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8 Ways To Help You Determine Mobile App Development Cost

App Development

Oct 2020
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8 ways to help you determine mobile app development cost
After the UI/UX of mobile apps, the cost is the second-most important thing the business owners worry about. Therefore, it is crucial to determine the most influential factors in the success of any mobile app.
When it comes to app development, you can't just consider any one factor. There are various factors involved, like the choice of OS, the project's complexity, the design & the animation, which will impact the overall mobile app development cost.
This blog will cover the significant factors that must be considered before building any mobile app by one of the top app developers in 2020.
Determinants of Mobile App Development Cost
1. Features
The inclusion of several new functionalities and features of the mobile app plays a significant role in the mobile app development cost. There is a whole set of attributes you should consider while deciding the mobile app development cost.
The features you want to include in the mobile apps are based on the TA, the client's needs, and the application type you want. However, social media likes and security features can be synced into the app.
You must note that with the inclusion of an additional feature, your mobile app development cost will increase accordingly.
2. No. of Screens
To make your app more creative, you often consider adding multiple screens for your mobile app. Some apps can have many features, and to meet those needs, the app development team has to include more screens & integrate more UI/UX.
This allows the user to scroll the app in more than one way. However, this will hike the overall mobile app development cost as it includes more number of screens, hours, and efforts of the app development team.
Thus, it is better to ensure that the features you want to showcase on the screen are relevant enough.
3. Mobile App Development Team
mobile app development team
This is one of the primary factors considered by all mobile app development companies to determine your overall app development cost. Hence, it is essential to look for the top mobile app development firms.
This is because a credible mobile app development company will undoubtedly deliver the best mobile app solutions to its clients. It would help if you evaluated the app development company or the entire team well before lending them the contract.
Most companies have experienced and competent mobile app development teams. An efficient mobile app development team can save you a lot of time and money.
A mobile app development team usually consists of a project manager, mobile app developers- UI/UX designer, a quality analyst, and a back-end developer in case of API application.
4. Mobile Platform
An OS is considered the backbone of the smart device. To build a mobile app, you must find the best platform on which your app's success rate is the most. Hence, the cost of your mobile app will greatly depend on the OS you choose. Some of the well-known operating systems are iOS, Android, and Windows.
Moreover, the version of a particular mobile app is another major aspect of ascertaining the mobile app development cost.
Today, OS is used to run on multiple versions. For example, iOS currently supports versions 9, 10, and 11, whereas Android OS supports KitKat, Jelly Bean, Nougat, Marshmallow, and Lollipop.
5. App Security
In this modern era, hacking and cybercrime have become a common thing. Hence, mobile app security should be the most prioritized.
These days users are more aware than ever and look for more security in their mobile apps. Hence, as the mobile app owner, it is your responsibility to keep the user's data safe and confidential. It is challenging to gain your user's trust, hence make sure to keep it intact.
Moreover, suppose your mobile app supports any sort of payment option. In that case, you should be careful about maintaining the app's security, which eventually adds to the mobile app development cost.
6. Maintenance & Updates
While deciding the app development cost, post-development determinants are equally important. After the app development process, the next big thing is mobile app functionality.
Before presenting your app to the public, you must review it. You won't be content in just 2 or 3 dry implementations. There will arise one or another thing with each test—for example, the mobile app's maintenance & updates.
People point out several errors in the app; hence you must keep up with all regularities. Approx. 30% of apps are updated monthly, whereas 52.8% of apps are updated every 6 months as per reports.
7. Mobile App Copyright
mobile app copyright
The mobile app license and copyright are other critical aspects to take into account. At last, it is your idea and your app, so it is better to take care of it.
Many times people tend to imitate elements from other mobile apps. Thus, to avoid any forthcoming errors to your app, it is better to request your app's copyright, which would add up to your app development cost.
8. Hybrid Or Native App
There are 2 types of app development available, based on the app's usability: Native and hybrid mobile app development. These two determine the overall mobile app development cost.
The native mobile app development is a traditional one, which renders several features and is best in performance terms. Moreover, it comes with better UX standards. In contrast, a hybrid mobile app can run on multiple platforms.
Hybrid mobile app development is a more cost-effective solution than native app development. However, everything depends on your business needs. Make the ultimate decision after weighing the pros and cons of both.
This article has covered almost all the essential factors that must be considered for ascertaining the overall mobile app development cost. These factors will help you pick the right mobile app development company to build a mobile app for your business.
Many mobile app development companies are out there, and it can be overwhelming to choose the right one. Hence, proper research is a must before choosing your app development partner.
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