6 Brainteaser For Startups Before Beginning With A Mobile Application Development

6 Brainteaser For Startups Before Beginning With A Mobile Application Development

With the growing mobile usage, the hike is been noticed in expanding new business opportunities. Mobile app development is something that every entrepreneur wants to embrace for better business results and to boost up the sales revenue. However, development of mobile app itself is facing many challenges. Picking up of a platform and started building an app is not enough to head successful business.

With increasing innovations in technology, maximum business is taking a keen interest in the development of apps to outreach their customers. But before the development of any app, you need to answer a certain question. So, below is some significant questions that every startups and entrepreneur should answer to head business in the right direction.

1. What Is Your Purpose Behind Building An App?

You are not simply building an app because you want to, you are building with a sole purpose. So, what is the purpose of an app you want to build? Is your app already developed by someone else? Will your app target particular user base? Well, money and fame are the natural factors that you expect from your app but, besides this, you need to be clear with your app vision. It should leverage the strong solution to your prospective audience.

2. The Purpose Is Defined But Now, How To Protect My App Idea?

As you hold amazing app idea, you need to keep it with yourself till its launch. Also, you need to make sure that nobody else will disclose your app idea and for that, you can sign NDA (Non-disclosure agreement) with the person or company. It would be a great loss if you cannot discuss your app idea with the one that can prove to be the best guidance. So, just share the casual information like platform selection, the scope of the project, budget and timeline etc to avoid any blunders.

3. Which Would Be The Most Suitable Platform For App Development?

Well, it depends on your project briefings and your business requirements. Google play store includes a huge number of applications in its play store. Majority startups and developers go with android as their initial development platform. While if you consider iOS apps, it is one of the supreme choices for its performance and user experience. So, startups and entrepreneurs need to check out their priorities and budget and should select the platform.

4. What Makes You Standout “UNIQUE” From Your Competitors?

It is easy to enter in the app market but, it is hard to sustain your position in the mobile app industry. Below are certain questions whose answer can decide whether your app has those “unique” factors or not.

• Is similar kind of app available in play store?

• What features makes your app unique?

• Is your app supported by multiple devices?

• Is your app paid or free?

• If your app is under “freemium”category why should I pay to download your app?

5. On What Parameters You Decide Your App Cost?

There are many factors that you can consider to determine your app cost like:

• Features of the application

• Targeted Development platform

• Application Complexities

• Uniqueness of your application

Considering above parameters, you can decide the cost of an app.

6. How Much Would It Cost To Build An App?

Well, it depends on the complexities and the features you incorporate in your app. If you want to develop the full fledge app on both the platforms then, it may cost you around $40K to $100K.

Answering this question will help you to hire best app developers from India that will result in successful app launch in the app store. Hope you develop one of the innovative apps soon.


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