10 Reasons To Pick Android Over Other Operating System

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For anyone considering going into mobile app development or who wishes to grow an app development company, it can be quite challenging knowing where to pitch your tent of specialization. There are a couple of operating system platforms, with Android and iOS being the most popular. If you are one of those in such dilemma, then you don't need to trouble your pretty head. Very quickly, you can read ten reasons why you should pick android app development over any other operating system when deciding for your app development company;
1. Variety:
Variety is the spice of life, and variety is what makes shopping fun. When it comes variety, no other platform comes close to Android. Android has provided a medium that has allowed smartphone manufacturers like Samsung, HTC, ZTE, Sony and Motorola to allow their imagination run wild. On Android platform, there is something for everyone regardless of taste or budget. Perhaps you want something compact, or something with huge screen or with a rotating screen, you can get everything with Android. In simple words, Android offers flexibility that is not obtainable with other platforms. 
Availability of varieties is one of the reasons behind choosing Android for your app development company.
2. Affordable pricing:
The wide range of Android phones with a variety of specs and design means that they will be available at different prices. This translates to mean that there will be something for everyone, regardless of your budget. Virtually everyone can buy an android phone, this is in stark contrast to Apple products that have an exclusive nature. They are described as prohibitively expensive. A low budget may not get you a very complicated advanced smartphone but it would get you something that can offer a true smartphone experience. Affordability is one of the major reasons for the huge popularity and dominance of Android and Android app development over other operating systems.
3. Customization:
People love to explore, they love to be free, they love to be able to make their own decisions their way. Android knows this and that is exactly what it gives. Android allowance of customization is one of its strongest points and accounts for its wide acceptance. While Apple maintains a firm control over default apps so as to maintain similar hardware and software experience, Android allows users to decide their experience. From as simple as live wallpaper to as advanced as custom ROM installs.
4. Widgets:
Widget is another thing that is working absolutely well on Android devices. It has worked so excellently, other operating systems and mobile app development are starting to adopt something similar, e.g. the Live Tile System in Windows phone. Widget allows users to access all the necessary information they want right from the screen, at a glance, without having to launch an app. Apple has something similar, which they launched not too long ago, but it still cannot contend with what Android offers.
5. Multi-tasking:
Of course, multi-tasking is available on virtually all smartphone platforms but hardly does any operating system do it better than android. Some manufacturers, e.g. Samsung allows for multi-window tasking. This allows users to view multiple apps at the same time. Apple has been trying to catch up on this feature for years. What's worse, Apple's multitasking feature can be found majorly in its tablets.
6. Launchers:
A variety of launchers is another aspect that adds to the unique customization that is available on Android and plays an important role in android app development. When it comes to iPhone, they all look alike. This is not same with Android.
Android offers for a variety of custom launchers which influences the way a smartphone or tablet looks. Available on Google Play, custom launchers allow users to tweak everything, from the layout of their home screen to effect, from gestures to page transitions. Launchers open users to a world of possibilities with no risk involved. 
Custom launchers are so unique and flexible they allow users to get almost anything. In fact, if you are someone loves the look of iOS or Windows platform, there are android custom launchers that can help you achieve that. Launchers are something worthy to pay attention to when deciding on an app development company. 
7. Custom ROMs:
This is not so easily practicable for everyone but for those who can, e.g. mobile app development company, it offers a world of possibilities. Custom ROM is another edge Android has over most other mobile operating systems. Android allows technically savvy individuals replace the software of the device with a custom ROM. In essence, this means installing a new operating system. The reason behind this is to allow for better performance or to allow users to gain access to tools and add-ons. It could also be because the manufacturer or mobile app development company is slow to upgrade to any latest version available on the platform.
8. Google Integration:
Google, the current owners of Android, are highly smart in business. Android devices work seamlessly with all of Google's products; Google Docs, Gmail, YouTube, Google Music, Google Maps, Google Chrome, Google+ etc. Google is regarded as the king of the web. This is a major attraction for most people, as having an android device gives them instant access to all of this important software.
Although a few other operating system and mobile app development company offer some of these Google services, the deep level integration is not available. There is hardly anyone using a smart device who doesn't utilize one or more of Google services. Android allows for easy integration and seamless working.
9. Google Now:
Just like multi-tasking explained above, a digital assistant is another feature which is available on virtually all platforms and plays a vital role in android app development. But Google Now, available primarily in Android stands as one of the best. So much that it is now available in the Google iOS app. Despite its availability on Apple devices, there are certain features that are specifically developed for the Android platform. Google Now is an excellent voice search that allows for real convenience which boosts daily life. Google Now aims to fulfill users desires before they have the chance to think to search. 
One of the pros of Google Now is its straightforwardness and specificity. This is an integral aspect when searching for the best digital assistant or mobile app development company.
10. Free games and apps:
Unequivocally Android allows for more free games and apps that every of the other operating systems. Sometimes a very similar app that appears as free on Android will carry a price tag. People very easily go after freemium or ad-supported model. 

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