Advantages Of Mobile Apps Over Responsive Websites

mobile apps
With the increasing popularity of mobile devices, user habits have changed a lot. Changes affect how people make purchases, receive information and use services.
For the successful existence of companies, they must adapt to new conditions even though there might be difficulties in the early stages. At the very beginning, there will be a question: which is better to choose - responsive website design for mobile devices or a full-fledged mobile application?
The answer is simple - if your budget is limited, then the first option should be chosen. If finances and time allow, then choose both.
In other cases, you should think about the mobile application. It is much more efficient to cope with the solution of business problems, as it has a number of significant advantages over responsive web design. Here are some of the benefits of mobile application:
1. Easy access to information
To get to a website, the user needs to open a browser and enter the address. It might seem that it easy but the user might encounter some difficulties with this. Users mostly remember the company’s name and not the specific URL. Therefore, if you enter the company name in the search box, the browser will display search results for the query. In this case, there is no guarantee that the site of the desired company will be first on the list, which means some of the traffic will go to competitors.
If you do not save the site in bookmarks, you will have to repeat this procedure every time. It is tiring. Once the application is installed, the user can return to it by one click on the phone screen.
2. User interaction
user interaction
The ability to send instant unobtrusive notifications to application users is perhaps the main reason for developing an application.
Using the mobile application, you can contact the user at any time by sending a notification. Information in it can be any: an extract of the debiting of money, the number of the taxi that went on a call, the action taking place in the store. This allows you to keep the user's attention, especially if the notifications contain useful information.
The push notification is displayed like other messages on the phone and, by clicking on it, the user automatically opens the desired page within the application.
The user himself can decide what information he wants to receive. The application will automatically notify you of the receipt, even if the user has not entered it for a long time and managed to forget about plans to make a purchase. In general, push notifications will become an indispensable tool in your marketing strategy. You can contact an Android development company to hire dedicated developers.
3. Convenient interface based on user habits
According to research, users spend 18 times more time in mobile applications than on mobile versions of sites. They also perform more unique actions in them, that is, they switch to pages, view detailed information, and so on.
This is directly related to the ease of learning: tight integration with the smart phone's operating system makes the application interface intuitive. The user knows that result that action would give because he has seen a similar implementation in other applications.
All functions of the app will be equally convenient regardless of the size of the device. Buttons will not be too small, random fingers will not be redirected to another site, as it happens in the browser. In the mobile application, the site will load faster and look the same on all devices of the same platform.
4. Offline user mode
Another important advantage of mobile applications is its offline usage ability. Since the application is installed on a mobile device, it can provide access to content and features even without an Internet connection.
Imagine that a user builds a country house where the Internet connection is very weak. During a conversation with the site supervisor, it turns out that you need to purchase materials. People are used to receiving information instantly: the client will try to enter the site in order to make a decision in real time. But the Internet catches badly - the site loads slowly and without images or does not load at all. In both cases, the customer will be annoyed, although there is no fault of the store. In such a situation, an application that works offline will be real salvation. Information on current prices and availability of goods has been preserved since the last launch, and the decision to purchase can be made right on the spot.
The application will be a storefront or product catalog, which is always at hand. This is just one of the simplest scenarios in which a mobile application will help increase sales.
5. Using device features
using device features
An additional advantage of the application is access to the built-in functions of the smartphone and connected peripheral devices.
The application considers the geolocation of the device and will pave the route to the nearest ATM or use the camera to scan a QR code that tells all about the exotic bird in the pet store without having to call a consultant.
Seeing the data from the fitness bracelet that the user does not sleep well, you can offer to buy an orthopedic mattress. Or, if the user is inactive during the day, offer to sign up for a suitable time at the gym.
The application also “sees” the phonebook contacts so that the user can easily share the product from the application with friends via instant messengers and social networks. If it is difficult to make a choice and need the advice of friends, or you want to boast of a recent purchase, the user will easily do this with the help of the application, helping to reduce advertising costs. These are some of the benefits of android app development. You can contact an app development company to hire dedicated developers.

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