7 Crucial Android App Developers Challenges Making Development Difficult

7 Crucial Android App Developers Challenges Making Development Difficult

Development of android application provides access to large user base across the globe. As android is one of the most dominating platforms, it helps developers to create an app that targets maximum growing user-base. The android platform provides many opportunities to developers for developing an interactive android app that makes life easy for us. Being open source in nature, it leverages full-on freedom to developers to discover more capabilities out of the android app. People would install more of android application and the reason is clear- It's popularity and the increasing user-base. However, with the increasing popularity, it faces difficult challenges too.

What Are The Major Android App Development Challenges Imposed In Front Of Android Developers?

Below is the array list of challenges that are imposed on app developers from India and across the globe.

1. Growing Android Market:

It is one of the major challenge faced by android developers as there are millions of apps deployed in the play store amongst which user needs to select. So, in that case, if you want to enjoy highest downloads of your app then, you need to come up with some extraordinary app idea to compete against existence competition. Best industry android experience along with know-hows regarding current technology updates are the key pillars for any android developers to shoot the app market with award-winning and high sales generating app.

2. Hardware Fragmentation:

It is one of the major challenge faced by android app developers as android is one of the most adopted OS in majority devices. More than 150+ devices are built using android OS. Each device consists of different traits in form of screen size, camera resolution, keypad, elements size and many other factors making development harder.

3. No Pre-defined Architecture:

As android is the open source operating system, the major challenge faced by app developers is, they are developing an app of the category which is already existing in the market. More than 2 million apps are deployed in Google play store making it hard for developers to shoot something different and unique. Another challenge faced by app developers is there are no such standards or protocols defined for android to upload any app in the app store.

4. Patent Consequences:

As per the current law updates, there are certain android features developing which can result in a violation of patent rules. Development of such type of features and functionalities may be quite challenging for app developers.

5. Third Party API is Still An Issue:

Multiple third party API rely on the device which is again a big obstacle for application usage on a different device. SDK and cross-platform IDE does not allow android app developers to make use of single web service across multiple smartphone versions.

6. Security Challenge:

Due to excessive internet usage, huge no of malware and loopholes are found in android based devices. Moreover, no strict guidelines and protocols are implemented for an android app that makes problems even worse. This has given rise to major security concerns.

7. Android Market Search Engine:

The marketplace is one of the biggest challenges for android app developers that makes development more complicated. More than 5 million apps are available in the market and getting your app visibility amongst them is one of the hardest challenges faced in front of developers. So, if proper attention is not paid to marketing and promotion strategy then, though your app development is out of the box, you will end up losing audience attention.

The future of android app development is bright but the challenges in the way make the journey bit complicated. It's now in the hands of android app developers whether to defeat the challenges and to move towards success path or to follow the old custom development approach.


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