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11 Artificial Intelligence Apps That Can Be Used On Android


Apr 2018
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ai apps for android
Artificial Intelligence is one of the most popular advancements in the science and technology field. It describes the use of human-level intelligence and accuracy to machines. In other words, machines that learn to think and act like humans. Artificial intelligence machines and apps have been of tremendous benefit to humans, helping to provide easier and more accurate ways to get tasks done. These machines are not subjected to the emotional challenges that encourage errors in humans and they are not biased in their judgement, neither do they get tired. 
Artificial intelligence apps have found use in virtually every field that exists; from tourism to business, from leisure to health. Regardless of what field you have in mind, there are artificial intelligence apps that can help to make work easier. Below are 11 artificial intelligence apps that can be used on Android devices;
1. Cortana:
Initially developed for Windows phone, Cortana is now available on Android devices. The app was developed by Microsoft and it is one of the most popular personal assistant artificial intelligence apps. Cortana allows you to sync your smartphone with your PC, that way you can set a reminder on your PC and get the notification on your phone. It allows users to track files, videos, and images from your devices. It can send emails, search for important things on the internet and so on. If you need an app like Cortana, then you should hire Android app developer from app development companies to help you develop it.
2. Google Allo:
Google Allo is a messaging app that allows users to perform action on their Android phones via their voice. It can also be used as a voice to text app on Android devices. Users can also easily express their emotions and feelings using emojis and stickers. Users can use this app to hide their search history via the incognito mode. It is apt for people who are super tired, or lazy but still want to continue working. The app's Smart Reply features learn the behavior of the user and give suggestions to text and photos based on user's typical replies.
3. Hound:
Hound is an artificial intelligent Android app that works in a similar way to Google Voice Search. You can activate Hound without needing to tap the screen, all you need do is say "Ok Hound". Hound can be used for a wide range of activities. It can be used for searching for keywords on the internet, know the current weather or weather forecast, finding nearest food restaurant, book an Uber ride or make calculations. Hire Android app developer if you are in need of an app like Hound.
4. ELSA:
For those who wish to improve their English speaking skills, then hire Android app developer to help you develop an app like ELSA. ELSA (English Language Speech Assistant) is one of the most popular artificial intelligence Android apps for learning the English language. Users will be able to learn the English language and improve their pronunciation in less than 4 weeks of using the app. The app also has test developed by experts that can assist users in tracking their progress of learning and get a full daily progress report.
5. Robin:
This is yet another voice assistant artificial intelligence app for Android users. It can help assist users to compose text messages without the need for actual typing. It can also help in getting GPS navigation as well as set remainder for any work you have to do. Robin can be used to get traffic status, Twitter news, weather forecast, or to even find a parking place. It is a great app for people who may be driving and do not want to take their eyes off the road. If you love to perform task while driving and do not wish to take your eyes off the road, then you should hire Android app developer from app development company to develop an app like Robin for you.
Recent News is an artificial intelligence news aggregation app used on Android devices. It algorithm works by studying users reading habits. Using your reading habit, past behavior and interest, the app will keep users updated on latest articles, news, and other relevant stuff. It helps users to stay informed and updated on subjects they find interesting. It allows users to bookmark articles and later export them to other devices so you can read later. 
7. Siftr Magic:
In this world of smartphone, people have fallen deeply in love with photos, such that they snap multiple photos each day. Some of these photos they will never go back to or need. Images taken by smartphones are typically large, hence they occupy a lot of space. Siftr magic is an artificial intelligence app available on Android that helps to detect junk photos on your smartphone. The app uses machine learning to find photos it believes are not so important to users. The app does not actually delete photos, it only suggests images that it believes holds little relevance to the user. If you are usually running out of space on your Android device because of photos, then you should hire Android app developer to help develop an app like Siftr magic.
8. Socratic:
Math has also been a challenge for many people. Socratic is one of the most popular artificial intelligence Android app that can help with math homework. It can assist users with their math homework in very good time. All that is needed is for you to take a picture of the homework with the camera app and it would provide you with relevant concepts that you can adopt to solve the problem in good timing. Hire Android app developer to help develop an app like Socratic for efficiency in math homework. 
9. Replika:
It is called the best friend app. Replika is one of the most popular and advanced artificial intelligent apps. It was initially developed for iPhones but it is now available on Android devices. The app has the ability to have a conversation with its users just like a real human. It's conversation appear not to be automated. The app has the ability to lean the user's preferences, therefore its conversation that may start as generic will begin to be more specific and personalized. Replika will develop a friendship that is similar to any real-life relationship. Hire Android app developer to help you develop a best friend app.
10. Edison Assistant:
Also known as easilyDo smart assistant, this artificial intelligent Android app can be used to know the status of the traffic before you leave your home for work. The app will also suggest a shortest less stressful route from wherever place you are to wherever you are going. Aside from helping with traffic, Edison assistant can also help to remove multiple contacts from phone and in booking tickets for hotels, movies, events and so on.
This is the most popular keyboard app for smartphone used by both Android and iOS devices. The app allows for automatic correction of text and sentences. The app can assist users to get correct words on their devices.
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