6 Way Artificial Intelligence Will Continue To Impact Mobile App Development

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It's no secret how much mobile apps have the ability to add more ease and convenience to our lives. There are certainly a plethora of apps out there that prove this point. Artificial intelligence has added another layer to apps that have the ability to adapt and adjust to the user, based on user behavior. Companies like Apple and Amazon have clearly displayed the impact that artificial intelligence can have on a household with innovations like Apple's Siri and Amazon's Alexa. These voice-controlled digital applications allow users to her help with their household tasks and chores.However, the impact of AI won't stop there. As technology continues to advance the use of AI will be seen more in mobile app development across the different industries.
Mobile AI will Change How Businesses Approach App Development
App developers focus a lot more on how data is collected and stored. The reason for this focus on how data is handled has a lot to do with how their machine learning algorithm will process this information. This is a far cry from yesterday's standard static algorithm that never changed or adapted to any data that was collected. Today's machine learning algorithm allows business to personalize their approach based on the information that is gathered from user behavior through the app. This approach will allow businesses to utilize algorithms to:
- Recognize Trends
- Utilize Infomation Gathered through Mobile Applications and Make Adjustments
- Allow Developers to Create a More Personalized User Experience
Mobile AI will Spur More Business Growth through Enhanced User Engagement
The use of artificial intelligence will not only collect data but analyze the data as well. This will allow developers to create algorithms that adapt to user behavior. Mobile AI will collect everything from location to common behavior in order to create a more personalized app that engages the user more effectively. The heightened user experienced will more than likely be reflected in improved sales. Mobile AI will gather and analyze demographics like:
- Location
- Daily Behavior
- Contacts
Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning will Challenge App Developer Algorithms
Users demand a smooth experience when they interact with an app. Mobile AI will allow developers to create these enhanced experiences for users through the development of algorithms that adjust to user behaviors and other demographics that is captured through the use of the app. Mobile AI will create more:
- Flexible Seamless User Experiences
- More Intelligent Applications
- Changes in the way that Users, Developers, and Business approach Mobile App Development
Intelligent Mobile Apps will Continue to be a Top Trend
Connected devices and appliances will continue to demand support from artificial intelligence. In fact, smart devices, wearables, appliances, and cats will all be connected requiring more support from an AI platform. In fact, virtual personal assistant applications will continue to be some of the most popular trends. These innovative applications have the ability to help with routine tasks and make life a lot easier for the average person.You will begin to see artificial intelligence source across a variety of different industries and applications like: 
- Security Tooling
- Enterprise Applications
- Chatbots
- Context-Aware Smart Sensors
- Predictive Analytics
Mobile AI will Spark the Creation of Different Products, Processes, and Approaches to App Development
Artificial intelligence introduces a new more human and personalized approach to app development. If developers can create algorithms that allow them to develop apps that adjust to user demographics as well as user behavior, these changes will give birth to more innovative products as well as changes in the way that many businesses and developers approach the development of mobile apps. Mobile apps driven by AI and machine learning will continue to grow in popularity and inspire more functionality and sophistication in apps. Mobile AI will spark the growth of more intuitive and interactive apps. Companies like eBay and Amazon have proven this. Amazon's Alexa continues to trend as a popular example of artificial intelligence in an application.
Artificial Intelligence will be a Powerful Tool in Meeting User Expectations
The use of artificial intelligence is being used in many apps because of the convenience and function that it brings to apps. Users have plenty of different apps to choose from. However, the most popular apps continue to be the ones that utilize some form of AI and do it in a manner that improves overall user engagement, ease, and function. In fact, apps that utilize AI continue to trend for this reason. Developers will continue to use AI in app development to both meet and exceed the expectations of users. Users want to engage with an app that has the ability to quickly adapt to meet their changing needs. This is something that artificial intelligence and machine learning promise for AI-based apps. The use of artificial intelligence and machine learning allow developers to create highly intuitive apps that know how to organize and analyze data that helps create the most personalized experience possible for the user. As a result, users expect to:
- Use an app that adjusts to their different behaviors and needs
- Take advantage of the ease and convenience that AI-based apps give the user
- Cultivate and Inspire imagination for other useful AI based Apps and products
- Use AI based apps to control connected appliance and machines
Artificial intelligence is not new, not even in the world of mobile apps. However, its use has become more noticeable. AI-driven apps have done a lot to make life easier for the average consumer. Consider VPN apps like Amazon's Alexa and Apple's Siri. They are proof positive that AI is the new way to go when it comes to app development. Mobile AI continues to drive revenue for many businesses by creating a seamless and intensely personal user experience. Gone are the days when non-intuitive algorithms crunched data in the same way regardless of the changes and trends in the data. Today's combination of machine learning and artificial learning have spawned the creation of more intuitive and responsive mobile apps with the ability to adapt to different user behaviors during engagement with an app. Users demand this type of intelligent and flexible exchange when accessing and engaging with an app. The positive response from users will continue to drive revenue for many businesses by creating a more personalized and engaging user experience.

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