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8 Pros And Cons Of Opting For A Mobile App Development Company

App Development

Nov 2018
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pros and cons of app development company
There is a growing popularity in the use of smartphones across the world. More and more individuals are using smartphones to access the internet than other devices. Mobile apps are the elements that make smartphones unique, they help to accomplish personal and professional task very fast and with ease. The mobile app market is about the biggest in IT currently, there is an app for virtually every service you can think of. 
Businesses are aware of the growing popularity of smartphones and the huge growth of the mobile app market, that over 62% of the major businesses of the world have their mobile apps or are in the process of developing one. Businesses require these apps to connect with existing customers and gain new ones. Although there are different options available to businesses that wish to develop a mobile app, one of the most popular routes is to outsource to a mobile app development company. Choosing to opt for a mobile app development company comes with its share of advantages and disadvantages.
Pro 1: Budget-friendly option
Businesses are built for making profits, and one of the ways of this can be done is by cutting down on overhead cost. A business that does not make a profit or has a very high overhead cost will no sooner or later fail. Therefore, one of the major advantages of outsourcing to a mobile app development company is the cost-effective option which can help to boost the bottom line. When you outsource to a mobile app development company, you will only be billed for the work done, which can be hourly or a fixed payment.
Alternatively, when you employ the services of an in-house developer, this skyrockets your operational and business expenditure. You will have to incur the cost of hiring and training your workforce plus that which is used for the purchasing of equipment. Outsourcing to a mobile app development company takes away the headache of constantly thinking about improving the qualifications of the in-house development team.
Con 1: Endangering data privacy
endangering data privacy
Data is highly important in every sphere of life, both personal and business. One of the key disadvantages of outsourcing is that it increases the chances of a data breach. Your in-house developers are a part of your company. When the company hurts they in turn hurt. So they would do all that is necessary to ensure that sensitive information does not get to the hands of unscrupulous elements. This explains why a majority of government institutions that are charged with monetary or national security issues prefer using their in-house developers over outsourcing. 
When you outsource, the risk of a data breach is increased exponentially. One way to forestall any form of data breach during outsourcing is by signing a non-disclosure agreement. 
Pro 2: Technical resources and expertise
An app development company is an institution specialized in developing mobile apps, therefore they do all that is necessary to ensure that they have the latest tools, licenses, and software to deliver excellent service to their clients. These agencies also boast of very capable and professional hands in the areas of coding, designing, business development etc. The result is this; companies that hire them can benefit from excellent technical resources and expertise. They can benefit from the use of cutting-edge tools which are used for mobile app development. 
These companies have dedicated teams charged with the responsibility of handling your project right from idea creation to after-delivery care. So, attention to detail is hardly every available when you utilize the services of in-house developers. What is mostly obtainable with in-house development is jack-of-all-trades scenario, where one man (or a few people) handle every aspect required for a successful app development.
Con 2: Inability to control every sphere of development
Another major con of outsourcing is the inability to control every aspect of the app development process. An in-house development will give you access to a constant assessment of the day-to-day progress of the project. You can personally overlook every stage of the development, this way you don't lose track of what is happening per time.
This intimate monitoring is not available when it comes to outsourcing as their operations are not on-site. However, to ensure that you are adequately briefed and aware of the development of your project, you can hire a project manager, who will be your liaison with the top mobile developers.
Pro 3: 24/7 Support
When you outsource, you enjoy 24 hours round the clock support. When you have any challenge regarding the process or the app itself, you can simply get in touch with a representative of the agency and you will immediately (or almost immediately) be catered to. There are no sick leaves or unavailable developer if the head developer on your project is not available then another person will be assigned immediately.
Con 3: Expensive minor changes
App development is a continuous process, as time goes on there will always be a need to make changes, some of which are minor while others major. In the case of minor changes, your in-house development team can easily effect these changes without it causing you any downtime or significant financial commitment. If the same changes were to be handled by a development agency the process may be complicated and expensive.
Pro 4: Time maximization
time maximization
Time is an invaluable commodity in business as well as personal life. Outsourcing app development helps to take away the headache of app development thereby allowing your in-house IT team to focus on another important aspect of the business that can move it forward. Also, since the mobile app development company is specialized for nothing but app development, you can be rest assured that they will deliver your project in record time, as compared to the in-house team that will most likely have other responsibilities in the establishment. 
Con 4: Communication gap
The internet has made the world a global village, hence people from one end of the world can hire those at the other end to deliver certain services. However, outsourcing to a mobile app development company in a different time zone can be very challenging. This will cause substantial communication gap. There is also the issue of language barrier, where the client or developer will lack the ability to communicate fluently in each other's language.
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