7 Greatest Hacks To Double User Engagement Of Your Mobile App

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Today, the majority users are engaged with their smartphone for some or the other activity. The mobile app offers an incredible chance to various brands and entrepreneurs to get connected to customers. A mobile app is the best channel to boost brands and drive more ROI for the business. However, many apps fail and especially the most reputed ones. Most of the applications are developed while keeping users in mind. Still, there are several brands that have less than 5K downloads. Then what key things are missed out by marketers? Why this app lacks fair enough retention rate? The reason is clear: Business forgets to engage users with their app.

If you want users to stay engaged with your app, here are some hacks delivered by mobile app development company which helps you to double your engagement rate and increase ROI for the business.

1. Focus On Making A Good First Impression
Users first interaction with your app is a gateway to convert visitors into potential customers. The very first interaction of the users should be delightful and hassle free. So, ensure that the interaction is simple with a minimum amount of complications.

You can help users to make most out of your app by prompting them with the informative and interactive tutorial. After the tutorial, the first screen of your app should be such that it entice users to kick start with your app and give it a try. Make sure that your leverage assistance to users whenever needed.

2. Welcome Users Heartly
Do not take users for granted. Instead, make them feel valuable. Greet your users with a welcome note. The welcome message holds huge potentials to initiate thousands of conversations. Interaction with users will attract them to try your app. Effective conversations with users will not only build loyal user base but, it will also acknowledge you how exactly an app is used.

3. Ensure A Hassle-Free Sign-Up
User onboarding experience will decide whether to welcome or uninstall your app. So, ensure that user signup should not be followed by troubles. The information asked should be kept minimum and must have relevancy with the app. Instead of dumping unwanted information to users, guide them with different features and functionalities of your app. Provide them details that they need to know at that particular point of time rather than bombarding them with needless information.

4. Do Not Overwhelm Your User
Though your app might hold more features but, in the race to highlight all features and impressing users, you may end up overwhelming them. Nothing annoys more to users except unwelcomed FAQ's, irritating alerts and irrelevant emails.

If a user is annoyed, they may ignore checking your app notifications even. So, at least give users enough time to settle down and explore your app. As app owners, it's your duty to make users aware of all app features but only when they actually need it. So, make sure that you do not overwhelm users with unwanted things that may result in deletion of your app.

5. Let Users Share Their Experience
If you want to make users stay loyal with your app and interact more personally, you can try creating a community. It will allow users to share their opinions and thoughts. What's the better way of promotion if actual customers are guaranteeing your app? Such type of activities will augment your user engagement level and will increase your brand loyalty by multiple times.

6. Make Users Stick Around Your App
Being aware of users current activity and their interaction level will help you to give them needed information. Having access to needed information will allow users to remain active to your app. As app owners, it's your duty to give users some reason to stay lingered around your app. If there is no significant reason, users will simply dump your app and switch to another one. You can make users stuck to your app by giving them incentives, discount coupons, pizza vouchers and special offers. Moreover, if you are well-versed with users then you can give them more personalized experience.

7. Keep Track Of Their Behavior
Don't ever think to underestimate your user. Just keep constant track of consumer behavior and monitor their feedbacks. Identify their needs and bring updates in your app accordingly. Users are bound to stay loyal to the app that is well-updated and well-maintained. This will help you to engage more users to your app.

User engagement and retention are quite an important aspect of getting the hold of new users. The above steps will surely help you out to get more users stay loyal and engaged with your app and also increase business ROI on a good scale.


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