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8 Benefits Of Conversion Rate Optimization To App Developers

App Development

Mar 2020
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benefits of conversion rate optimization
There is a huge difference between the number of people who visit your site (your basic traffic) and the number of people who actually do what you intend them to do. Many people make the mistake of focusing more on the traffic of their page or website when in reality they ought to invest and research on ways to make visitors make a purchase or subscribe to a newsletter or download an app.
Conversion rate can be described as the ratio of the total visitors to a website to the number of visitors who actually take action that the site is intended to make them take. Take, for instance, if you are an online retailer then the action you will intend for visitors to take will be the purchase of your wares. And if you are an Indian mobile app developer, your intended action will be the download of your apps. Conversion rate optimization will help to improve your conversion ratio resulting in greater conversion/positive customer action.
The benefits attached to conversion rate optimization cannot be overemphasized, below are eight benefits of Conversion rate optimization to app developers;
1. It helps you to better understand your customers:
As an Indian app developer, it is highly important that you fully understand your customers. This will put you in the best position to cater to their needs. You have to know who they are and understand what they want in order to make their desired products available to them. The lack of such understanding will result in marketing wrongly to your customers. This is where conversion rate optimization comes into the picture.
Researching for conversion rate optimization involves getting to know who your customers are and what they would prefer. This is actually where CRO starts from. You will also have to ascertain what challenges customers face while trying to purchase items or download apps from your site. This research gives a deep understanding of who your customers are and their challenges.
2. It gets you more customers:
it gets you more customers
Conversion rate optimization helps to reduce the cost of acquiring more customers. Optimizing your website gives you a better understanding of who your customers are and what they want. This will, in turn, lead to an improved shopping experience. An improved shopping experience for visitors will be very effective in acquiring them as customers from the same amount of traffic.
The central aim here is to make your website streamlined and engaging enough such that it can capture and hold visitors attention and turn them into customers. One of the major effect of conversion rate optimization for app developers is that it helps to reduce the bounce rate occasioned by short attention span of online customers. Using conversion rate optimization, visitors can find what they are longing for much easier as compared to on web pages that do not use CRO.
3. It improves website profit:
The central aim of every business is to make a profit, therefore if any marketing strategy employed by App developers does not lead to an improvement in profit then it is simply a waste. Conversion rate optimization leads to an improvement in profit. Even if it is just a slight increase in conversion rate optimization, it has the capacity of drastically improving profits.
4. It becomes your secret weapon:
Imitation is a popular phenomenon in online marketing, competitors can easily scan your site to ascertain what you are doing right by the way of search engine optimization and social media marketing. But when it comes to conversion rate optimization, it is a different ball game entirely. You are not doing one thing exactly to improve your CRO, you are doing a blend of things, which cannot be easily ascertained by your competitors.
A competitor may notice you are running A/B testing on your site but it cannot know exactly what you are testing for or what prompted you to run the test. Therefore, CRO becomes an App developers weapon of choice that no one knows about.
5. It takes advantage of your current website traffic:
When it comes to CRO App developers really do not have to bother so much about website traffic, CRO leverages the traffic that their site already enjoys. Although there is the initial financial and time investment in getting a page optimized, this is just a one-time effort. Subsequently, you begin to enjoy the benefit of the traffic that your website already receives from other efforts such as social media, email or content marketing.
6. Improves the effectiveness of other campaigns:
Social media marketing, PPC, Email marketing, Affiliate marketing are all forms of digital marketing that increase the traffic to a website. But regardless the effectiveness of these digital services, if your website is not optimized, you will enjoy huge traffic but less conversion and less revenue. This doesn't make any sense at all. CRO helps to improve the effectiveness of other marketing efforts.
Before embarking on any of the digital campaigns it is advisable that your website is fully optimized, this will help guarantee that the traffic you receive will not just be visitors who visit and almost leaves instantly, never to come back, but visitors who are instantly converted to customers. This helps to lower your customer acquisition cost.
7. Allows you to beat your competitors:
allows you to beat your competitors
Any business or App developers that are actively involved in CRO will have an edge over competitors that are not engaging such strategy. Sometimes that is all that is necessary to win a customer. Sometimes it is the little things that matter. There is nothing that you are offering in your store that can't be found elsewhere. There would always be other developers that are offering the exact same product or something quite similar. The reason a customer may choose to purchase from your store or download from your site instead of your competitor may simply be a better experience. The customer may simply find your product page easy to navigate or find it easy to pay for products on your site.
8. Improves the look of your website:
One of the major functions of CRO for App developers is to improve the look of their website, making it appear more legitimate. Online shoppers are very much concerned about the look of a site. Your website is the first contact visitors get about your business. It would tell them much about your business. If your website appears legitimate then the shopper/visitor will assume so is your business.
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