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7 Web Development Factors That Can Affect E-Commerce Sales

Web Development

Aug 2018
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web development factors
Since the introduction of e-commerce into the business world some 15-20 years ago, it has had a tremendous impact on the society and the way business is done globally. E-commerce can be described as the process of managing online financial transactions by both individuals and companies. This transactions could be business-to-business(B2B), business-to-consumer(B2C), and business-to-government(B2G) transactions. 
There are three dimensions that form part of working definition of e-commerce development, these are Network: this is the platform via which the transaction is carried out, Processes: which describes the activities that are involved in the transaction and finally the Actors: individuals or organizations involved in the process. 
The most important element in any business variable are the customers, hence the popular saying "the customer is always right". Everything a business should do must be geared at impressing the customer. The customer is the center focus of any business structure. Therefore, when operating an e-commerce outfit it is important to place priority on customer experience above all things. What affects user experience could range from customer service to return policy. 
The e-commerce sphere is highly competitive, therefore merchants must be constantly on their toes and must be conscious of the actions and inactions of the competition. Below are some of the web development factors that can affect the e-commerce sales;
1. Competitive Pricing:
This is one of the online web development factors that influence e-commerce sales. Typically, customers spend hours searching the web for the best possible price at the best quality possible. It is important that merchant benchmark their prices with regard to other competitors so as to ensure they remain competitive on their pricing and are not falling behind. 
For any product that you may be offering, there are other merchants that are offering the very same. If your pricing is too exorbitant then you will most likely lose out on customers.
2. Website navigation:
This is another important element that must be handled properly for effective e-commerce development. The layout and overall delivery of your e-commerce development website play a very important role in your conversion rate. Your website mustn't take too long to load and should have pages that are categorized properly. The simpler the layout of the website the greater the tendency of it attracting a great number of visits. Although this may sound easy in theory, e-commerce development that is easy-to-navigate and will ensure a positive customer service is no small task, it takes time and money.
3. Product quality:
product quality
This is another web development factor that not only impacts sales but will determine if you will remain in business for a long time. The better the quality of product you sell the more trust people will have for you. In order to build a veritable brand name, the first step is gaining customer trust. Once you have captured the attention and then the trust of your customers then you can be assured that they will keep coming back to you even in the midst of other merchants. 
Merchants that adopts the strategy of selling low-quality products at cheap prices will succeed in gaining tremendous initial attention, but this won't last in the long run as their goodwill will invariably be hampered. If you want to stay in business for a long time, then you must make it a must to deliver a good quality product.
4. Return policy:
Due to the nature of online transactions, customers may not get to have a complete feel or experience for the product they intend to buy. This then leads to customer dissatisfaction which causes them to return the product. Many years ago, this would have been a major issue but with the growth of industry and its competitive nature, all the key e-commerce development companies offer their customers a convenient return policy. 
But in order to forestall abuse, merchants usually state rules guiding this return policy. It is important for any merchant to ensure that these rules are clearly stated and are not difficult to understand. If any clause is not included and the merchant later brings it up this could lead to customer dissatisfaction and would directly have a negative impact on sales.
5. Shipping:
Another major reason for the astonishing growth in e-commerce web development in recent years is the flexible shipping option that merchants offer. The time it takes a merchant to deliver goods and the cost of shipping will influence the number of customers that a merchant will have. Most customers are not too willing to pay for shipping for products bought locally, except when it comes to specialty items that have to ship internationally. This has informed the majority of web development companies to adopt free shipping, especially for orders that exceed a certain amount.
The amount of time it takes for an order to get delivered is another factor that can affect sales. Depending on the location where the order is made, it is good business practice if the product is delivered within the agreed time. When the time defaults it causes customers to lose interest and this could affect your business.
6. Easy checkout:
easy checkout
Once you have succeeded in convincing customers to patronize your store, the next thing to do is to deliver to them as easy as possible checkout page. Easy checkout is another important e-commerce web development tip. Customers must never waste too much of time trying to make payments. Most online shoppers want a checkout that is easy to navigate, just like the rest of the site. 
Customers should not have to enter a series of frustrating details over and over again. According to a study, checkout page simplicity contributes as much as 20% of conversion and determines if customers will return to your website or not.
7. Online review:
Product reviews and ratings are an integral determinant for products that customers will buy. Humans are social creatures, they are motivated to make a move depending on what they hear other say another that particular move. According to a study, an astonishing 40% of customers stated that they won't buy a technology product except after reading online reviews. 
Reviews are so important to e-commerce web development, that even having negative reviews is better than not having any at all. Merchants must get in the habit of encouraging clients to drop reviews after the purchase of products on their site.
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