5 Must Follow App icon Design Tips for Amazing Mobile app Icon

5 Must Follow App icon Design Tips for Amazing Mobile app Icon

Genuinely, an app icon design is not the first thing that comes into consideration when we review newer app. It's the application Popularity, UI and functionality that allures us more and, when we start to make use of an app and explore it with each passing days and that's the duration we relate the app with its icon. An app icon is something that speaks more for the apps. In exact words, An app icon design is the representation of visual definition about the app features and a small piece of branding that helps to identify your app in the market in a way that users just identify your app from your icon.


So, app development company is sharing with you some tips to make effective app icon.


1) Think Icon, Not image
An icon is a combo of image, logo, text symbol and all the other elements which can be used for representation. High-Visual and evident along with clear graphic representation is the correct term for an app icon which leaves an ever-lasting image of your app. One of the best example to be considered is the Angry bird that has the colorfull and animated bird and another is WhatsApp whose icon shows what the app is all about.


2) Do not make use of long text
Avoid making use of long words in the icon when users are interested in small margin stuff. If you want to symbolize the text than make use of small letters or alphabets in the manner done by some famous app likes Facebook, skype, tumbler etc. For example, just think of skype having a letter inside a cloud and it is so identical that even though if it's represented in some other schema we can quickly identify it “yeah, it's skype”.


3) Make use of various colors
Talking about color compounds, the truth is that humans always showcase their love for vibrant mixtures and versatile contrasts and the same goes with the app icon; gradient and dynamic mixtures always grabs users attention, though they are the basic and common red, blues, orange, yellow perfect combo of black and white, red & white and some similar kind of mixes.


4) Lay more emphasis on Vector Formats
As mentioned above, the icon must be recognized no matter wherever you find it. So, App Stores are not the only place where you are going to look at app icon. To make you are a business identity via your app icon, just be sure that you approach a vector image that allows you to change icon size regarding various views and devices.


5) Think Monochrome
The best way to ensure app consistency with various audiences on versatile platforms is to make it monochrome aka fixed. Your app icon will be displayed on-boards where no colors are used and it represents it in a black & white form.


Just Remeber the great app icon is not enough to grab millions of downloads. Factors like UI, UX, graphics matters immensely when it comes to app goodwill and recognization. Stay with us for more updates. Till then, stay calm and happy coding!


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