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2021’s Top Mobile App Plugins To Make Your App A Success

App Development

Feb 2021
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top mobile app plugins
With the advent of mobile apps, smartphones have made our life easier with quick and quality app development frameworks, modern app designing tools, and a skilled development team from top app development companies in 2021. Nowadays, the internet is overwhelmed with mobile app design tools. Amongst them, how can you possibly know the best one for developing your mobile app?
The mobile app development process can be quite lengthy and intimidating, especially if it is your first time. However, with the help of app design plugins, it’s effortless to design a mobile app on your own in 2021.
What Is A Mobile App Plugin?
what is a mobile app plugin
In simple terms, plugin adds a feature or functionality to your mobile app. Downloading a mobile app plugin is much simpler than building an app design element from the start. Hence, for those who don’t know how to code but want to develop a business app on their own, plugins will instantly become your best friend.
What are the top mobile app tools & plugins to use in 2021? You must be wondering this next, but that’s the exact reason why we are here today. We have compiled a list of the top 20 tools for you to consider. We’ll also cover some app design tips as we go through this article.
Tons of apps have been created using these plugins & mobile app design tools. Your firm can be the latest one to follow the same pattern.
Top 20 Mobile App Plugins You Must Try To Succeed
1. Cascade Gallery
This plugin is a different way to hone your mobile app design. Cascade Gallery allows you to display a picture surrounded by 5 tailored rings. The photo is followed by a smooth transition into a customized gallery of responsive images.
A famous use-case for this plugin is for a mobile restaurant app. The highlighted image can be the company logo, & the gallery can be used to show multiple sections of your menu, like lunch, happy hours, drinks, or dinner.
Speaking of which, the plugin can be used for any navigation or menu that includes images in your app’s design. Using photos and other visual content is the best app design tip for 2021. You can purchase this plugin for a small amount of $19.99.
2. Home Page Grid Layout
Your homepage design can either lead to your app’s success or failure. Besides looking immaculate and professional, you must ensure that it performs well too.
Home Page Grid Layout plugin allows you to build a super responsive homepage design that’s totally tailored to your app & its requirements. The home page buttons will take your app users accurately to where you want them to go. This homepage can be made as simple or as intricate as you want with the grid design layout.
One of the best things about this plugin is that it’s free. If you are new to app design, starting and setting up a Home Page Grid Layout will be a piece of cake.
3. Image Gallery & Info Slider
The Image Gallery & Info Slider plugin is another best mobile app design tool for 2021. Some plugins are clearly made for photos, while others are made for showing information. This plugin does both.
You can use the Image Gallery & Info Slider to show pictures or photos in your app. It’s super responsive, so you can show those pictures one at a time, whereas the user navigates from picture to picture.
The plugin is even a great way to provide slidewise instructions with info or a combination of pictures & instructions. Consider using this tool for a workforce app. It’s an excellent way to exhibit employee training steps from a mobile device. Moreover, this plugin is 100% free to use and download, so it’s at least worth trying during your app design process.
4. Google Slides
google slides
If you’re seeking another free way to show pictures & info in your mobile app, check out the Google slides plugin.
Google Slides stands out amongst other app design tools for its diverse and broad range of presentation themes. The plugin comes with 100s of animations, fonts, and the ability to infuse video content in your slides too.
Like most app design tools, Google Slides is free when you are developing an app yourself.
Many users don’t realize it, but the written text is an essential component of app design. Besides just text, the style & placement have a significant impact on your app’s success. To infuse text into your app design without coding, you can use this plugin.
However, don’t let the name fool you. This plugin offers much more than only text. Text WYSIWYG allows you to include pictures, videos, and forms into your mobile app too. This is one of the most diverse app design tools in the market today. You can also use it as an HTML editor to give you the ability to tailor the plugin in any way you wish. The best part is that it is available for free.
6. Choice Homepage
We already looked for a few homepage design tools previously on our list. However, the Choice Homepage plugin adds another functionality layer to your app. This plugin allows you to promptly design a question to emerge on the screen before an app user enters the home screen. This is an ideal way to allow users to tailor their mobile app experience.
We already checked out a couple of homepage design tools earlier on our list. But the Choice Homepage plugin adds another layer of functionality to your app.
Once an app user picks an option, the choice is naturally saved. Therefore, users won’t be promoted each time they open the app again. Enabling the app users to choose their preferred time zone or language are two famous use cases for his plugin. However, the capabilities are seemingly endless. You can also design what gets offered on the homepage based on what the app user picks.
7. WebView
The WebView plugin adds an exclusive design element to your app. Previously, there has been a disconnection between mobile websites & mobile apps. You must have certainly experienced this 1st-hand with few apps you use regularly. You click a link inside the app, & it opens up to a 3rd-party web browser, which can take a long-time to load & takes you further from the app itself. This isn't convenient, & it is undoubtedly something you must keep in mind when designing an app in 2021.
WebView allows you to connect online content while preserving a native app experience externally. This is perfect for linking documents, webpages, and quite anything else you can consider. You can use this mobile app design tool for free.
8. Youtube
Using video content is one of the great ways to have a successful mobile app. But instead of revamping the wheel, you can integrate your YouTube channel to your app with the YouTube plugin with the help of our skilled developers. This is the simplest way to infuse video content into your mobile app design.
Every time you upload a video to your channel, it can naturally be displayed in your app. This provides your app users a new viewing experience for all of your new content, which is ideal for those developing a media & entertainment app. Users can view your new video content without having to abandon the app itself.
If you want to integrate your whole YouTube feed or just show a single video, this plugin has the design tools you require to make it happen.
9. Optimized Format Media RSS Feed
Proper improvement is a common issue in mobile app development for new app developers. You want to include all of these different elements into your mobile app, but it can hamper your app's performance if they aren't applied properly. That's where this plugin comes into the picture.
This plugin will naturally enhance the content for your regular media RSS feed, hence the name. Now your app elements can be shown in a normalized and computer-readable format.
10. Webview Popup Service
webview popup service
The Webview Popup service plugin by Pixel Plugins is an option for the WebView plugin. There isn't a major difference between these 2 plugins, at least not on the user end. Both plugins enable your app to open & show external links naturally inside the app. You'll notice some differences while you are using the plugin from a back-end viewpoint, but nothing adequate to give the advantage one over the other.
Webview Popup Service costs $4.99 and is less costly than you will find for a paid app development tool in 2021.
11. Questionnaire
This plugin was built to enhance user engagement inside the app. It enables you to create polls or quizzes, which can be used for a broad range of purposes.
Entrepreneurs can use this plugin to gather user feedback about the app or user experience & satisfaction with the business itself.
Educators can utilize this plugin to develop an app for a university or school. Leverage Questionnaire as a tool for practice tests/study materials.
From a design viewpoint, this plugin adds a superior level of quality & performance to your app. This plugin syncs smoothly with the app, so it's incredibly responsive, whereas users are finishing the survey or filling out a poll.
In addition to this plugin's design benefits, it is even a great way to gather data & analyze user behavior.
12. On The Go Push
Push notifications are a critical component of any successful app. Therefore, this plugin is one of the most famous mobile app tools on the market. This plugin tool allows you to design & send a push notification to users from anywhere. Just open the app, type the message, and send.
One of On The Go Push's best features is the ability to schedule alerts for a later date or time automatically. The right alerts paired with the right app design tips will drive engagement & boost your app users' revenue. Irrespective of the app type you want to develop, you'll want this tool to be at your fingertips.
13. Drip Notification
This plugin is another app development tool that is made for sending push notifications to app users, though this tool is slightly different from On The Go Push. Drip Notification is designed to reach mobile app users who haven't opened the app in a bit. You can establish the parameters for when a message should be activated and later design what it should do.
This plugin is liked among developers as it lets you attach actions to each drip. This can guide your users to particular app functions or features. In general, the transition from the notification to the app's actions will be responsive & fluid from a mobile app design viewpoint.
14. File Manager
file manager
As the name suggests, this plugin can be utilized for anything associated with files in your mobile app. The UI is straightforward to use. You can effortlessly organize your files with lists or other parameters.
The use cases for this plugin are endless. Use it for contracts, invoices, training videos, or orientation packages for recruits. Regardless of what the plugin eventually gets used for, you can relax knowing that your app's design won't get compromised.
15. Large Icon Home Page
If you're seeking an option for the Home Page Grid Layout plugin, this will be one of the best choices for you to think of. Large Icon home Page can even be used as a home folder inside your app. Large Icon Home Page is diverse enough to meet any home page requirements irrespective of the app type you are building.
Unlike Home Page Grid Layout, this page is not free. However, with that said, it's unbelievably affordable to download. The plugins cost only $9.99, a modest price to pay for an app design tool.
16. Google Sheets
If you are known to Google Sheets, you already know the capabilities for this app design plugin.
Google Sheets will hone your app’s design for data-intensive apps with vivid graphs & charts. This is a better way to show numbers than written text. The Google Sheets plugin comes with in-built pivot tables, formulas, & conditional formatting options. Henceforth, you can save time and ease common spreadsheet tasks.
If you are developing an eCommerce app or conventional consumer app, you possibly won’t need this.
Mobile apps for conferences & events will absolutely benefit from the great design & business the Google Sheets plugin brings to the table. Workforce apps will even find this plugin handy for a broad range of situations. This is another free mobile app design tool.
17. Action Items Folder
Navigation is an essential mobile app design element. Each app needs a way for users to get from one screen to another. The Action Items Folder plugin eases this whole process.
Action Items Folder plugin creates a searchable list of items & shows a pre-description of the object. This list is expandable with a link tab that can navigate to the real screen inside the app.
Consider it as a menu with an expandable preview for features like sending an email, opening an external link, calling a phone no., or opening a map. It begins with the list item & grows to a comprehensive view of the object. This plugin is a mobile app design tool & navigation features built into one super useful resource.
18. Time Release Content
This plugin adds a different design element to your mobile app. As the name suggests, the Time Release Content plugin enables you to schedule content for a particular date & time to become available in the mobile app. This can be used for app features, app elements, categories, and content.
From a mobile app design viewpoint, the plugin allows you to pinpoint buttons and content that are not available, which creates excitement & anticipation for the user while at the same time following app design tips & best practices.
Authors can use this to launch one chapter of a book at a time. Cafes can use the Time Release Content plugin to launch menu specials and offers in realtime.
19. Contact Us
Each app must include some type of contact form. The Contact Us plugin makes this simple for you to develop in your app. You can render contact info like:
- Mobile numbers
- Emails
- Social media profiles
Moreover, this plugin is ideal for incorporating operational hours and prompt direction to physical locations too.
Rather than just using a message editor to show this info on a screen, the Contact Us Plugin makes an aesthetical & super functional design for these reasons. It is free to utilize too.
20. Realtime Chat
This is the best plugin for enabling app users to use the live chat in realtime. App users can chat privately with one another or begin group chats too. The Realtime Chat plugin is ideal for those who want to develop a workforce app for staff communication.
Your employees can interact using the app without utilizing a 3rd-party platform, web portal, or resource. It’s excellent for in-house communication and communicating with field staff, deskless workers, and other remote employees.
The Bottom Line
Developing a mobile app for yourself is simple, mainly with plugins and mobile app design tools in 2021. This guide primarily focuses on mobile app design plugins. You can even ask one of the top app developers in 2021 for any information related to app design tools that will really make your life easier when it comes to developing your mobile app.
Mobile apps are one of the best ways to resolve issues and pain points related to your enterprise or everyday life. You can go through our case studies and blog to know how diverse we are and how many types of mobile apps we have developed so far. If you are prepared to create your app and design the same, get in touch with our team and request a free consultation.
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