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10 Steps To Create An App For iPhone, iPad Or Android

App Development

Jun 2018
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10 steps to create an app for iphone, ipad or android
The world of mobile devices has allowed thousands of developers of all ages and levels of knowledge to make fortunes developing games and other applications for smartphones and tablets. Below are 10 steps you can follow to create your own application:
1. Find a great idea
Everything starts with a great idea, it can be simple, trivial or complicated, the important thing is to make the ideas arrive and flow, write them in a notebook. The most successful developers reveal that there is no better way to write down your ideas on paper and pencil. Ideas can come from inspirations anywhere, in the beginning, there is no such thing as a bad idea, so do not dismiss anything, be open to everything.
2. Inspire yourself in successful applications
Do you know what makes an application successful? You can realize studying the market, which are the applications that are trend in the stores of Apple or Google Play, understand what things have and make those applications, understand if what your application is going to do someone is already doing well, take inspiration of successful applications by some Indian app developers, do not copy them, just use them as a reference. 
3. Learn how to program for the iOS or Android platform.
At this point, it does not make much sense to learn to program for Blackberry or Windows Mobile, the established platforms and that surely will continue to be a trend for many years are Google (Android) and Apple (iOS).
To learn how to program for these platforms, take advantage of projects by top app development companies and also the best e-learning platforms that offer free courses or payments such as Coursera, Google Developers Academy, Udacity or Khan Academy, in these sites you will find what you need to know to start programming, you only need to know English since most of the courses are taught in that language.
4. Design your application
After taking a course to program, you can draw your ideas on paper, how the application will look, which windows / screens you need to have, where you will put the buttons etc., start using paper and pencil and then if you pass to the computer, both Apple's development suite for iOS as Google's for Android will allow you to do the layout, but may require help from graphics software such as Gimp or Adobe Creative Suite.
5. Register as a developer
Both Google and Apple require that you register as an official developer to have access to development tools, help forums and most importantly to your application store. In both cases, you must pay an annual membership of $ 100 in the case of Apple and $25 for Google. 
In all cases, iPhone app developers earn 70% of what is sold while Apple is left with 30%. In the case of free applications, there are no costs, although they are used either for people to know the application with reduced functionality or to make sales within the application (in-app purchase).
6. Get help from developers at top app development companies
Being a developer does not necessarily mean being the one who writes the code, it is possible to get very professional mobile app development company anywhere in the world who can develop the idea of the application quickly and professionally, there are many ways to contact app developers from using referrals from friends, via LinkedIn or specialized networks such as Upwork, Guru, Freelancer, etc.
7. Get funding
Probably for the first app the best strategy is to code yourself and test concepts, but when you are behind a potentially disruptive idea, it is possible to get funding without being a financial expert or having contacts with Angel Investors. A few years ago, the trend of crowdfunding has gained strength, for example, instead of getting an investor who contributes $ 1 million, a thousand investors are obtained who contribute $ 1,000 each. In the case of apps for mobile devices, it is possible to start with as little as 5 or 10 thousand dollars to hire iPhone app developer and about one thousand or two thousand for a professional designer. 
Another alternative widely used among entrepreneurs is to get the initial funding with family and friends, collecting a few thousand dollars between the circle is always a good option.
8. Start scheduling and testing
Whether you code your app yourself or you hire Indian app developers, split your project into functional phases and start with the first phase, that step away from small tasks (design a button, make a form, etc.). Go gradually progressing and testing concepts, is disastrous when it comes to making a great project of a single cut and then you have to go back to rethink and redo things because they did not work the way you wanted ... one step at a time.
As you finish functional phases, test it in detail, ask for feedback from your trusted friends, ask them to criticize your work, at this moment they do not look for compliments or recognition, they try to prove that the idea is good and the feedback is sincere.
9. Submit your application for approval.
Once you have a functional version good enough (remember that the perfect is the enemy of the good) send it for approval by Google or Apple, this process usually takes between 5 and 10 days (although sometimes a little more). What they will verify is that the application complies with the general guidelines of each platform (for example that it does not promote piracy, pornography, etc.), in addition to validating that it does not have important bugs. Once you get the approval your application will appear in the Google Play store or iTunes.
10. Make them know your application
Achieving that the application appears in the store is already a very big achievement, but in the sea of hundreds of thousands of applications, it can last for years without anyone knowing how good or disruptive it was. This is why it is important to have a marketing strategy. This is a complete subject for a book, but some things you can do is try to make it viral by using attractive videos, memes, writing on blogs, contracting top app development companies to promote your app, email marketing campaigns, promote it in social networks etc. One technique that you should always use is to ask your friends and family to buy or download your app and do a review when there is an application with zero downloads or zero reviews it is unlikely that anyone would dare to buy it. 
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