5 Effective Growth Hack Strategies To Boost Mobile Application Downloads

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With the world adopting mobile first hymn, it has become inevitable for mobile app developers to make every effort to highlight their apps. Earlier, Indian app developers were focusing on developing best quality apps. But, the current app market is so competitive that inclusion of marketing strategies to improve app retention rate has become mandatory. Just developing an app idea, creating some social accounts and simply launching your app in the app store will not drive great download rates. You need a well marketing plan blended with some creative and effective growth hack techniques to help your app reach masses.

Implementation of successful app growth hacks can kickstart your app downloads. It allows more people to get in touch with your app, making it viral among their networks. Competition is hard and app leaders are constantly ruling the app market by developing an effective strategy. In such scenarios, coming up with best growth hacks to increase installation counters is pretty hard, especially when you have included your sweat in app development. So, if you are among those mobile app development company that have unhas app idea developed but fails to hit download rates in the app store, this article is for you. So, understand below points and scale your app download rates.

1. Give Users Uniqueness To Linger

We are aware of the fact that durability of an app is limited and app developers are trying pretty hard to extend it as long as possible. Today, competition is rigid and app developers are constantly bringing newness to maintain users interest in an app. In such case, giving unique app feature is one of the easiest growth hacks that makes users addicted to your app. But, make sure that the feature is relevant with the product and service that you are providing.

2. Seamless Integration
Today, “newness” is the survival key for staying strong in this competitive app world. People are no longer lingered around the same boring app, constantly looking to embrace novelty in an application. Many applications in the market have lost its shimmer due to the absence of a seamless platform. However, few of them excels in competition.

Example: Let's consider one of the famous social app – Instagram. It Offers a continuous platform to integrate with another social platform. It allows exporting facebook friend list to start following. It also allows inviting option, allowing users to invite more friends. Providing seamless integration will reduce the complexity of the app, making process ongoing and increasing its durability.

3. App Partnership
Have you ever thought to partner with an app that belongs to your niche but is not your competitor? But wait! Why should you tie up with an another company? How will it benefit you? Let me answer you with an example. You might be aware of world's leading on-demand taxi app UBER. It has collaborated with Zomato – A restaurant discovery platform worldwide. Well, what does it mean for apps? It will help UBER to increase its retention rate as Zomato users can now order a cab to reach restaurants without opening UBER app.

4. App Localization
Once your app has successfully covered local masses and wish to augment an app for international users, then it's time to localize the application. Localization will attract international users to enjoy seamless app experience. localizing your app in multiple languages will increase business revenue potentials on large scale. Once you are done with language conversions, translate your app name and keywords. This will help international users to search your app and decide whether to use it in English afterward or not.

5. Personalization
If you want to make your app shine in the app store, then do not forget to add the flavors of personalization. There are multiple ways to give personalization options to users. Consider Tumblr app. It offers a wide range of selection offers to users like colors, themes, fonts, header image etc. It makes the whole experience amazing for users that fascinate them to download and use your app.

Using this simple growth hacks can help you a lot to make your app shine in the app store. So, start using this above technique and shine your app.


Khyati Shah

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