6 Skillset To Be Evaluated In Your iPhone Application Developer Interview

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So you have grabbed a piece of the mobile pie, one of the hottest techie things around the world right? One of the good decision you have made. Undoubtedly, mobile is hot and is probably going to remain same for the next upcoming years. There are many unfulfilled job positions regardless of location. The reason may be a lack of technical knowledge, experience or skills. Another reason that employs an inappropriate developer for iPhone app development company is a lack of proper knowledge regarding what skills are needed for an iOS app developer. So, here are some skills that you need to gauge to hire iPhone app developer for best app enterprise app development.

1. Design:
Every iOS app developers are prone to have primary knowledge regarding application design. If you have dedicated app designer assigned for your project then, design skill comes to next priority as compared to collaboration skills. Still, developers need to comprehend how to fine-tune the app design without destroying application look and feel. Along with that, they also need to be well-versed with working on alpha transparency, resolution support etc,

2. User Experience:
The design is not only about its appearance it's more dependent on how it works. A knowledgeable iOS developer should have know-hows regarding below points:

    • How Navigation Will Be Performed By Users?
    • Where To Place Which Components To Solve The Problems
    • Screen Layout Expectations

3. Language Proficiency:
Nowadays, majority app development project is developed using Swift language. There are developers that are working on swift since beginning and lacks basic knowledge of objective C. Though Objective-C is overtaken by swift keeping into consideration performance results still, developers need to have basic knowledge regarding Objective C. Having sound knowledge of Objective-C along with Swift is like an add-on during interview screening.

4. Performance & Memory Management:

It's quite essential that iOS developer needs to be familiar with tools for gauging performance to fix the issues that degrade application performance. Also, iPhone app developers need to have in-depth know-hows regarding usage of ARC for memory management to avoid retain cycles and segmentation faults. Knowledge of auto-release pools and variables is also important as per your application.

5. Code Review And Debugging:
Peer code reviews help to maintain your app quality but here it's alright if you don't have enough experience. A developer having knowledge in this practice might have more experience rather than the one who does not have any knowledge about it. One of the best method to maintains your larger app code. A debugging is also an important aspect for every app developer. They need to have proper knowledge regarding debugging tools available in Xcode. They must be able to set breakpoints, get the onside code and iterate through variables in order to find loopholes.

6. Source Control:
There are many businesses that want to secure their investment in code using version control. So it's recommended that iOS app developers need to be familiar with distributed version control system. However, much time needs not to be spent in screening out this feature. It's a good sign if developers hold such knowledge.

So, these were some skill sets that need to be screened out during the interview process. Follow these skill sets to hire best iPhone app developer.


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