3 Myths About Android App Development Your Business Needs To Know

android app development
There has been an immense evolution in mobile app development that has been around since the 1980’s. And changes in the development of mobile apps are conspicuous in both its functionalities and design. Businesses have started to realize the need to have a mobile application as it would help the said business to become more competitive in the corporate sphere. This is what every business wants, right?
So, it is very important for a business to have a well-designed mobile app as it will give a great user experience and other numerous benefits. A study showed that there were about 50 billion Android applications downloaded last year (2017). This figure is huge considering the number of people that are actually on the planet today. And you could guess that it is way more when compared to other OS. 
As a fact, Android operating Systems are the world most dominant mobile OS systems, and there is a good reason for that. Though it was developed about a decade ago, it has surpassed other OS systems to become the dominant OS used by a myriad of people. The open nature of Android makes it do things others could not. And businesses need to take full advantage of this. So, it is a good reason for businesses to have fully developed android apps for their businesses.
Still, Android app development is shrouded in misconceptions and myths. This does impede proper conduct of business activities for many enterprises. And these myths and misconceptions are also affecting some business owner’s decision-making process. So they are hesitating to build functional apps as great marketing tactics that have the potential of producing outstanding and very impressive results in the short and long runs. 
To show you just how serious this actually is, let’s delve into 3 myths and misconceptions. This will illuminate the point and make things clearer for everyone reading this to see. 
1. The development of Android app is expensive and will not yield many results. The truth is, it is easy for someone to ask around and get the facts. S/he will know that it is not expensive as initially lead to believe since there are many app developers India and around the world. But when it comes to producing outstanding results, it could be a more complicated process if s/he is obviously skeptical and cautious. Why wouldn’t they be? Besides, every business owner or corporate CEO knows about accountability and always utilize it for the progress of their enterprises. 
That is why there are many business owners who still believe that the app development would not bring in the desired results that will make them invest in developing an app for their business. This is only a myth that should be avoided by business owners as they opt to build a great app to cater to the needs of their customers. 
Moreover, building an app for your business will not only make your business more competitive but also it is a smart marketing strategy. Think of ways all this will be converted to sales. So it is not expensive, all that is needed is a small fixed budget for the development of the app and voila! That is it.
The only exception is when the project is complex which would require complex requirements to complete and will be done by app developers India. You do not need to worry about this though especially when you are just starting out (building your first Android app—for your business of course). The reason why the word “complex” is used in the context is that it would take more resources and efforts to complete. In fact, there is a lot that is needed to complete such project.
However, these projects are, more often than not, reserve for big corporate entities that will need the services offered by app developer, India. And those corporations are more than capable to foot the bills for these kinds of projects. At the end of it all, they will get more out of it than was invested to get app developer, India and designers to do the job, professionally.
2. The process of app development is quick and easy. You should never be convinced by this “fact.” However, simple apps do not require a lot of planning in the conceptual stages of development. Algorithms and codes are written down and the app will be developed in no time. But even that is not quick and easy. The professionals know how to work their magic to expedite the process. 
Also, this is not nearly the case in developing a normal app that takes a lot of planning from app developers India or anywhere else. In most cases, it will take significant time and effort to develop an app. It is best described as a process.
In addition to that, there is a need for proper planning and structuring of the app before the codes are writing. This will help in the creation of a great application. If you think about it for a second, a first great step in very important for obvious reasons. Besides, if the app developer, India that are to work on the project jump into it abruptly or unprofessionally, they will come back to fix any malfunctions in the algorithms that were initially written. No professional programmer will want to do that.
3. A great android app will sell itself. On the other side are those who are too optimistic. This group thinks that all that is required is a great app. Nothing else needs to be done apart from getting it placed on a major app store like Google Play or Apple App store. If you are in this category, you in for a rude awakening.
This should do it: there are millions (about 2.2 million on Apple) of great apps on these major app stores just like yours—if not better! The competition for attention is fierce in your genre. You should be willing to do the hard work to give your app the desired attention so that myriad of users can download it. This will grow your business exponentially.

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