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7 Best Android App Development Tools To Build A Fantastic Android App

App Development

Apr 2021
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best android app development tools
This article is your buddy, whether you are a beginner or pro in the android app development world. Here, we have a list of 7 top tools compiled for you to make an android app that would stand out from the rest. To get the tools needed to build an android app, our team did detailed research that we would like to share with you. Today, there are many tools out there that can make it baffling for you to choose your tool for creating an app. This is where we come into the picture as we guide you to the top 7 tools to develop the most effective app ever.
Several tools mentioned here have contributed to building famous android apps such as Facebook Messenger, Uber, Netflix, and Lyft out of 3.14 million android apps available out there on Google Play Store. So, are you prepared to explore these amazing tools?
Well, let's begin!
Top 7 Tools For Developers To Create An Android App
1. Android Studio (SDK, NDK)
If you are thinking of creating only a native android app, then you should consider Android Studio. Pondering what a native app is? Well, when you create an app that works on only one platform, whether it's an iOS platform or an Android platform, it's a native app. Whereas, in hybrid, only one code base is needed to build both Android and iOS apps.
NDK, aka Android Native Development Kit, is a tool that enables developers to reuse code scripted in C/C++ programming languages & integrate it into the app using Java Native Interface. While SDK, aka Android Software Development Kit, uses Java programming language & infuses development tools, sample projects, and IDE - Integrated Development Environment Android Studio.
Key Features:
- Android Studio's code editor helps you work faster, write quality codes, and be super-efficient using advanced code completion.
- XML files are equipped with a drag and drop interface - enables drag & drop visuals making it simpler and faster to create a brand new layout. 
- Decreases your android app size using APK files, even if it is not built with Android Studio.
2. Android Asset Studio
android asset studio
This one encompasses a tool called Image Asset Studio. It is a web-based set of tools for developing graphics and other android apps that support Android developers in producing graphic assets with a few clicks.
Key Features:
- This tool helps the app developers produce their app icons from the given custom images, text strings, and material icons.
- The set of icons produced through it has an ideal resolution for each pixel density that the app braces.
- This tool's main function is to help developers reduce their efforts & run icon assets for Android apps. 
3. Intellij IDEA
Intellij IDEA is a native tool that mainly focuses on reinforcing the developer's efficiency. This is indeed the first-pick IDE for software developers.
Key Features:
- This tool focuses on higher developer efficiency and preventing technical debt.
- This tool kit has fantastic support for other programming languages & frameworks like JavaScript & Scala.
- It improves employee experience by capturing, onboarding, and retaining the best talent.
4. Adobe XD, Figma
XD is the Adobe tool commonly used for user experience & interaction designers. It has several features for creating prototypes, screen designs, and wireframes for mobile apps and websites. Figma is a cloud-based digital UI/UX design too. It is quite similar to Sketch but has several differences, making Figma a good team collaboration choice.
Key Features:
- Adobe XD's interface is easier & simpler to use than Illustrator & Photoshop. UI designers can use it effortlessly as it has all that they need. 
- Figma's real-time collaboration allows designers to think of new design ideas that are not a part of the original plan helping to save time. 
- Figma plug-ins enhance its performance to the next level, like the animation tool & plug-in, to eliminate the image background. Moreover, the color palette plug-in allows you to choose any color scheme and implement it to your Figma design.
5. SonarQube
SonarQube was previously known as Sonar and is an open-source platform. It's built for the non-stop check of code quality. It is essential to perform automatic reviews with static analysis to detect bugs, code smells, and any other vulnerability in over 20 programming languages.
Key Features:
- SonarQube decreases vulnerabilities, code duplications, complexities and concentrates on optimizing the app's life.
- It even has the feature to render regular & constant reviews on quality issues to improve their coding experience.
- It detects discrepancies in the code & notifies the app developers to fix them before submitting the output.
- There isn't a maximum limit on the no. of projects that can be analyzed using this tool.
6. Appium
This is another cross-platform & open-source tool created for automated testing of web apps, mobile apps, hybrid apps, and native apps. It mainly tests an app's working.
Key Features:
- There is no need to install any other additional software on mobile to aid Appium.
- This tool even supports several programming languages such as PHP, Java, and Python.
7. Firebase A/B Testing
This tool is powered by Google optimize and a robust performance monitoring tool. Its function is to optimize the app experience by making it easy and straightforward to work.
Key Features:
- Firebase A/B testing renders you with the power to test any change in your app's UI, features, or engagement campaigns to know if they can raise your revenue & retention before you roll them out.
- With the Firebase Predictions feature, monitor A/B tests on potential users projected to perform actions like spending funds, doing analytics, etc.
Android development is progressing quickly, and several tools make the developers' life easier. To produce a top-quality app, it's vital to pick the top android development tools in the market. All the tools mentioned in this blog are tried & tested by our android devices developers to successfully deliver over 1500 android mobile device apps.
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