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3 Augmenting Trends: Deciding Future of M-Healthcare!


Aug 2016
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Over past few years, the healthcare industry has revolutionized itself from home visits to M-visits, as now the trend has made healthcare professionals to be more techno-reliant to meet the increasing demand of electronic and mobile access of patient records as well as to meet the increasing demand of the population.

The increasing demand to access patient data and information by patients as well as practitioner and the capabilities to bestow health related data through the medium of mobile and other multiple channels- like tablets and wireless technological infrastructure has caused the demand for technology to satisfy such increasing need at the faster pace. So, here are 3 trends to be checked out that creates the demand for healthcare mobile app development.

1) Electronic Media Records


Yes, it's true. Healthcare industry is making it's road from folders to mobile records. Still, it's not that easy that you expect. Electronic health record prevails for more than 30 years but in 2010, only 40% of the practitioners make use of EMR. A recent report stated that 82% of the second year resident want to make use of EMR. It can give an immense effect on the growth of EMR.


EMR – The ability to store patient record electronically, that eliminates the need to store data inside paper is making a road ahead for health care trends. Mobile apps leverage doctors and practitioners to have a look on patient information and medical records online that help them to keep a track of data and monitor patients health regardless of time and place. It is one of the best ways for improved collaboration and information sharing amongst the practitioners that works in the same office.

2) Electronic Health Records along with association between medical centers


The failure of association found between doctors, hospitals and medical centers leads to a big compromise with patient's safety that indirectly affects the services delivered. Due to lack of association or you can say interoperability, practitioners fails to get in touch with patient's medical record in timely manner that leads to delay in patient's treatment. Clinical wear out and growing cost for in-term plug and play association tools that make devices talk to each other are putting pressure on systems to interchange data in a timely manner regardless of their place and location.


Electronic Health Records allows for information that can be shared across offices, hospitals, clinics, and practitioners that make real-time data access come true meanwhile increase the amount of association as the whole. Real-time information access of patient by mobile apps meets the current demand thereby makes a significant revolution in the healthcare industry. Remote access to patient medical records makes it easy for practitioners to prescribe treatment and for doctors to conduct medical treatment in case of any emergency.

3) E-Visit Demand – The New House Of Call


Around 50% of the doctors stated that E-visits would replace 10-20% of the patient's appointments in hospitals and clinic center and around 70% doctors would prefer for an app to prescribe patient diseases like that of diabetes, cholesterol etc. Currently, the majority of the patients visit in clinic or hospitals is for the common ailments like that of a cough and cold, rashes and this ailment can be easily diagnosed with an electronic prescription.


Electronic interactions between patient and physicians via text, phone, email or Video conference will create the huge demand for an app that allows doctors and patient to conduct meetups remotely. Through video conference, doctors and practitioners can easily diagnose the disease and can provide an online prescription that would help to facilitate these services even in rural areas which was not possible before few decades. Advancing such technology will reduce the in-office appointment and resources cost to a greater extent and will also satisfy M-technology challenges by satisfying all these services at fingertips even in rural and semi-rural regions of the world.

Why is the demand of M-Health expanding its horizons?


M-Health is a perfect blend of medicines and people health that is backboned by the innovations of mobile devices. As per the statistics, the M-Health app market will reach the height so around $25 billion globally by the upcoming year 2017. As the technology is getting at it's peak by the passing days, the use of mobile device in the arena of healthcare would be paramount that would not prove to be a greater reliable source for people. It also leverages it's access to larger masses of population ion rural and developing countries that provide great impact on healthcare industry.


With the mobile health app market blueprinted to reach by $25 billion by the end of the year 2017, a significant need arises to develop and leverage 3.5 billion+ smartphone and tablets access to the people with mHealth app access. As per the research, the rapid evolution in the arena of healthcare is due to increasing availability of broadband, mobile devices along with the mobile app availability for multiple devices. As supply makes up with the demand, mobile apps can be used to satisfy many demands like:

1) Education

2) Remote monitoring

3) Remote data collection

4) Communication & Training and much more.

What is the future of M-Health ?

All the above three trends will highly influence the future of healthcare industry. The demand and supply of mobile app development for healthcare industry would be interesting enough to watch out how mobile apps contributes to the evolution of healthcare industry. It's quite a hard job to forecast the future of healthcare industry but app development companies uk predicts the below future for mobile apps.

1) Using smartphone as device:

Enhancement of technology will turn the mobile app into serviceable devices that help to conduct each and every operation regardless of location. For instance: Heart monitor. We can also see medical attachment to be plugged-in into mobile devices Eg: Measuring blood pressure, checking diabetes level etc.

2) Big Data : Betterment of Analysis:

Big Data will allow doctors and practitioners to evaluate real-time data that gives deep insight into patients medical history. Big data which is expected to climb $33 billion in upcoming 2017. It will be instrumental in the healthcare industry that provides data to make more cognizant diagnoses for better treatment at lower cost.

3) More Mobile Apps:

There are more than 17,000 medical application available in the play store generating revenue of more than 4M free and 3Lakh paid downloads. As with the increasing trend, consumers rely more on mobile application and we can expect to see increasing number in near future.

Healthcare industry is about to see it's whopping growth as the technology augments. It's legs in the form of application that reaches to all the ages of people regardless of their location. Hope that this information shared by app development company would help you to decide your healthcare app for the future. Finding the right development partner to augment your app idea? Then app development companies are your reliable address. Reach us to brainstorm your idea and develop the best ever healthcare app with us. Contact us now.

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