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A Guide To Develop A Cooking Recipe App: Key Features & Cost Estimates

App Development

May 2021
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a guide to develop a cooking recipe app: key features and cost estimates
Cooking is a hobby of many people. Everyone wishes to make delicious dishes and serve their family and friends. Even during the lockdown days, people cooked and baked a lot. From baking cakes to cooking multi-cuisine dishes, they brought smiles to their family's faces. This passionate skill enables them to make an ordinary-looking dish into a tempting and mouth-watering one. Several people take this skill as a hobby or make it their career.
Culinary skills are worth exploring in the world where everyone loves eating and even loves to share pictures of food over social media. Besides many other aspects of our lives, mobile apps helped in this arena as well. People turn to mobile apps to search for a broad range of recipes, especially foodies. Moreover, due to the influence these mobile apps have on people, people in the cooking profession are even considering launching their food recipe app.
Why buy a recipe book when you can have it all handy on your mobile device?
If food is your talent, then food recipe apps are your saviors. With the help of the top app development companies, food professionals have come up with some incredible apps rendering multi-cuisine recipes that are well-structured under each category. These apps are revolutionary for such food enthusiasts.
This all-inclusive blog includes all you need to know about a food recipe app, starting from market statistics to critical features to cost estimates.
Table of Content
- Facts & Figures Of Recipe App
- Advantages Of Food Recipe App For App Users
- Key Features To Create An Incredible Cooking Recipe App
- How to Make Money From A Cooking Recipe App?
- The Different Types Of Cooking Recipe App You Can Build
- The App Development Cost Of Cooking Recipe App
- Popular Mobile Apps Dedicated To Food Recipes
- Are You Ready To Build Your Cooking App?
Facts & Figures Of Recipe App
Mobile apps are continuously evolving, and that's why there are constant queries over the cost of developing an app. Today, people are using mobile apps for almost everything, whether shopping, food, communication, business, games, etc. This is why more & more people are seeking recipe apps more than cookbooks now.
With a surge in mobile app downloads in 2020, over 23 million people all across Canada, India, Australia, and the USA, have searched for food recipe apps.
At present, there are over 400 million active iPhone users worldwide, of which 5% are using yours, and of those, 10% are making in-app purchases. Imagine the revenue you can drive in millions!
If you want to build your kingdom by creating a food recipe app, then you've landed at the right place. Creating a remarkable mobile app is not that challenging; all you need is the right app development company that understands your needs and meets them.
Advantages Of Food Recipe App For App Users
advantages of food recipe app for app users
Food recipe apps offer several advantages, and there are tons available on your smart device. All you gotta do is install the app on your mobile and start using it. Below are some benefits that you absolutely go through.
- A step-wise instruction is given to avoid any misguidance.
- Some apps even show the average nutrient portion in the recipe.
- The app shows you the portion of ingredients.
- Multi-cuisine recipes are available, all-in-one food recipe app, isn't it?
- High-quality HD instructional videos with written direction
- A few cooking apps offer home delivery of food ingredients.
- A few apps allow users to interact and share their food recipes with photos and videos on the platform. 
- You can multitask if you want to make the main course & a dessert simultaneously. Both recipes are quickly available on the app.
- Besides multi-cuisine, some apps include advanced filters such as taste, location, season, and more.
- Food recipes of different continents are classified under different tabs, enabling a straightforward search.
Key Features To Create An Incredible Cooking Recipe App
Several features make a food recipe app feature-rich and make the end-users life easy. A great UI and user-friendly app is the initial step towards a phenomenal user experience. If your app user discovers some remarkable features in your app, they will like to explore it even though it demands in-app purchase.
Must-Have Features Of A Food Recipe App
Registration: Sign-up is required for users' privacy and to provide them a personalized experience. The registration page has to be straightforward, asking for basic details such as contact, email, name, address, etc. You can also integrate social media accounts (Facebook/Google) for an easy sign-up process.
User Profile: Enable your users to create a profile where they can add their bio and share their food interests. You can also ask them to upload their personal recipes onboard if they want to showcase their talent.
Photos: Along with every food recipe manual, you can also post pictures of delicious dishes to show your audience how the dish will look once prepared.
Search: The Search tab helps app users discover recipes under different categories.
Food Recipe List: This list shows up as soon as the user clicks on this tab. Users can pick from plenty of listed recipes according to their likings. 
Feedback: Allow your users to rate the recipes and give feedback at the same time. You should also remember that reviews of your existing clients will derive the app's future sales. 
Save Tab: The app must have a save tab for the users who have to prepare a meal later or plan to prepare the same dish in the future. 
Notes: Enable your user to personalize the meals by making some changes in their notes. For instance, changing some ingredients, etc.
Settings: Enable your users to modify their profile settings as they want via the settings option. Ensure the profiles on your app are secured with a password. They should also be able to set the privacy of their profile or block someone if required.
Advanced Features Of A Cooking Recipe App
HD Video Sessions: A few recipes are not easy to follow with a scripted manual. Some of us need visuals to get a clear idea. Allows the users to view, download the video lessons, save & share them with their pals.
Content: Besides cooking, offer your users other reasons to use your app. Create engagement with reading content such as blogs, health tips, e-book, etc.
Health Facts: These days, people are becoming health conscious of what to eat and what not, mainly those who have a daily workout regime. Your app should also provide some nutritional information about recipes as an added bonus. This will definitely attract the health-conscious community.
Print: Print option is another USP of your app. Facilitate app users to install and print the recipe rather than stressing their eyes over a device.
Communication: Create a community in which people having similar tastes and preferences can interact with one another. Besides that, you can also create a room for family & friends to connect & communicate about food recipes.
Subscription Package: This is a blessing for your audience. In the process of knowing your audience even better, get them to subscribe and receive updates on the latest recipes and videos.
Meal Plans: Allow your users to schedule their daily calorie intake by choosing a handful of recipes to be eaten during the day & night. This will indeed help you retain your precious users.
Push Notifications: You can send alerts to your app users regarding new updates in the app or recipe uploads through push notifications.
Home Delivery: This is the best feature you can provide, especially in the new normal. In case your user misses out on some ingredients, you can send them over to their home by allowing them to order online. This will be a big hit!
Measure The Quantity: This feature enables users to measure the quantity they require/serve efficiently. You can allow them to set the servings they want to make. This will eliminate the problem of food wastage or shortage.
Admin Panel Features For Your Food Recipe App
Reviews: Here, the admin can view the reviews given by the app users and manage the revenue earned from in-app purchases. 
Subscription Management: Here, the admin can manage subscriptions connected with user accounts. 
Managing Content: With this feature, admins can efficiently publish & manage the app content.
Dashboard: Admin can control the admin panel through the admin login, with a protected user id and password. Once the admin logs in, he will view his dashboard displaying multiple back-end workflows of the app.
Push Notification: With this feature, the admin alerts the users about new updates & the latest recipes.
How To Make Money From A Cooking Recipe App?
This is one of the most critical aspects of making an app. Why do you create an app in the first place? To make money, indeed. If there's no money, why go through so much hassle? Therefore, it's essential to understand the monetization techniques that best suit your mobile recipe apps. Below are a few ideas to make money from your food recipe app:
In-app Ads
Everyone knows the significance of ads and marketing for a business. These days, digital ads are dominating the market globally. After all, digital media is present everywhere. And let's not forget the internet has made the world a small village. Therefore, using in-app ads in the cooking recipe app, you can market your collaborative product or service. As many times the users click on the ads or interact with them, you will earn money each time.
This technique works for several apps available in the app stores. The subscription model lets the users use the app for a particular period, and once the trial period expires, the users can subscribe again, paying a nominal fee.
Imagine your cooking recipe app achieving immense popularity in the market! This won't happen in the beginning, but once it does, you can approach a sponsor who will re-create your app to align with their brand. Your platform will make their brand visible, allowing you to gain a sponsorship fee or choose to divide the revenue with your sponsor.
To reap the advantages of this monetization model, you must have another pro version of the app. Suppose the users have installed a free version of your app, Lite; for instance, they are more likely to download the paid version as well. In this version, the ad-blocking functionality helps app owners to earn more revenue.
The Different Types of Cooking Recipe App You Can Build
the different types of cooking recipe app you can build
Several food recipe apps are available out there, so how to make your app stand out in the market amongst a plethora of apps? The idea is to surprise your audience with something unique instead of building an app that includes standard features. There cannot be anything unusual about common apps, and you, of course, want to stand out having the edge over your competitors.
Regardless of your app idea, make sure your apps' home screen motivates your users to feel engaged with the app for a long-time. Place the search tabs on the home screen to attract your users to look for a wide range of recipes. If your app content fails to satisfy your app users' or engage them, they will eventually feel bored and abandon your app as they could not connect with it.
Below we have mentioned a few different types of apps that you can consider for your business:
1. Do-It-Yourself Recipe App
This app type enables its users to grab online recipes and naturally sync them between gadgets. Most recipes users come across online can easily be saved in the app with only a click on the app screen—for example, Food Network.
2. In-Built Recipe Collection App
This app type comes with a wide range of in-built food recipe collections that can inspire users to shop and cook scrumptious dishes for family & friends. For example, MyGreatRecipes is one such app offering over 100k recipes every day.
3. Kitchen Utilities App
These apps help users convert the volume, temperature, weight units or adjust a timer for cooking in the oven. For instance, KitchenStories. This platform already has over a thousand users, and it has published articles, HD video tutorials and offers step-by-step cooking guidance.
4. Recipe Overheads Calculator App
This one allows the users to determine the cost for their recipe per serving to eliminate food wastage. For instance, Fillet for Chefs. This app manages the stock, determines cost, and orders from suppliers, and much more.
5. Food Recipe Sharing App 
This app type can share recipe ideas; for example, Tender, it calms itself to be Tinder for food. Instead of swiping for dates, this platform brings you a chance to swipe for food.
6. CookBook Apps
This is an exclusive app type liked by experienced chefs and the general public. It has an ingredient dictionary that includes veggies, exotic fruits, and unique spices, each having info about ingredient history, its taste, preparation methods, and links to recipes requiring ingredients—for example, Kitchen Book. Kitchen Book is a cooking guide including several healthy and delicious meals from across the globe.
7. Social Recipe Apps
These apps are for social media fans as the app provides room for the users to exchange their favorite cooking recipes and upload a photo of their prepared meal & users can like and comment.
8. Healthy Recipe App
This app type is specifically for health-conscious or fitness freak people. For instance, Green Kitchen. This app inspires eating tasty vegetarian recipes from minimum sugar, gluten, and dairy products.
The App Development Cost of Cooking Recipe App
the app development cost of cooking recipe app
It is not practical to estimate the exact cost for your cooking recipe app unless we know your exact requirements. The cost keeps on changing as per your needs and preferences. The app cost depends on several factors like app size, features, number of platforms, mobile app development company location and experience, tech stack used, and app complexity.
To develop an incredible app for your business, you can approach the top mobile app development companies with your unique ideas and needs of the recipe app and have an in-depth discussion regarding the latest technology usage and your budget.
You should also know the cost does not just end at the development process. Once your app is developed and published on the App Store and Play Store, your app needs to be maintained and updated to deliver a smooth user experience.
The cost to create an MVP of the recipe app can be approximately USD 3000, and depending on its complexity, it can climb to USD 15,000. Moreover, budget fluctuations. Your budget fluctuations also depend on the mobile app development company you choose to build your app.
Considering the various factors to create an app with simple and basic features for a single OS can cost you around $50-60k, while an advanced app with more complex features can cost you above 100k.
Popular Mobile Apps Dedicated To Food Recipes
1. Yummly App - Delicious Recipes & Dinner Ideas
This is your smart cooking guide, rendering personalized guidance in every way possible. From suggesting recipes to providing valuable tutorials, and handy tools, this app has all you need to enhance your kitchen life. This app offers mouth-watering customized recipes based on your cuisine choices and likings.
2. MyGreatRecipes App - Daily Cooking Inspiration
This app has over 100,000 recipes every day to inspire you. Moreover, it offers fantastic step-wise instructions and pictures to get a clear understanding. You can also save an endless number of recipes through this app. Using MyGreatRecipes, you can collect the end number of recipes and organize all your favorite ones.
3. BBC Good Food App
The Good Food magazine inspires this app, and it offers users BBC Good Food's extensive recipes. You can get access to endless recipes, including the latest trending dishes. The app has tons of recipes covered in the magazine that have been tasted and appreciated by food bloggers and critics.
4. Tasty - Your Cooking Coach
This app has more than 3000 recipes at your fingertips. It offers a step-wise guide for cooking, and the 'My Recipe' page works as your mobile cookbook. The app includes an innovative Search bar allowing you to filter by cuisines, social occasion, and ingredients.
5. Paprika
Paprika has a collection of most valuable recipes uploaded on the web, whether it's a YouTube video or a food blog. You can find all that you need under one roof!
Are You Ready To Build Your Cooking App?
Cooking recipe apps can be a good investment, especially in the new normal era. People tend to eat less outside food, and they like to prepare delicious homemade meals that can give them a feel of outside food. Cravings for restaurant-like food are always going to be there. However, with these great food recipe apps, you can help people prepare tasty dishes at home at an affordable cost.
Are you still thinking of creating one such app? Foodies are all around the world, we suggest it's a worthwhile investment, and we can help you develop a fantastic app that your users will never forget!
Hire the top 3% of best-in-class developers!

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