12 Fun Facts About Mobile App Development

mobile app development
As smartphones take on a bigger role in the daily lives of humans everywhere, mobile apps also become more important. An app development company must be willing to engage in forward thinking philosophies if they are going to survive over the long haul. 
Those who have yet to work with an app development company may not be aware of all the amazing facts that are associated with this process. To find out more about all of the fun facts that are associated with mobile app development, be sure to read on.
Most Apps Are Never Purchased or Eventually Deleted
This is definitely a sobering thought for any mobile app development company. More than half of the apps that are currently available at the Apple store have never been downloaded. What is even more amazing is that seven out of every ten apps that are downloaded are deleted immediately. An app has roughly three days to prove its worth to the user before it is eventually relegated to the dustbin.
The Tablet Population Is Catching Up To The PC Population 
A mobile app development company will need to make sure that they are catering to the tablet market if they are not already. It is believed that tablet sales are finally going to catch up to PC sales if they have not already. Mobile app development for tablets is going to take precedence eventually and firms are being urged to get on board now before it is too late.
Mobile Apps Are Now The Default For Millennial Purchases
Today's millennial is simply not going to the store in the manner that retailers are accustomed to. This means that mobile apps are becoming more and more important. Millennial customers do not spend their money with companies that cannot provide the proper apps. They are also more likely to take their business elsewhere if they have any bad experiences that are related to poor app performance.
Apps Garner The Majority of Their Revenue From Advertisements
The average mobile app development company must consider this reality when they are creating new products. It is believed that the revenue derived by apps will reach nearly $17 billion by year's end. Nearly half of all mobile app developers utilize ad revenue and in app purchases are also a key piece of the puzzle for developers looking to generate income. 
Android Operating Systems Are King
android operating system
This fact may come as a bit of a surprise to the average mobile app development company. In reality, 70 to 80 percent of all operating systems that are used to download apps are of the Android variety. While this is the current trend, it does not mean that things will remain that way in the future. In fact, this leads directly into the next fun fact.
But iOS Is The Choice of Most Developers
When it comes to discussing development platforms for mobile apps, iOS is closing the gap rapidly. Even though most smartphone sales include the Android operating system, developers report that iOS is actually much easier to learn more about. In a world where mobile apps are the current trend and the wave of the future, this is definitely a fact that bears mentioning. 
Mobile Apps Have Eclipsed Websites
Websites are no longer the dominant mode of web surfing for the average user. Now that surfers are spending a much larger percentage of their time on mobile apps instead of websites, a mobile app development company has a much wider audience to communicate with. This shift goes hand in hand with the diminished number of personal computer purchases. 
Developers Are Likely To Consider Their Own Needs
Roughly half of all developers are not considering the needs of others when they begin to create a mobile app. In these instances, they are simply trying to solve a problem that they have noticed on their own. Not so coincidentally, these developers struggle to create the same level of revenue as those who are looking to successfully solve a problem that is a bit more widespread in nature. 
The Financial Rewards Can Be Tough To Come By
Perhaps this is the reason why so many developers find it in their best interests to simply work for themselves. There is a common misconception that app development is an easy way to strike it rich. Nothing could be further from the truth. A mobile app development company will find it difficult to sustain themselves over the long haul and at least two-thirds are struggling to make ends meet. 
Most Developers Use Two Platforms
app development platforms
Gone are the days when developers could simply focus their attention on Android or iOS exclusively. Now, it is important to use both platforms with an equal level of proficiency. Developers that wish to survive over the long haul will need to master both because eight out of every ten developers have already made the transition. 
The App Economy Is Producing a High Number of Jobs
It might be hard to believe but hundreds of thousands of jobs are being created by the app economy. In addition to the actual work that is associated with app development, there is a wide range of ancillary industries that are able to benefit from the app economy. Advertising, customized services and overall development also allow for added employment. At the present moment, it is believed that over 600,000 jobs have been created off iOS app development alone. 
Steve Jobs Was Not Initially On Board
Most would assume that Steve Jobs was a forward thinking sort when it comes to this topic and they would be incorrect. He did not want to use third party apps initially and he remained committed to this point of view for quite some time. Instead, he was angling for developers to create apps that could be used by an ordinary Web browser. Once web apps did not have the level of success he expected, this opened the door for the mobile app development company to step in. 

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