketing campaign. This is what you would use as the yardstick for measuring the success of your campaign at the end. Any WordPress web development company interested in email marketing must ensure to define its marketing purpose.
2. Get your mailing list:
After the WordPress web development company has defined its purpose, then it can begin to put together its mailing list. You may be tempted to think the higher the number of subscribers you have, the greater the gain you will enjoy, but that is not true. In digital marketing, quality is always better than quantity. It is better to have 10 quality subscribers who are genuinely interested in your product than to have 100 subscribers who do not even know how in the world you got their email address and don't care what you are offering. 
Never buy email address, you will be spamming people. This is a very bad practice that can earn you negative publicity.
3. Choose an emailing software:
There are several emailing software available for WordPress web development company to do their marketing campaign. This software allows for efficient monitoring of emails. With this software, you can get reliable information that can help you rate the success of your marketing campaign. You can know how many of your subscribers actually opened your email and how many made further moves and clicked through. This software also allows for email customization. You can design your emails and newsletter in the way you deem fit.
4. Content is king; keep it short and simple:
In our very busy world, no one really has the luxury to read very long and poorly formatted email. Basically, they will just exit and make a mental note to come back to your email at a more convenient time (a time that never comes). Make your email short, simple and sweet. 
Formatting is also another thing to bear in mind. Your text may be short, but if they are badly formatted it may look dense and intimidating to read. Learn to break your text into small paragraphs. This makes for easy reading. Also, when possible, use bullet point summary, this allows readers to quickly assimilate whatever thing you are trying to pass across, regardless of how tight their schedule may be. Other formatting features that encourage readability that a WordPress web development company should use includes bold text and subheadings.
5. Personalize messages:
Most emailing software allows for personalization of messages. The software is able to extract information from subscribers database, e.g. their first name, and use it in the messages. Personalization allows the subscriber to feel recognized, hence leading to greater conversion rate. However, it is advised that personalization or variable substitute is used sparingly as an overuse of it can be detrimental to your campaign.
6. Ensure your messages are rendering properly on mobile:
In this digital world, majority of the people who use smartphones check their email messages via their mobile. If you email displays clearly on the desktop and not on mobile devices, then be rest assured you have lost more than half of your potential clients or customers. It is advised that you join your mailing list. This will help you monitor the appearance of your message on mobile. Ensure you pick an email software that serves up a mobile-ready version of your email to your subscribers. 
7. Include relevant links:
As stated above, your emails are for specific purposes. It is important that WordPress web development company include links into the body of their emails as that helps achieve this purpose. Perhaps you want increased sales, you should associate the link with emotive words or sentences, such that on reading those sentences prospective customers are compelled to make a positive move. 
8. Sanitize your list regularly:
Email software providers usually bill users or WordPress web development company based on the number of emails sent or the number of their subscribers. Therefore, it is important you carry out a routine inspection to ascertain your subscribers who are not active. Pruning these inactive subscribers out will help to cut down on cost and will give you a good idea of how effective your campaign really is. An over-bloated list will likely give a false notion of success when truly, there are only a handful of people who are really interested in what you are offering. 
9. Segment your audience:
Depending on what you are offering, your subscribers will cut across different locations and will have different interest, likes, dislikes behavior etc. For an effective email marketing campaign, it is important you segment your audience according to certain parameters. This could be the source from which they originate, individuals that have purchased your products, people who have opened all your emails etc. Segmentation allows for great customization. It allows WordPress web development company to know more about their audience. They could choose to send promotional messages to a particular segment, perhaps those who open each of their emails, knowing they are their die-hard fans.
10. Measure your success:
The edge email marketing software has over the default email system is the amount of information it gives to its users. It offers the user a good amount of statistics that can be used to measure the success of your campaign. With this software you can know which of your links were clicked and which was trashed, the rate by which people unsubscribe from your list and the how many subscribe. This information is highly vital, as they help you to make a relevant adjustment to your marketing effort. 

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