6 Resourceful App Launch Strategies to Guide Startup With Minimum Budget

6 Resourceful App Launch Strategies to Guide Startup With Minimum Budget

It is becoming quite evident for marketers to highlight their expeditions and forwardness in mobile ecosystem with the given time and resources, especially in the startup firm. It is also an important factor to be considered by a company not to directly jump forward in the way of paid media marketing without having a sneak peak into strategies that they can try out first on primary basis without spending any single buck on marketing efforts. So, here are some of the 6 strategies showcased that you need to pay attention for.

1) Integration of App Matrics That Really Matters
This key point is the most annoying for product managers as there are multiple tools available to calculate app metrics each proclaiming itself far better than the rest remaining tools. Below are some of the metrics that would help you out to understand the scenario before you initiate your app promotion.

i) In-App User Metric

Informs you regarding the behavior of the user, their motion and triggers meanwhile helping you to provide better UX.

ii) Attribution Analytics

This will give you a report regarding app installs and quality of the app engagement with specific no of channels that you are using for the paid media like that of Facebook, Twitter, Google.

iii) Marketing Tools

It helps you to drive user engagement. Methods like In-App purchases or Push notifications will help you for further user communication.

2) Home For Your App
As your website is the home of your app, despite asking users to find your app in the app stores and download it, links to your mobile app will feature 50% more conversions. You can inbuild this feature with your developers.

3) App Store Optimization
There are many online materials available to conduct ASO of your application. But before you proceed with ASO of your app you need to get your “On-Page ASO” like – App Description, App Title, Keywords, Screenshots, App Icon quite clear as it is quite a critical factor to be considered. You can make use of many online tools like Free Sensor Tower and other to make this process seamless and easy.

4) Generating External App Reviews
Clouting of blogs and press releases for app reviews is quite tiresome but still, this approach works. You can submit your app for reviews to the various review sites available in the market. They have set of the panel that reviews your mobile app and publishes it on site. If your app has extraordinary features, it can be kept under editors choice which will help you to get more amount of downloads. Even, some of these sites have a huge amount of followers whose reviews can help you to get maximum organic download links.

5) Keeping Track of Competitive Data
As mobile app industry continue to boom the market with the latest innovations, competition is getting more wild and fierce. Most of the companies think that they are good with their app and are getting good reviews. But, do they know what are users talking about their competitor's review? In what category they are turning their interest on? Follow these 4 easy steps to uncover the data:

1) Identify your top-notch 4-5 competitors

2) Download their app and compare their features

3) Watch out their reviews

4) Identify their monetization and pricing strategies

6) App indexing
App Indexing aids you get your application visible in search engine. Once your app is indexed in search engine results, mobile users who hunt for content in context to app can see the install button of the app in search results. This approach supports you to grow your install base.

Deep links of your app that appear inside search engine results, let users find your native mobile experience fast, that lands on the intended content of your app.

Concluding the Session:
So, these are the 6 app launch tips shared by app development company to acknowledge you with the best marketing strategy. Still, if you have any question contact us to brainstorm in-depth about your concern.


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