6 Exclusive Factors To Be Evaluated Before Converting Website Into Mobile App

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Though the young generation is shouting towards innovation and technological advancement. But, I find it more old-fashioned. The scenario is same, in 90's we were rushing to develop a website to show our online presence to the world. The only difference left between today's and the earlier scenario is, today we are rushing to develop a mobile app for business.

Planning for mobile app development means the development of app which needs a huge amount of time and resources. If we fail to consider some important points that play a crucial role in app development then, the result would be dangerous. So, let's watch out the points given by mobile app development company that we need to consider for converting the website into a mobile app.

1. Value:

Here value does not mean money or monetary terms but, here the value is understood as usability. You should not prefer to develop a mobile app just by imitating others, you should develop it for user satisfaction and the company growth. Just think, whether your business really need mobile app? Understand all the key factors that your app can provide to your prospective users. Answer all the if's and but's and then move ahead.

2. Structure:

The structure of website and mobile are completely different. If we talk about the mobile app, when users are accessing your app, they are interacting with the scrolls and taps to access your app. The screen space is quite narrow as compared to website users. On the contrary, the website has different sections where the mouse is a tool to control all the elements. An app comes along with tabs that govern entire control. So, understand both the interface thoroughly and identify how you can enhance best user experience and plan accordingly.

3. Features:

When we are talking about app features, we are targeting the expectations of users. You should not forget your aim behind releasing the app. Make sure that the features integrated into the applications are simple and worthy. If you want users to make optimum use of your app then, make it interactive enough. Add ingredients in form of useful features that provides ease to users and meanwhile, drive the growth of your business.

4. Content:

Content is the king that drive your website or mobile app. Richer content and information will engage more users to your app, resulting in more conversions. One of the biggest reason behind the success of the mobile app is – They are accessible everywhere. So, make sure that the content needs to be optimized in order to get best results. Lengthy and unwanted content may irritate your users and can even result in the skip of information that is actually important.

5. Data and Permissions:

Unlike websites, the mobile app does require certain access permissions of applications like cameras, contacts, locations and much more. This means the app needs a huge amount of data as compared to websites. The website is excluded from such permissions.

6. Design:

Though implementations of mesmerizing UI and UX may incur huge investment but, the output that is worth investing. As per the survey, it has been noticed that user can once compromise with the app quality thinking that the next app update will resolve the issues. But, if the update still consists of that poor design and degraded UX experience then, users may end up uninstalling your app. So, just make sure that the design implemented is impressive enough to convert your visitors to users.

Concluding Note

Shifting your room from website to mobile app requires deep research and analysis. So before you hire any app developers from India to convert the website into mobile, consider all the factors for the successful blockbuster conversion.


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