11 Areas To Focus On In Android Application Development

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Whether you wish to start an Android app development company, or you work for one already and wish to be proficient in your deliveries, or you have some personal projects that require expertise in Android development, there are tips and tricks that can assist you to achieve your purpose. Below are eleven important tips and tricks needed for proficiency in Android application development;
1. Be abreast of current trends:
Technology is highly dynamic, every new day advances are made in the different fields of information technology, and Android application development is not left out. To be proficient at Android app development you must be abreast of latest trends in app development. Your clients will expect you to deliver features that are inconsonant with what is in vogue. The smallest of details are important, from the font of the characters used to the color scheme and combination. As a developer, you must know about these trends and use them accordingly, or else you will lose the respect of your clients and hope of future jobs. 
2. Design is important:
With over 2.2 billion apps in Google Play Store, competition is apparently stiff-necked. In situations as this, app design is important. Your app must be attractive enough, such that it catches the attention of users from the very first moment they see it. For every app there are several alternatives, you must never give users the option of passing your app for another. It must be captivating enough. If you are not good at design then outsource the task to someone who is; never underestimate the importance of a good design.
3. Participate in communities:
In your Android application development journey, you will encounter obstacles and challenges. Whatever these problems are, be rest assured someone has the solution for it. Learn to participate in communities, these are important avenues where you can gain insight into latest trends and get answers to pressing issues. Communities are also great avenues where you can meet people of common interest and form short or long-term beneficial partnership. Majority of the tech companies in the world are founded by partners. Tech is a niche that thrives on partnership, and online communities are a great venue to find such partners.
4. Listen to your users:
One of the best tactics for product development is user feedback. A company that listens to its clients or users of its product is a company that is certain to grow fast. Users, clients, customers, like being heard. Their feedbacks are important tips that can help you build better products. 
Sometimes two different app development companies will offer similar applications, but one company will turn out to be more successful than the other, just because they have better customer service and listen more to their users. 
Listening to users help you earn their trust and in turn grow your customer base with time.
5. Believe in yourself and your idea:
This is almost the most important tip for becoming proficient in Android application development or even in anything at all. Without the belief in oneself or in one's abilities, then there is no way to achieve success. No one has the power to make you succeed except yourself. You must conquer the monster within before you can conquer the one without. You must believe that you have the capacity to deliver an outstanding job. 
You must also believe in your ideas, however small or large they may be. This belief will give you the confidence to invest in it, and also to go out and speak boldly to potential investors. 
6. Be your first critic:
It is not enough to exude confidence in oneself or in one's idea, that idea must be worth the confidence you are putting into it. Regardless of how confident you sound to an investor or user, if your idea is bad then it is bad, there are no two ways about it. In order to build an app worth much confidence then you must be your first critic, ask yourself; why should anyone install this app? What good does it do? A proficient app must solve a problem or make life easier; this should be your aim while developing an app.
7. Build a portfolio:
The importance of a portfolio is unquestionable. As a freelance developer, a portfolio helps to display samples of your past works to potential clients. Building a portfolio also act as an avenue to practice your app development skills, the more you practice the better you get at it. Practicing also helps you to prepare for unique challenges that may present themselves during the development of apps for clients.
8. Understand the market:
This tip is especially important for developers who wish to build businesses around Android app development. Just like for every business, an understanding of the market is very essential. Any business that offers a product to a market it does not fully understand will likely suffer losses. 
Android market, just like every other market, has its unique characteristics. Although it is the largest online market for Operating system in the world, its users are more inclined to download free apps than paid apps. Also, the major revenue bringers are games. The knowledge of all of these is essential to the development of a business model that works.
9. Study the competition:
This point is in line with the previous one, and it relates to developers who wish to make money off their app creation. Just like for every business, you need to study the competitors. You need to research to know what made their apps so successful or made it fail, you need to know your competitors' business model. The knowledge of the strength or weakness of your competitor's app will assist you to build a better one. 
10. Repeated test run:
During the development of your app learn to test often. With every new feature, test to know how it responds. This constant test is very useful for troubleshooting, as it makes it easy to know exactly where a problem or challenge comes from.
11. Never give up:
Never give up, at least not so easily. Success hardly comes overnight. Fortune always favors the brave and dogged. You will fail several times, don't throw in the towel, rather learn from these mistakes and be better. Your app may be looked upon as not being good enough, don't be discouraged, get constructive criticism and act on it. One day, surely, success will smile on you. 

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