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8 Content Marketing Tips To Bear In Mind During Mobile App Development

Digital Marketing

Mar 2018
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content marketing tips during mobile app development
In this digital age, millions of people go online daily to source for relevant information or make purchases. Many businesses have also become aware of this, hence they have improved their online presence through effective marketing. One of the most powerful methods of competing favorably online is through content marketing. 
Content marketing is the act of creating relevant content that can be of immense benefit to an audience, with the aim of forming a trusting long-lasting relationship, which will eventually lead to the desired action. The desired action could be improved sales, increase in traffic or improved brand awareness. Gone are the days of hard sells, where all the information a business shares on its website or its social media platforms is about how it can sell its product or service. The table has since turned, and the most successful businesses are those that share the most relevant information with their audience. 
For a successful content marketing campaign, certain rules must be abided by. There are tips that can help your content marketing to be more effective. Below are eight content marketing tips to bear in mind during mobile app development;
1. Have a content marketing plan:
One of the most common reasons why businesses fail is due to a lack of business plan before the business took off. It is fondly said, "He who fails to plan, plans to fail". Planning is essential in every aspect of life, including content marketing. Do not just jump on it and expect it to work, you will most likely fail at it. Before embarking on a content marketing campaign ensure you have a detailed plan, this helps you to remain on track as well as provide attainable goals that you need to meet at each step of the way. Content marketing plan for top app development companies will include information such as what type of content is published, what is the typical word count, what is the typical audience etc.
2. Know your audience:
The business that knows its customers best is the business that would eventually become most successful. For a successful content marketing campaign ensure to tailor your content according to the interest of your audience. The knowledge of your audience and their interests will put you in the best position to market to them. You basically know what they want, you know what catches their interest, hence you will generate more leads and sales. Top app development companies in India make it a duty to know their audience fully.
3. Solve problems:
Needless to say, this is the core objective of content marketing. In order to be successful at content marketing, you need to know the pain points of your audience, and be ready and equipped to supply relevant content that can solve these problems. This point is in tandem with the one above. To know the problems of your audience you need to know your audience deeply. Top app development companies know the problems and challenges of their audience, and they create content to address these issues.
4. The more avenues the better:
For an effective and successful content marketing campaign do not limit yourself to one content channel. This drastically limits your exposure and the number of audiences you would reach. There are so many avenues via which you can reach potential customers, learn to take advantage of all, or at least most, of these avenues. Although blogs and social media platforms are the most popular avenues of reaching customers, there are not the only ones. You should be informed that not everyone really likes to sit and read. And for some others, it is not about the interest, rather the availability of time to read. Hence to be more successful at content marketing top app development companies need to employ other avenues to reach these other potential customers. They need to be more flexible. Other avenues include; eBooks, videos, podcast, success stories etc. 
5. Measure performance of content: 
As location is highly integral to the success of a brick and mortar business, so is testing for online content. Regular testing of content helps to inform you on what type of content works and what doesn't work. One of the most popular testing methods is the A/B test. In A/B test, two similar content with few variants is offered to the audience. The two content will carry the same call to action. The content with the highest conversion wins. This way, top app development companies know exactly what their audience is most interested in.
The knowledge generated from several testing can be utilized in the creation of future posts. 
6. Recycle content:
There are two ways to look at this. Firstly, you may have a post that went massively viral. Such content does not come always and hence shouldn't be forgotten after the rave is gone. Repurpose or recycle such content in another format. For instance, you can convert a blog post into an infographic, or you can convert it into an audio. There are thousands of blockbuster movies that were once books or comics. Majority of them were successful as books or comics and was still successful as movies, garnering double gains for writers or producers.
Secondly, Android and iOS app company can repurpose a content that was less successful. The fact a post didn't garner as much traction as you expected doesn't mean it is garbage. It could simply mean that the format in which it was presented didn't suit it, or the timing of its presentation was not right, or marketing was poor. Therefore, learn to recycle old unsuccessful contents in different formats. You never can tell what would really work.
7. Offline content is equally as successful:
When people hear the term content marketing their minds quickly goes to online content. But content marketing applies equally to online content as they do to offline content. Printed content is very effective at reaching new customers. Some of the most popular offline content includes; flyers, guides, booklets, direct mails, in-store signs and car wraps. This is most effective if your business is one that has a physical location what customers can go to. 
8. Promote your content:
Ever wondered why brands like Coca-Cola and Apple, despite how hugely popular they are, still spend so much time and money advertising and promoting their products? The business environment is highly competitive. Failure to stay on top of your game will result in your position being taken by another brand. Several businesses in the past, despite how monstrous they were, have gone under due to lack of proper promotion. Use every marketing tool at your disposal to get the word of your business out there, this includes using social media advertising, email marketing, content aggregators and so much more. 
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