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A Comparison Guide For Android App Development: Kotlin Vs. Groovy

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Jan 2021
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kotlin vs groovy comparison
The mobile app development process depends a lot on what framework you use to develop your mobile app. Of several programming languages choosing the ideal one can be a task, but the programming language you choose determines your app's efficiency and success. Several frameworks are available for android app development in 2021, but there are some wherein you might get confused, such as Kotlin and groovy.
In both programming languages, Kotlin is functional & procedural, while Groovy is functional. The construction process of the entire project, right from the research, designing to development & handling dependencies, is being managed & maintained by Gradle, but there is more that adds to the popularity of these languages.
This blog will clear all your doubts concerning which language to choose for your android app development project and provide you more insights into which one will be ideal for your project.
What Is Kotlin?
what is kotlin
Kotlin is created by the professionals at Jetbrains. Kotlin is a high-level & open-sourced language that came into being in 2012 and runs on a Java virtual machine (JVM). The java language introduces a better syntax with short expressions and abstractions, preventing the need for more boilerplate code, which is paramount in android programming. You may utilize the advantages of groovy with Kotlin as minimal coding is required to grab that exact functionality. Kotlin is entirely safe for app developers & app development.
Kotlin app developers love working with this language as it offers a great mix of features from C#, Java, and other new languages. Operator overloading, null safety, etc., were huge concerns while talking about Java that is worked upon here. Despite overcoming some issues with the language, it lacks some of the convenient features that Java offers, like checked exceptions and ternary operators.
This is not it. The language is Android SDK's part. Kotlin has made its place in the IDE's installation package as an option to the standard Java Compiler. The language is somewhat famous among the developers for its code security, interoperability, and accuracy.
- Safe & Reliable
- Smart Cast Function
- Low Cost of Adoption
- Extension Functions
- Prevents Runtime Crashes
- Interoperable with Java
Considering that Kotlin is an official android app development language, several famous android apps are based on the language. This is more desirable for server-side apps, allowing the developers to work on concise and expressive code, permitting full compatibility with current Java-based tech stacks.
The current most famous apps are:
- Evernote
- Pinterest
- Trello
- Uber
What Is Groovy?
what is groovy
This programming language is partially proportional to Kotlin and quite identical to javascript. Groovy asserts that it comes with static compilation abilities, but it's still known as a dynamic programming language. This java-based language is concise, functional, and interoperable. Groovy has been in the market before & its patents call it the modern java enhancer due to its flexibility & special features it offers to the audience. Some of the groovy features are the concept of closures, groovy string, runtime dispatching of methods, safe navigation operator, array initialization, etc.
Groovy introduces before Kotlin & it doesn't require to define any data type during the compiling time. Thus, all the casting for the app development takes place at runtime.
As Groovy is testing-focused, the run tests in IDEs are supported & tools like Maven & Ant can be used. Besides this, the language offers extended support to native languages like HTML and XML & domain-specific languages.
- Supports dynamic typing
- Can easily be compiled & integrated with Java
- Method definitions outside of class definitions
- Metaprogramming & multimethod
- Scripts without class declarations
- LL supports lists, maps
This programming language is somewhat similar to Java & finding a differentiating app for it is relatively rigid. Since groovy is both a programming & scripting language, it has some great names under its list.
The most famous existing apps are:
- Oracle
- LinkedIn
- Netflix
Making the Right Choice: Kotlin vs. Groovy
While choosing a programming language for your mobile app development, the essential thing is to consider its technical responses. These aspects help you ascertain which of the two JVM languages you want to choose.
Factors Groovy Kotlin
Null Safety Does not ensure null safety 2 references: nullable and non-nullable
Dynamic/Static Dynamically programmed Statically programmed
Ecosystem Great for reactive website development, and comes with in-built features & testing tools Has fewer libraries as fairly younger to groovy
Syntax Has almost no data class. With later versions a new canonical class is added. Each class is a function here & vice versa
Concise Lessens the amount of boilerplate code Quick development, advanced integration, and customization mechanisms
Java Integration Interoperable with 3rd party libraries Interoperable easily
Learning Curve Easily adopted by app developers & well-versed with Java Less coding lines and accountable for readability ease
Performance Time Slower than Kotlin & Java Same as Java
The Correct Choice
As per Java app developers' experience, we can conclude that Kotlin is preferred for production, and Groovy is best preferred for writing test cases. Kotlin has Google's reliable support and is the official android app development programming language since 2017.
Groovy and Kotlin are both JVM languages & loved. The significant difference is not in their functions but their compilations. Considering some differentiating features, the best part is they are interoperable & can co-exist in the same app.
The Bottom Line
This is a comprehensive guide to make your comparisons between the two best programming languages, Kotlin & Groovy, in 2021. If you have a talent for technical information, we have clearly mentioned in this article and wish to enter the market with some app location that works on the same idea of any popular apps in the market; you have that list.
If you have an app idea but are not sure how to convert it into reality, reach our mobile app development company & our expert developers would work with your business like theirs.
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