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5 Unique Tactics To Boost Your Mobile App Downloads

Digital Marketing

Nov 2020
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5 unique tactics to boost your mobile app downloads
If you are planning to launch your mobile app, this blog is the perfect place to begin. Maybe this is your first mobile app launch, or perhaps you have a fantastic app idea and are pondering how much effort you will need to put in to get maximum mobile app installs. Or, maybe you love reading about mobile apps as a hobby.
This blog will help you find a few successful app promotion techniques to increase your app downloads irrespective of your reason.
It is not hidden that the amount of competition on Google Play Store and Apple Store is tremendous; convincing new users to install a new app that is super challenging. Moreover, if your budget is teeny-tiny, there are some free ways to help you through this.
Best Ways To Boost Your Mobile App Installs
1. Enhance Your App Store Optimization
App store optimization is the first on the list to improve a mobile app's visibility in the store by enhancing each metadata element as per the store and trends' best practices.
The goal is to make the app more noticeable in the charts and to augment its discoverability. This will make it easier for users to find the app in the store and automatically increase the download number.
Despite the popularity of app store optimization, it remains underutilized by one of the top app developers in 2020. Time has now arrived at leveraging this highly cost-effective technique to boost app downloads.
To get free insights, you can use app store optimization tools like AppTweak that provides a 7-day free trial, allowing you to use all the available features free of charge, including the Keyword Tool for the whole week.
2. Start Developing an Online Presence
start developing an online presence
Want more app downloads? Begin with increasing your brand awareness. Make an impeccable online presence on the web.
First & foremost, make a unique website or landing page for your mobile app. For this, you can use free software like WordPress, making it easier to make your website. Ideally, you'd have to simply pay for a brandable domain name and a hosting page.
Developing a landing page or a website will help you disseminate useful content about your app.
Ensure your design is creative and personal. Use your app's color scheme and particular fonts. Ensure to follow your visual identity.
Try using your landing page or website's URL wherever you can. Some instances are signatures, emails, and more.
You can also design a particular blog along with your website, which would be a part of your landing page/website. The aim is to offer some news about your app like the latest features, new design, etc.
It is also essential to create your social media presence. Ensure you have a Twitter account, Instagram page, Facebook page, a LinkedIn profile, and Google+. The more, the better because they are all free!
But it is also crucial to keep each platform updated, so not using many and handling a few ones is a wise decision.
Social media management asks a lot of work, chiefly if you want to be successful. It is about finding a different strategy for every platform and, most importantly, finding new ways to stand out from your competitors. One of the best examples to leverage the power of social media is Ubereats Facebook Page.
Receiving more visitors, followers, and engagement on your platforms will indeed boost your app installs.
3. Make Your Mobile App Free at Launch
Another great tactic to get more installs is to make your mobile app free at launch. This sounds easy, but it can dramatically amplify your chances of getting more installs. And if it was already live on the app store as paid, make it free for some days or weeks. This will raise curiosity and drive more installs.
In case your app is free but offers paid in-apps, make it free for some time. This will boost your install number and motivate people to use your app more. The engagement rate will rise, and the app store will reward you by increasing your app rankings.
Thereby, your app will be more visible, and you'll see your app downloads rise.
4. Ask Users to Rate & Review Your App
ask users to rate and review your app
Getting positive feedback is another way to generate more installs. The algorithm won't just increase your app rankings, but users will be more eager to install the app if it has credibility.
Mobile app users count on other app users' opinions before installing an app. If you have lousy feedback or fewer reviews and ratings, your conversion rate is sure to be low.
Moreover, the Play Store and App Store take ratings and reviews into account to rank apps. In the case of several negative ratings, an app can be penalized in terms of rankings. On the other hand, if the app displays a lot of positive feedback, it can be on the top of the search results.
The best way to motivate users to rate & review your app positively is to use push notifications at an appropriate time.
5. Put Your Mobile App in the Limelight
It is essential to try others to mention or talk about your app. This will increase your brand reach and credibility, which will get your more downloads.
Going to the media is a great strategy to get attention. The first thing to do is to develop an entire press kit, including some visual and written content. Make your assets as appealing and engaging as you can.
The second step is to send a great press release to all tech influencers and journalists you can find. Reach out by email, and remember to add a unique subject line.
The goal is to convince them to talk about your app. If your app isn't live yet, provide them access to your beta version. Explain to them why your app is unique and why they should cover it over an article. Ensure to show off your best features and functions.
The Endnote
Irrespective of your app's great design, if you don't put adequate effort into promoting it, no one will download it.
Today's fierce competition calls for innovative app promotion techniques that should be integrated into a solid mix.
These strategies are some of the best ways to boost your app download, and that too for free. And just a reminder: While you are making more app downloads, make sure your retention rate doesn't fall.
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