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Adopting Digital Workplace Has Become A New Trend


Jul 2020
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adopting digital workplace has become a new trend
In today’s contemporary age, the workplace isn’t just a physical space populated by workers during work hours. The modern work environment is continuously associated with the environment offering instant access to all that workers require. The lines between the physical workplace and location where the work happens are becoming translucent, just like individual and professional lives.
The digitalization at the workplace has enabled the entire workforce and top-level management to interact and team up in plenty of new and effective ways. The advanced workforce can integrate productive business relationships past the natural work groups empower data sharing across the organization.
Many leading enterprises and governments have enacted a digital workplace technique to manage & balance the industry fluctuations. App development companies have taken smart steps by integrating the technologies already in use, thus transforming the digital workplace and mitigating the communication bottlenecks. This helps employees in improving productivity, helps them grow, and strengthens their innovative skills. Nevertheless, the success of the digital workplace depends on strategy formation.
3 Trends that fastened the changes in the past 10 years
Baby boomers retire:
With the retirement of an aging workplace, they are taking a significant mastery with them. This situation can become tricky for the posterity who depends on their skills and experience in establishing the foundations for their future.
Too much data:
This refers to Big Data. The information is continuously growing at a high velocity. This makes it difficult for businesses and employees to comprehend the data and find it when needed.
Requirement of speed:
With the relentless work environment, the workers are needed to accomplish their job quicker and team up more effectively to fulfill their duties and meet the time limit. Intranets have been extremely fruitful in this specific area, and digital workplaces are the subsequent stage.
Furthermore, as the workplace demographics keep on altering, organizations and managers are battling to meet the various requirements of a multi-generational workforce. The use of smartphones and the internet continues to rise, and the pace of change keeps on quickening. These modifications get further aggravated to match the constant demands for productivity and cutting of avoidable costs- making it challenging for mobile app development agency to meet the market expectations. With the ascent of the digital work environment approach, the focus moves to how the organizations can enable their employees to work more productively and how the tons of devices can fit together as one integral unit.
Let’s understand in-depth about the digital workplace
The digital work environment can get referred to as the natural evolution of the workplace. It includes the innovative tools employees use to accomplish their responsibilities. This can cover everything from the HR applications and integral business applications to email, texting, business social media tools, portals, and intranets.
According to one definition, a Digital work environment comprises a holistic set of platforms, tools, and conditions for work carried out in a usable, reasonable and efficient way. The definition concentrates on the experience of the worker or a person and the surrounding of their work. A proper digital work environment can get modified to what your business needs it to be.
Reasons to embrace Digital Workplace:
reasons to embrace digital workplace
The following are the benefits of a digital workplace, according to Deloitte.
Attracting candidate:
According to the study, 64% of workers prefer lower-salaried jobs if they get to work remotely.
Employee efficiency:
The businesses with robust digital social networks are 7% more efficient compared to organizations without it.
Job satisfaction:
Businesses that turned out and introduced social media platforms within found that there was a 20% spike in worker satisfaction.
Retaining employees:
When the workers are more involved in their work, there is an increase in employee retention levels by 78%.
Interaction & Team up tools:
Modern-day workers prefer communicating via the latest instruments like instant texting, instead of conventional methods like emails.
The advance of digital workforce represents the following elements:
advance of digital workforce
Businesses social networking:
An immense social change is witnessed displayed in embracing different enterprise interaction tools. During the early stages, the Enterprise Social Network (ESN) was well-known as Twitter or Facebook of the business due to their dependence on microblogging attributes. As indicated by Sprout Social Index, 89% of advertisers use Facebook in their brand advertising endeavors.
Social affiliations have now become fundamental for interfacing businesses today. Medium to large scale businesses are now coming up with ESN, to empower their employees to interact and interface with one another right away.
Video interaction:
For quite a long time, the rise of internet usage and network speed has enabled the use of videos in real-time interaction and gets now viewed as an essential instrument in maintaining a business. Video interactions are considered significant for the multigenerational workforce since they help them remain involved, efficient, and successful. Vimeo and Youtube gets regarded as top video publishing sites.
Bring Your Own Technology (BYOT), Bring Your Own Apps (BOYA) and Bring Your Own Device (BYOD)
With the accessibility and usage of IT advancements today, the modern-day workforce is expected to carry their smart gadgets into the workplace and use them for work cause.
This pattern keeps on fostering businesses and workers feeling more empowered to utilize their gadgets for office purposes. However, this arrangement can call for security concerns over policy breach.
Mobile oriented
The prevalence of smartphones in an employee’s personal life or a manager has a substantial influence on shopping, buying, banking, education, and interaction.
Mobile innovations also play a significant role in becoming more open to employee interactions and efficiency, comprising digital meetings, online training, visual learning, and others.
The ascent of wearables in numerous businesses is gradually being felt today and is one of the most significant trends in the digital market.
According to experts, many businesses will render wearable devices at the workplace in the future. Wearables ensure collaboration and safety by offering real-time information used to make significant business decisions.
App development company has embraced gamification to increase their employee involvement. Gamification is the application of game design strategies into a work environment.
With the advent of digitalization into the modern era, it is not surprising that today, the organizations are adopting approaches to become a digital workplace for their employees' convenience. After all, employee productivity will lead to better results.
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